Hilarious Drunk Fails That Have To Be Seen To Believed


Bad Doggie

This is something that could only happen under the influence. And we can see from this woman’s purse, that she has been enjoying a Pabst Blue Ribbon beer (probably more than one, admittedly). We’re not sure if she lost her house key, or if she just didn’t have the strength to stand upright, but she made the decision to enter her home through the doggie door, instead of the front door (you know, the one for people).

People Pile

Here we see a pile of passed out drunk people, sitting around a table. These kids were partying on their Spring Break vacation, when it all just became too much for them and they began to drop like flies. Of course, this girl couldn’t even make it to an empty chair, before passing out on top of this poor guy. Although, he doesn’t seem to be taking any notice of it, seeing as he is ompletely out cold as well.

Sleep Tight

She was sooo close to making it to the bed, but she probably had to puke first. Unfortunately for this girl, the toilet was only inches out of reach, and so she just laid down right where she sat. We’ve all been there at some point, so we don’t judge. But hey, at least the bathroom looks spotlessly clean!

Selfie With Grandma

It’s definitely not a secret that girls love to get drunk and then go to the bathroom to take lots of selfie mirror pics. But this girl decided that her grandma wanted to join in the fun. But grandma was a good sport and even helped her granddaughter pose for a leg-up shot. Also, she was drunk enough to not realize that she actually wasn’t taking this with her phone, but with a digital camera instead.

La Policia

This girl decided she was going to try and get out of a DUI with some good old fashion cold, hard cash. Unfortunately for her (but fortunately for everyone else on the road) the police did not accept her bribe and arrested her immediately. Being as intoxicated as she was, the girl thought it would be a fantastic idea to try and fight off the police and get back in her car. Needless to say, she ofund herself in jail soon after.

High Heels – 0, McDonalds Bags – 1

High heels – can’t live with them, can’t live without them. They’re an essential part of most women’s wardrobes and no going out outfit is complete without them. But that doesn’t mean that they don’t hurt! Many girls’ night outs have been ruined because their feet are in agony. So, we’re not surprised this lady decided to swap her stilettos for McDonalds paper bags when she’d had a few. We salute your ingenuity!

Holding on for Dear Life

Have you ever been so drunk on a night out that you dropped your drink and didn’t even realize? This girl has! Whilst smiling away for a photo with her bff, she’s firmly clutching a straw, seemingly not aware that she lost her beverage. She won’t be smiling when she notices! To be fair, we’re not sure she needed that drink if she didn’t even realize she had dropped it.

Girlfriend Got Drunk and Even The Dog Was Concerned

Have you ever been so drunk that even your dog was judging you? This girl has. To be fair, the dog appears to be as worried as he is unimpressed, and so he should be, as his human has passed out half-naked on the floor. We reckon she won’t be happy with her boyfriend after finding out he took this photo of her appearing slightly worse for wear!

Well, At Least it wasn’t a Bathtub

When tiredness hits after a night on the booze, anywhere can seem like an appealing place to lay your head. People have been known to crash on benches, in cars and even baths. So, a box of packing peanuts doesn’t seem too bizarre. What’s confusing us though is that there’s a perfectly good bed right behind her. Maybe she didn’t quite see it in her drunken stupor and chose the box instead!

Bras and Stripes

The trouble with passing out on a picnic table is, when you wake up, your body is going to be imprinted with stripes from the gaps between the planks. Mind you, that’s probably the least of this girl’s worries. First, she needs to work out where she is, then work out where her clothes are and then figure out where all her friends disappeared to. After that, she’s still got to figure out a cure for the almighty hangover that’s waiting for her.

Propping up the Bar

It’s not entirely clear but it seems the bar is probably propping this young lady up rather than the other way around. Her friends look delighted with the result which makes you wonder if you really need enemies if you’ve got friends like this at your back. On the plus side, she both missed the ashtray and its empty. Things could’ve been so much messier. Let’s hope this is just a quick nap and she’ll wake up and take her revenge on her so-called buddies.

