7 Genius Tricks to Get Yourself into Drinking More Water Everyday


The amount of water that you consume everyday plays a significant role in maintaining a healthy body. Sufficient and regular water intake has so many health benefits plus, it has no fat, sugar carbohydrates or calories


Drinking at least six to eight glasses a day is recommended by the experts. But despite the good benefits of consuming adequate water, a lot of people are simply not getting enough amounts. If you are one of those who don’t have a ‘taste’ for water, here are tricks that can make drinking water more enjoyable and less obligatory.


  1. Jazz Up Your Water Experience


We get it, water can be plainly boring. Why not make it a little more interesting? There are plenty of ways to amp up water and go beyond the plain. Add natural flavors of goodness to your water. Try adding slices of fruits and herbs. Lemons, cucumber, mint, raspberries, and watermelons are excellent choices.


Now if you really can’t ditch that craving for carbonated drinks, try SodaStream which turns your plain water into sparkling water in an instant. You can also go for flavored mineral waters like Perrier and Pellegrino.


  1. Have a Sip before Every Meal


Here’s to a tip for a slimmer waist without the sweaty cardio! Make it a habit to drink a glass of water before every meal. This gives you the feeling of being full and curbs your calorie intake.


  1. Hide it in your Daily Routine


Make water drinking a part of your daily routine. Drink a glass of water when you wake up and before you go to bed. Always keep your water bottle close by and more visible so you will remember. Put it on your nightstand or beside your coffee maker.


  1. Make it Pretty!

Here’s for the visually inclined – ladies read on! Remember how your gym habit gets more exciting when you are wearing that cute workout outfits? Why not do the same with your water bottle? Opt for lovely colors for an eye candy. Go for cute jugs and pitchers and chic water bottles. Looks are deceiving so make drinking water more exciting by getting creative in choosing your water bottle.


  1. Use Your Phone

Keeping track of your water intake need not much effort. Thanks to the genius apps like Waterlogged, WaterMinder, iHydrate, and iDratedWater. Drinking your recommended glasses of water is easy with these apps which record your fluid intake and give you daily reminders at times you specify and interval reminders throughout the day. Set your schedule reminder alarms to your liking and increase your fluid levels pronto!

Cold water being poured into a glass.
Cold water being poured into a glass.
  1. Eat Your Water

Food has water in it too. Fruits and vegetables are great water sources. Cucumber, grapes, cherries, apricots, lettuce, celery, watermelons, strawberries, and tomatoes – they all have the highest water contents. They are good snacks alternatives too. Cheers to healthy snacking while adding your fluid intake!



  1. Reward Your Self

For some reasons, things just get easy when you know there are rewards at the end of the line. Make drinking water a game and give yourself rewards when you beat your #hydrationgoals. Set your goals and reward yourself with treats for every milestone you reach. Here’s the thing – either you drink your water or no Netflix over the weekend.


Not a fan of water? Try these tips. You will not only feel better, it is big on your health too. Happy sipping!