Celebrities Who Have A Love Child


Chris Brown

Singer Chris Brown and model Karrueche Tran managed to sustain a solid relationship for over a year. However, once news broke that he’d fathered a daughter with another woman named Nia, things were set to get more than a little rocky. Photos surfaced showing Brown and his future baby mama partying. Understandably, Tran dumped Brown not long afterward. Brown and Nia have spent a lot of time in court in the past few years, with both fighting for custody of 4-year old Royalty.

Eddie Murphy

Actor Eddie Murphy and Spice Girl Mel B had a rocky relationship which was followed by a messy break-up, during which he publically denied fathering her daughter, Angel. The little girl came into the world in 2007 and a paternity test carried out later proved that Murphy was her dad. He was forced to admit paternity, indicating that a $7 million paternity settlement had been agreed. The pair are reportedly on better terms these days, with their main focus being on parenting 11-year-old Angel.

Hugh Grant

When he was already 53, “Notting Hill” star Hugh Grant fathered three children in just 15 months. Two of his kids were conceived with a woman called Tinglan Hong, whilst the third was conceived with the Swedish TV producer, Anna Eberstein. In fact, what makes this story even more shocking is that the women were pregnant at the same time! News that Grant was the father of Eberstein’s baby didn’t break until he was named on the child’s birth certificate almost a year after he was born.

Simon Cowell

Music mogul Simon Cowell shocked the world in 2013 when he announced that he was going to be a dad. Even more surprising was that his child was a product of adultery. It turns out that Cowell had begun a secret tryst with his best friend’s wife, Lauren Silverman, and she had fallen pregnant. Cowell was even named as a co-respondent in the divorce papers! The couple eventually sorted things out outside of court. Baby Eric was born on Valentine’s Day 2014.

Gavin Rossdale

English rock musician Gavin Rossdale thought he was godfather to Daisy Lowe until a paternity test in 2004 proved that he was actually her real dad. Daisy was already 14 years old at the time. It turns out that the guitarist had a relationship lasting five years with Daisy’s mum, Pearl Lowe, whilst she was married to Bronner Handwerger. When he finally found out he had a teenage daughter, Rossdale was happily married to pop star, Gwen Stefani.

Frank Sinatra

Whilst it’s still only an unconfirmed rumor, many people believe that Sinatra is the father of Ronan Farrow, the son of Mia Farrow and Woody Allen. When asked about the speculation that Ronan was fathered by her ex-husband, Frank Sinatra, Farrow said that he could “possibly” be. Later on, Ronan joked on Twitter, “Listen, we’re all possibly Frank Sinatra’s son”. DNA testing to determine if Sinatra is his father is not known to have taken place. He certainly looks a lot like Frank with those baby blue eyes!

Chuck Norris

Chuck Norris’s love child was the result of an extramarital affair. He didn’t meet his daughter, Dina until she was 26, however, she discovered that he was her dad a decade earlier when she was 16. He met with Dina after she wrote him a letter informing him that he was her biological father. Dina only found out about Chuck Norris being her dad when she overheard her mom, Johanna, discussing him with a friend. Apparently, her mom warned Dina against disrupting Chuck’s life. Clearly, Dina didn’t listen!

Steve Tyler

Aerosmith frontman Steve Tyler is perhaps one of the more famous men to have fathered a secret child. Tyler had a daughter with Bebe Buell, one of the band’s many groupies, however, he didn’t find out until several years later. That baby girl grew up to become a very well-known actress – Liv Tyler. She’s gone on to take the world of entertainment by storm, just like her rocker dad. Liv thought that the musician Todd Rundgren was her father until she was eight years old.

Arnold Schwarzenegger

In 2011, Arnold Schwarzenegger shocked the world when he admitted to fathering a child with a member of his household staff, Mildred Patricia “Patty” Baena. By that time, the young boy was already 14 years old and growing into a young man. The news resulted in the end of Schwarzenegger’s marriage to his wife of 25 years, Maria Shriver. The actor says he didn’t find out he had fathered a child with his housekeeper until seven or eight years after when the boy began to look like him.

Dwyane Wade

Basketball star Dwyane Wade is the dad of a secret love child and “break baby”. He conceived a son with his long-time friend, Aja Metoyer, reportedly whilst he was on a break from his girlfriend, actress Gabrielle Union. The news of Wade’s secret child broke almost immediately after he announced to the world that he and Union were engaged. Talk about terrible timing! Fortunately, the pair still went on to get married in August 2014. Wade’s son, Xavier Zechariah, was born in November 2013.