What a Load of Rubbish

It’s difficult to tell if she’s laughing or crying but hopefully, it’s the former. Whether she overbalanced or mistook the dustbin for a chair is unclear, but at least she’s got friends around to help her out of her predicament. At the same time as depositing herself in the bin, she also seems to have lost her shoes… or maybe the intention was to throw the shoes away and things just got a little mixed up in the execution. Nonetheless, she looks a lot better off than the next girl.

Sexy Lady

There’s nothing like a decent pout, a stomach full of alcohol and a few drugs rushing through the bloodstream to bring out the best in anyone. As you can see, this combination not only turns you into an incredible dancer but also gives you that sexy, disheveled look that’s all the rage right now. This image could be used as part of an anti-drinking campaign. If you don’t want to look like something out of a zombie movie, restrict yourself to just a couple of light snifters next time.

Drunken Duet

A strange thing happens to us when we overindulge, and we suddenly believe we have all sorts of talents and abilities that have never before revealed themselves. This pair obviously thought it would be a great idea to entertain the masses with their favorite duet. Sadly, things didn’t quite go according to plan but, undoubtedly, the masses were greatly entertained nevertheless – just not in quite the way these two originally had in mind. At the least, the singer has managed to maintain some modicum of dignity during the performance.

The Beauty and the Bathroom

Even in these days of increasing equality, there are some areas where women are still at a disadvantage and drinking is one of them. For a guy to go out drinking, he just chucks on any old clothes and off he goes. For a woman to go out on the razzle, she put on makeup and even wear high-heeled shoes. Surely that’s just an accident waiting to happen, especially after you’ve consumed a few cocktails. This lady would probably still be standing if it wasn’t for those pesky shoes.

Don’t Drink and Dive

The scary thing about this is she is getting out of the driver’s side of the vehicle. We can only hope that’s because she climbed across from the passenger seat rather than she was actually in control of the vehicle when she clearly has so little control over herself. Not only is this a classic face-plant but the likelihood of her being able to relocate those keys is very slim. There may be a bottle of water in the car but it’s doubtful that’s all she consumed before this happened.

Cool as a Cucumber

Cooler boxes have so many uses – not only can they transport chilled beverages to the outdoor party of your choice, they also make excellent chairs or, in this case, the perfect place to grab 40 winks. Of course, in passing out there, she’s effectively put a stop to all her friends’ drinking as well so, in a way, it’s a form of self-sacrifice. Anyway, it looks like the guy behind her has already had enough. Sun and alcohol are a dangerous combination at the best of times.

Room With a View

There’s just nothing worse than going to sleep with your head in the toilet… except for going to sleep with your head in the toilet before you flushed it. Let’s hope, for her sake, the bowl is clean, especially as she seems to be getting an extra shampoo and set while she’s down there. The other thing in her favor is that the bathroom looks relatively clean so even if she spends the whole night there, she won’t wake up with any strange viruses – just a painful hangover.

Pavement Special

How unfortunate. She could have passed out in so many different positions, but it ended up being this one. At least her friend is there to defend her last remaining dregs of dignity, although she doesn’t look very capable either. If there’s one important thing to remember when going out on the town – make sure you’ve had a recent Brazilian and you’re wearing your very best panties… just in case all of that ends up on public (or is that pubic?) display.

Day of the Dead

Can alcohol alone do this to a person or does it take a little something extra to get to the point where your eyes insist on going in different directions? The girl on the right probably felt pretty good about herself when she saw this picture and, if she had any sense, promptly decided on making some new friends. Heaven only knows what’s actually in that glass the blonde girl is holding but, given the consistency, do we really want to go there?

Vodka or Yoga?

Either yoga or vodka could be responsible for this one and, if it wasn’t for the dustbin between her legs, you’d be tempted to believe it was the former. At least she’s passed out in a prepared manner. Not only does she have the vomit-collecting vessel close to hand, there’s also a roll of toilet paper and a spray bottle. The only thing of real concern is whether she’ll have any feeling left in her arms when she wakes up.

