Eat Like The Trendsetters Of 2019

Tired of eating the same stuff every day? You probably try to look for new places and dishes to give your lunch a twist, but everything is so similar….Well, you’ll be glad to discover this article. Here are some ideas of food you’ll like to taste!

Snacks made of vegan meat

Although some people tend to be a bit wary about vegan food, some new products may change their minds. The Impossible Burger from Impossible Foods, for example, is made up of soy and potato protein flavored with extracts from vegetables so it is 100% cruelty free. The best thing is it doesn’t have a weird after taste or a funny texture. It is so similar to meat that it would be impossible to tell the difference, as its name suggests.

Eat Like The Trendsetters Of 2019


Avocado sandwiches, avocado pizza, avocado toasts, avocado everything! This amazing fruit is super versatile. Avocaderia in Brooklyn sells all this options and more. It has become a sensation, being visited by people from all around the globe. Avocados provide a lot of nutrients to your body and also contain healthy fats. There’s even a delicious avocado smoothie to take with your meal!

Chinese tea

An interesting twist to the old Chinese tradition of tea. People around the world know about how important has been tea to the Chinese culture. A cup of tea is not only a beverage but a symbol of this Asian country and its history. There’s even rituals that involve tea as an important part of the social interaction. Well, now there’s another interesting fact to add to Chinese tea history.

Cheetos Ice Cream

I didn’t believe it when I first saw it. Cheetos and Ice cream are such an unusual mix, but yet there is people who dared to try it. This crazy desert is made by mixing ice cream with Cheetos dust, and it comes in both normal Cheetos and hot Cheetos flavors. Personally, I wouldn’t try it since I’m not a fan of Cheetos or spicy food. If you do, it’ll be great to know about your experience. Recipe is on YouTube if you want to take the risk.

Eat Like The Trendsetters Of 2019


Scientist claim algae is probably the food of the future. Not only is it healthy and has a great amount of protein and nutrients, but it is easy to grow as it uses few resources. It can be harvested continuously as it grows fast and only needs sunlight, salt water and air. This is probably the plant that could end world hunger someday. You can use it for smoothies, chips, protein bars, sushi and much more.

It’s amazing the variety of products we can get from nature and the many ways we can use them in our favor. We just need to take a look around and be creative. The people who came out with this incredible new flavors certainly are. I hope this article has been useful and you have learnt new ideas for you everyday meals