Charlie Heaton

Charlie Heaton, star of “Stranger Things”, reportedly fathered a son with his ex, Akiko Matsuura. They conceived in 2014 when the pair were in the band Comanechi. He met Matsuura when he was a teenager and they quickly fell in love. Whilst they’re no longer a couple, they remain on good terms for the sake of their son, Archie. A source said, “Right now Charlie’s career is his priority but he hopes to see more of his son once filming commitments calm down”.

John Edwards

John Edwards, who was a Democratic presidential candidate in 2004, fell from grace in dramatic style when his extramarital affair with a campaign staffer called Rielle Hunter was exposed in 2008. At the time, his wife Elizabeth was suffering from terminal cancer. He didn’t admit to conceiving a baby with Hunter until two years later when he announced publicly that he would provide financial support. Elizabeth died before she was able to finalize her divorce from the disgraced politician.

Jesse Jackson

In 2001, it came to light that the civil rights activist Jesse Jackson had fathered a baby girl as a result of his extramarital affair with Karin Stanford, a Rainbow/PUSH Coalition staffer. However, he didn’t admit to being the child’s dad until she was 20 months old. Despite being unfaithful, Jackson stayed married to his wife, Jacqueline. Jackson. In an interview, Stanford called their daughter a “miracle baby” and expressed no regrets over her relationship with Jackson.

Matthew Knowles

Beyonce’s father is certainly no stranger to secret children. In fact, he has not one but two of them. The first is a little boy who was conceived with “Scrubs” actress Alexsandra Wright. He was still married to Beyonce’s mom, Tina Knowles, at the time. Then in 2014, Knowles fathered a second baby with the former model TaQoya Branscomb. He did not admit to being the child’s dad until his paternity was proved conclusively via a DNA test.

Tom Jones

Tom Jones’s secret tryst with former model Katherine Berkery resulted in a son, Jonathan, in the 1980s. However, the legendary singer didn’t admit to fathering the boy until he was already 14 months old. A DNA test proved he was indeed his dad, and Jones was made to pay child support to Berkery. Despite this, he refused to acknowledge his son, denying his existence until decades later. To this day, he refuses to have any contact with him.

Eric Clapton

Clapton and his wife Patti Boyd tried everything to have children, even attempting IVF. So, imagine how hurt she must have been to discover that Eric had fathered a love child with Italian TV star, Lori Del Santo. The little boy, named Connor, was born in August 1986. Sadly, he passed away tragically in 1991 aged just four years old after he fell out of a window on the 53rd floor of an apartment building in Manhattan. Clapton’s affair with Del Santo ended his marriage to Boyd.

Clark Gable

Whilst filming “The Call of the Wild” in 1935, Clark Gable and Loretta Young conceived a daughter, Judy. The actor was married to his wife, Maria, at the time. News that he had fathered a baby didn’t break until years after Young’s death when it was mentioned in her biography. Young managed to hide the pregnancy in a clever scheme, with the actress traveling to Europe towards the end of her pregnancy. She stayed there for several months before returning to American to give birth to her daughter.


In 2015, rapper Ludacris won primary custody of his one-year-old daughter, Cai, who he conceived with his longtime friend, Tamika Fuller. Fuller became pregnant by Ludacris whilst he was separated from his girlfriend, Eudoxie. Fuller claimed that the rap star had initially tried to bribe her into aborting the child, but she refused to so. Ludacris later went on to marry Eudoxie, which many thought was a ploy to strengthen his bid for custody. In fact, the pair became engaged and got married on the same day!

50 Cent

Rapper 50 Cent didn’t acknowledge his son publicly until after TMZ broke the news to the world. The celebrity gossip website found court documents from 2013 revealing that 50 Cent and a model named Daphne Joy had a “child in common.” The child is his youngest son, Sire, who was born in September 2012. Sire apparently has the same skill for making money as his dad, as when he was just two years old he made $700,000 by modeling for headphone brand Kidz Safe.

Sean Combes

In 2007, Combes was awaiting the arrival of twins with girlfriend Kim Porter. However, the fact that he was also expecting another baby with a woman called Sarah Chapman made things pretty messy. Porter split with Diddy shortly after discovering that Chapman had given birth to his child, a daughter named Chance, only five months before her twin daughters, D’Lila Star and Jessie James, were born. Diddy did the right thing and took legal responsibility for Chance in 2007.