Born to Party

While rumor has it that the best house parties end in the kitchen, these two clearly had a different idea in mind. You really know you are best friends when you don’t mind sharing a filthy bathroom floor with one another just, so you can both be as close to the toilet as possible. You’ve got to admire the fact that the girl in red maybe incapable of movement or speech but has still managed to hold onto her cell phone. She’s clearly a professional party animal.

Miniskirt’s Retreat

In addition to the dangers of wearing high-heeled shoes while under the influence of alcohol, miniskirts can also become quite unruly. This one seems to have left the party before its owner, leaving her bearing her pink panties to the world. Prior to this picture, she was also seen attempting a handstand, but things didn’t go so well upside down. At least they still seem to be having fun, so much so that they haven’t even noticed that it’s actually freezing out there.

Bed Head

This girl deserves a round of applause. Not only did she make it to bed, she also managed to sneak off with the dregs of a bottle of Southern Comfort. Now at least she’ll have some hair of the dog to start the morning with.  Of course, whether it’s actually her bed, we have no idea, but it’s a damn sight better option than some of the ladies we’ve seen so far. If it wasn’t for the bottle pointing the veritable finger at her, she could probably deny anything happened.

Green Around the Gills

There’s just nothing like having a best friend beside you to hold your hair out of the way while you vomit on the pavement. This friend doesn’t quite make it into the bestie zone, though, as she seems more interested in laughing hysterically at her buddy’s misfortune while simultaneously attempting to capture it on camera. At least these two are still wearing all their clothes and even seem to have their hairstyles still in place. Compared to the next pair, these two are positively sober.

Commando Chaos

Whether she headed out without underwear on or just lost them somewhere along the way, it’s impossible to tell, but, judging by the debris surrounding her, anything is possible. Lying, passed out on the pavement with your buttocks exposed to the world is never a good look and in broad daylight, it really isn’t a pretty sight. If this is the morning after the night before, it does make you wonder just what kind of revelry took place. These girls seem to be the only ones left… well, left sitting.

Flowers and Frills

This young lady is dressed up so sweetly in her lace-trimmed dress it looks like she was more inclined to dance around a Maypole than get completely plastered. Maybe country fayres have evolved since the old days when it was all brass bands and Morris dancing. Judging by the number of cigarette stubs surrounding her prostrate body, she’ll wake up with a pretty heaving smokers’ cough as well as a hangover. Next time she might want to select a more comfortable spot for a snooze.

Picnic Paralysis

This is a romantic scene… almost. It could have been a memorable day with a picnic in the woods, but instead, it descended to this point. The poor girl is so unaware of what’s going on, she hasn’t even noticed she’s getting the wedgy of a lifetime. If there was any elastic left in those underpants before this event, it’s not going to be very effective now so not only will she wake up with a headache, she’ll also have a pair of baggy knickers that won’t defy gravity.

Hedge Funds

It’s important to take good care of your finances and investing in a hedge fund can be a very reliable way of saving money for the future. Unfortunately, this girl just dived straight in without weighing up the consequences and, as a result, lost her dignity, her drink and probably a fair bit of skin. It would be a miracle if she was actually asleep in there, but if she just fell in, what’s her friend doing taking this photo instead of helping her out of her predicament?

Concrete Comfort

Despite the fact that she’s curled up on a concrete floor, nestled against a wall, this woman actually looks surprisingly comfortable. If you were walking past, you might be tempted to leave her there as she looks so peaceful. Clearly, luck wasn’t on her side when this incident occurred because, if it had been, she would have been fortuitous enough to have fallen asleep on the much more comfortable looking blue carpet by her feet. Let’s hope she wakes up before someone swipes her handbag.

Steady as She Goes

Admittedly, walking in those shoes when sober would be a challenge but after a few drinks, you definitely need a strong arm to guide you. This woman wobbled all over the pavement before this knight in tattered shorts pitched up to give her a hand. Even with his guidance, her feet seem to be heading off in directions of their own choosing with little consideration for the person trying to stay on top of them. It’s going to be a long walk to freedom at this rate.

