Avoid the Elevator- 4 Reasons to Take the Stairs


The elevators and stairs are side by side and yet you’d rather wait for the elevator to arrive than climb the long flights of stairs. Yes, it’s easier to ride in the elevator as it requires no physical effort on your part, but when you think of the health benefits that stair climbing brings in its wake, maybe you’d think twice before stepping into an elevator.


Let’s look at some of the reasons as to why we should take the stairs-

1. Good for the heart and muscles

Climbing stairs is a great way to get a good and vigorous cardiovascular workout. It increases the heart rate and ensures good blood flow to all parts of the body. Our sedentary life styles leave no place for physical activity and that is heart destructive. And then, it’s so much easier than having to go to the gym and work out. Apart from the heart, the lower muscles, working against gravity, get toned, strong and less fatigued.

2. Chemical benefits

Did you know that climbing a flight of stairs causes chemical endorphins to be released? Well, these neurotransmitters spread a feeling of physical wellbeing and makes you feel happy and calm. In addition, your cholesterol levels are also brought under control by lowering the bad cholesterol and raising the good. You also become more focused and can concentrate better.


3. Good, free work out

You don’t have to pay any membership fees or buy costly equipment to get a good work out. Stairs are there wherever there are elevators- climbing stairs is as total a workout as you can get- all parts of your body are made to work harder, right from your heart and lungs to your limbs and muscles.

4. Saves time and energy
Studies show that those who take the stairs save time when compared to those who wait for the elevator and all of us know that it is to a great extent true, especially when you just have a few flights to climb. Taking two flights of stairs is believed to save about “72 kilowatts of energy” and energy saved is good for the environment.

Start today- shun the elevator and take the stairs.