Dan Marino

In 2013, former Miami Dolphins quarterback Dan Marino finally confessed to fathering a child during his 2005 extramarital affair with a Donna Savattere, a CBS production assistant. The baby girl, called Chloe, is his seventh child. Marino has six other children with his wife Claire, who he’s been married to for 33 years. The shocking part of this story is that he had paid Savattere several million dollars to keep quiet about their daughter. He didn’t want to risk the public finding out about his secret love child.

Bow Wow

Bow Wow fans were left in shock when it was revealed that the rapper had a love child. His daughter, Shai, was conceived with model Joie Chavis, and was born in April 2011. At first, the rapper denied that he had a child. He even slammed websites that dared to speculate on his new status as a father. However, he did later admit to being Shai’s dad, and apparently makes a real effort to see her, despite her living across the country with her mom.

Lil’ Wayne

Lil’ Wayne has four kids with four women. His two youngest children were conceived with the actress Lauren London and the singer Nivea and were born only two months apart in 2009. He also got the rapper Trina pregnant, however, she suffered a miscarriage. Lil’ Wayne was also ordered by a judge to take a paternity test in 2018 when a woman named Keiotia Watson said that he was the father of her son. The test proved conclusively that the rap star wasn’t her baby’s daddy.

Michael Jordan

Basketball star Michael Jordan has been accused of fathering several secret love children over the years. In 2006, he was sued by for a whopping $5 million by an ex who claimed the former NBA star was the father of her child. Jordan took a DNA test which proved that he was not the baby’s dad. He was then sued again four years later in 2010 by a Georgia woman who said that he was the dad of her two-year-old daughter.

Owen Wilson

The ‘Wedding Crashers’ actor fathered a son, Finn, with his personal trainer, Caroline Lindqvist in January 2014. Lindqvist was married at the time and she came under fire his family due to her reportedly keeping the baby news from her plastic surgeon husband, Ritu Chopra. Wilson had been friends with Lindqvist for over ten years before they had a baby together and he has always supported the child. Wilson also has a son, Robert, with ex-girlfriend, Jade Duell. He was born in 2011.

Ted Nugent

Ted Nugent has had six kids with four women. In the 1960s, before his first marriage, he fathered a son and a daughter, both of whom were adopted as infants. This wasn’t made public until 2010 when the children sought to find out their birth father’s identity. As well as this, in 1995, Nugent had a short affair with a New Hampshire woman called Karen Gutowski and they conceived a son. In 2005, he was made to pay her a whopping $3,500 each month in child support.

Michael Lohan

Lindsay Lohan’s dad, Michael Lohan, had a short affair with Montana masseuse Kristi Horn in 1995, at a time when he was apparently separated from his wife, Dina. Years later in 2012, Horn claimed that he had fathered her daughter, Ashley, and Lohan was forced to take a DNA test. The test confirmed that he was the father of Horn’s teenage daughter. The court ruled that he was her natural father, and his name was subsequently added to her birth certificate.

Evander Holyfield

Holyfield’s troubles began in 1999 when his wife, Janice, divorced him he publically admitted to fathering two kids out of wedlock. In total, boxer Holyfield has had a dozen children with six different women, making him one of the ultimate baby daddies! Unfortunately, it seems as if the former heavyweight champion has found it difficult to keep up with his child support payments. In 2012, a lawsuit was filed against the retired boxer on behalf of his daughter, 18-year-old Emani, whom he had originally owed nearly $373,000.

Strom Thurmond

It wasn’t until Thurmond had passed away in 2003 that his daughter, Essie Mae Washington-Williams, came forward and revealed that she was his daughter. She was born in October 1925 to Carrie “Tunch” Butler, who was the Thurmond family’s maid. Essie Mae was 16 years old when 22-year-old Strom impregnated her. Though the former politician never acknowledged his eldest daughter publicly, he did support her financially throughout her adult life, including paying her way through college. She said that she kept quiet out of respect for her father.

Joe Jackson

Jackson has 11 children, ten of which were with his wife Katherine. He also has a daughter as a result of a result of a 25-year affair with a woman named Cheryl Terrell. Joh’Vonnie Jackson was born in 1974. Unfortunately, she didn’t fit into the family as well as she might have hoped. In her book ‘Bastard Child’, she tells of being close to her father, and even getting on well with Katherine. However, she admits that her siblings are cold towards her, shunning her and her daughter.