Horses for Courses

Royal Ascot is all about big hats and fast horses, isn’t it? While it might be for some of the spectators, for others it’s about consuming as many alcohol-laden fizzy drinks as possible without losing that all-important hat. Obviously, it’s too late for this lady, her hat is long gone, but her friend is still holding onto hers. Quite how things will look at the end of that bottle of bubbly is anyone’s guess, but it probably won’t end in the winners’ enclosure.

Sidewalk Slumbers

It’s really understandable that the very tall person in the enormous purple shoes just couldn’t contend with the forces of gravity anymore and simply had to succumb. The little blonde on the left has no such excuses; not only is she barefoot, she’s barely knee-high to her friend. Maybe she’s just stretching her back out after a long night of dancing, or maybe once her friend went down she thought it sensible to wait it out rather than try and lift her enormous frame from its prone position.

Undressed to Kill

It appears as though this person had so much to drink while getting ready for the party, she was too inebriated to actually get dressed and go out. There are boots and clothes scattered around as if she had a fight with a monster in her closet. Not even her bra and pants are matching which is never a good start. Hopefully, she’ll skip the party and just head straight to bed – it’s so much to decide what to wear that way.

Street Style

These two girls look too blonde, beautiful and rich to be sitting on the pavement amongst a load of trash, but then, looks can be deceiving. They clearly aren’t too worried about their dresses given the litter strewn around them. In fact, they don’t appear to have a care in the world. It’s amazing what a few glasses of non-specified pink drink can do for. Let’s just hope that puddle under the girl on the right is the result of a spilled drink rather than anything else.

Stairway to Heaven

If the door at the top of the stairs is the entrance to her apartment, then she so nearly made it home safe and sound. She probably didn’t remember that there were some stairs to negotiate before she could start sleeping off a night of frivolity. From the position of her handbag and cell phone, it looks like she attempted to hurl herself up the stairs but without success. If she stays like that for too long, she’s going to wake up with more than just a sore head.

Pretty in Pink

To be fair, if you were going to the races with someone dressed in a leopard-skin catsuit, you already knew how things were going to turn out. The lady in pink is so close to becoming another item of rubbish but she seems to be more concerned about trying to save her drink than ending up in the tip. On the plus side, at least she’s still laughing but she probably won’t be when her husband finds out she’s ruined that expensive dress she insisted on buying for the occasion.

Foot Fetish

Waiting in line for a taxi at the end of the night can be a tedious experience. These two have decided to liven things up a little with some fancy footwork. Shoes have been discarded, along with handbags and any sense of decorum but they do seem to be having fun. Whether you would really want to put her feet in your mouth after a night out is quite another thing but there’s no accounting for taste. We can only hope they still respect one another in the morning.

Tree Huggers

Hugging a tree is one thing but attempting to have sex with one is quite another. Either this girl is a frustrated pole-dancer or an intoxicated hippy trying to convey her love of nature. At least she’s got a firm hold on that trunk which should prevent her from hitting the deck, but she could end up with a nasty rash if she gets any more intimate with it. It also makes you wonder if the tree had a say in anything of this or is just the victim of harassment.


Breast Friends

It’s important to surround yourself with people who really love and care about you, even if they do get a little carried away after a drink or two. Admittedly, the lady in yellow has perfectly pillow-like breasts so it’s hardly surprising her friend has decided to snuggle with them while rocking it on the dancefloor. The guy behind looks completely bemused by the whole event – or maybe he’s just a little jealous. It could be awkward if she falls asleep like that but, otherwise, all’s fair in love and parties.

A Bench for a Bed

These girls were obviously too hammered to make it home, as they ended up going to sleep on a bench and on the floor! We can’t help but wonder how they decided who would get to sleep on the bench. Tossed a coin perhaps? Whatever the case, we reckon they both woke up with a few aches and pains! They do look surprisingly comfortable though, so it’s not surprising that the passerby who took this photo decided not to wake them from their slumber.

Terrible Tattoo Mistake

Everyone knows that alcohol impairs your judgment, and this is the perfect example! This person not only decided to get a really terrible tattoo featuring the name of a pretty average Bon Jovi song, but they didn’t even make sure that it was spelled correctly. Now they’re stuck with this hugely embarrassing tattoo forever to remind them of this drunken night. We can’t decide who was drunker – the person who got the tattoo or the tattoo artist!

Bathroom Selfies

Okay, so bathroom selfies are par for the course when you’ve had a few drinks. You suddenly think you look like Gigi Hadid and Kendall Jenner and can’t resist getting your pout on for the camera. However, most girls would check that there’s no-one in the background doing something that they wouldn’t want people to see before they started taking photos. Not this girl though. Without a thought for her friend on the toilet behind her, she snapped away, probably uploading to Instagram too!

Face Meets Puddle

We’re not sure if this guy had tripped and fallen on his face or he just decided to have a little nap right there on the road. Either way, we’re pretty sure he’d had a few to many drinks!  Alcohol is known to affect both balance and coordination, as well as causing dizziness, so it’s no real surprise that this guy ended up face down in a puddle. Still, at least there doesn’t appear to be many people around to watch this embarrassing moment!

Beer Bath

We’re not sure if this girl is this guy’s girlfriend or someone he’s just met, but we can’t help but think he went home alone! In an effort to pour her another beer, he’s totally missed her glass and drenched her in booze. She looks horrified and we reckon she made a pretty swift exit soon after. Even being slightly intoxicated can cause blurry, distorted vision, so if this guy was hammered, it’s no surprise that he has completely soaked this poor girl in beer!

Tyred Out

Drunk people have been known to sleep in some pretty bizarre spots, but this takes the biscuit! This guy caught some zzzzz’s on top of a truck wheel! We’re not sure how he actually managed to drift off in that position, but he certainly looks pretty comfortable! We just hope the vehicle owner doesn’t decide to drive it before the sleeping guy wakes up. It’s amazing the places that people will take a nap after one too many brewskis.

Drunk Santa

Santa only works one day every year, which is good because he clearly has way too much of a drinking problem to work anymore than that! We reckon this was taken on Christmas Day morning after he’d just delivered billions of presents to all the kids around the world. To be fair, he probably deserved a drink after that epic shift. Nonetheless, we reckon Mrs. Claus gave Santa a serious telling off when he finally returned home!

Drunken Lectures

This guy clearly just got back from an epic night out, only to realize that he had a 9am lecture to attend. To be fair, many students would have shirked it all together and gone back to bed instead. But this guy headed to class, even remembering his paper and pen. Unfortunately, he crashed out and someone was nice enough to leave a sign letting everyone know that he was indeed still drunk. And then they took a photo of him! People can be so cruel.

Human Art Installation

We can’t decide who was drunker, the person who made this rather interesting (bizarre) art installation, or the guy who volunteered to be a part of it. We’re assuming that he volunteered, as taping him to the wall against his will would be just plain mean! By the look on his face, he doesn’t actually seem too perplexed at being stuck to the wall with layers of industrial-strength tape. Maybe he really does like it up there!

Drinking from a Urinal

We’ve heard of drunk people getting the women and men’s bathrooms mixed up when they’ve had a drink but confusing a urinal with a drinking fountain is a new one for us. It certainly appears that this man is attempting to drink from the urinal. Either that, or he’s fallen asleep in his drunken state in a very unusual position. We hope it’s the second one, as drinking from a urinal in a dive bar or gas station bathroom could lead to all sorts of illnesses!

Party Bride

Whoever said that brides needed to be glamorous and elegant on their wedding day? Certainly not this girl! By the looks of all the empty bottles behind her, it was certainly a drunken occasion and she definitely got in the spirit of things. We’d also like to salute her for wearing trainers, as why should she wear heels if she wants to dance and party all night? We just hope the photographer got some good photos before she got quite so intoxicated, as she’s not exactly camera-ready!

This Guy Got Turned Into a Work of Art

If you’ve ever fallen asleep at a party, chances are someone has drawn on your face. It’s a classic party move that will never grow old. The first one to crash gets turned into art by their friends. That’s exactly what happened to this guy. We really hope he didn’t need to be anywhere important the morning after, as we reckon it took him quite a while to scrub all the ink off him!