Naveen Andrews

In 2005, “Lost” star Naveen Andrews had a baby with actress Elena Eustache whilst he was supposedly on a break from girlfriend Barbara Hershey, who he had been in a relationship with since 1995. The actor was involved in a lengthy custody battle with Eustache over their son, Naveen Joshua, with Andrews being granted sole custody of the child in January 2009. The boy’s mom had allegedly broken court rules that said she couldn’t leave Los Angeles County with him.

Jude Law

Jude Law has had a pretty eventful love life, fathering five kids by three different women so far. He had three children with his wife Sadie Frost, before splitting with her and going on to date Sienna Miller. That ended when he cheated on her with the nanny. Law then went on to father two love children with American model Samantha Burke in 2008 and actress Catherine Harding in 2014. By all accounts, he sees all his kids and is a good dad.

Benicio del Toro

When actor Benicio del Toro had a top-secret fling with Kimberly Stewart, Rod’s daughter, he probably didn’t think that he’d end up fathering a baby. However, that’s exactly what happened. They conceived a daughter called Delilah, who is now six years old. The pair have always stressed that they were never officially a couple. They now co-parent Delilah and photos of them together are rare. Before the fling began in 2011, Kimberly was engaged to Cisco Adler.


Could Jay-Z have a secret son? Rymir Satterthwaite thinks so! He has said that his mom slept with the rapper and that he was the result of their short affair. Satterthwaite claims he has been trying to get the case to court so he can have a DNA test for seven years. He has accused him of using his wealth and fame to avoid taking the test and has even launched a legal battle against his own team for colluding with Jay-Z’s lawyers to help him get out it.

Nick Young

Things seemed to be going pretty well for basketball star Nick Young when he was playing for the LA Lakers and got engaged to rapper Iggy Azalea in 2015. However, when one of his teammates leaked a clip of him bragging about his cheating ways, things went from bad to worse. Young’s ex, Keonna Green, came forward and confessed that not only was she having an affair with him, but she was five months pregnant with his baby.

Maurice Gibb

Bee Gee Maurice Gibb may have died in 2003, but this hasn’t stopped a man called Nick Endacott claiming to be his son. The 50-year-old musician is demanding a DNA test, convinced the music legend is his dad. Endacott has asked the singer’s brother, Barry, to help him confirm that he is related to Maurice after facial recognition tests said there’s a high probability that they are related. He claims that his aunt told him that his mom had told her that Maurice was his biological father.

Liam Gallagher

In 2010, Oasis legend Liam Gallagher began an affair with the New York Times journalist Liza Ghorbani whilst he was still married to Nicole Appleton. This fling resulted in him fathering a daughter, Gemma, who was born in January 2013. Although he does provide financially for Gemma, he admits that he still hasn’t met her. He simply said he “hasn’t got round” to it! Liam also had another love child, Molly, who he conceived with Lisa Moorish during an affair.

Louis Tomlinson

In July 2015, One Direction heartthrob Louis Tomlinson was happily enjoying the single life when 23-year-old stylist Briana Jungwirth announced she was expecting his baby. He confirmed the reports on “Good Morning America” in August. Freddie Reign was born in February 2016. Tomlinson stated early on that he wishes his won to have a “private and protected childhood” away from the paparazzi. He has said in many interviews that he really enjoys being a dad and is looking forward to having more kids in the future.

James Marsden

James Marsden and his wife were married for 11 years and had two kids together before deciding to divorce in 2011. Whilst most men would look to enjoy their newly single status, Marsden ended up conceiving a child almost immediately after starting to date again. The actor’s extremely brief fling with the Brazilian model Rose Costa led to a pregnancy. He didn’t admit to being the father until he son, William Luca Costa-Marsden, was born in December 2012.

Kevin Costner

After his divorce from his college girlfriend Cindy Silva in 1994, Costner went on to date socialite Bridget Rooney for a few months. This brief fling resulted in his fourth child, a son named Liam. Unfortunately, the actor’s relationship with his love child hasn’t always been smooth sailing, with Liam’s mom unhappy about his attitude toward their son when he was younger. Friends of Costner admitted that she showed little interest in the boy, instead giving all his affection to the children he had with his ex-wife.