Recommended Sports For Seniors

Staying healthy becomes important with the age and therefore it becomes equally important for you to maintain regular sports and exercise. It helps in keeping your body mobile, reduces your weights and makes you feel young. People who exercise regularly reduces the risk of many deadly diseases such as cancer and heart problems. If you have reached such age, then this article is exclusively for you. Here you have been given brief information about various sports that you should keep playing when you grow older. As there are many sports which poses the risk of high injuries and it demands more energy to be invested. However, a senior person required some light sports to keep them going towards a healthy body. So we have taken care of entire things while recommending you with the sports that a senior person should try.


It’s also a kind of sports which you can enjoy in solo as well as with the group. This is one of the most cost-saving activity. During walking speed doesn’t matter much, you require to be with constant speed. It keeps your blood pressure normal.


You can join aquafit classes to do regular swimming. It also helps you to maintain healthy joints and muscles. Many organization offers pool exercise activities. However, swimming requires good strength but the chances of injuries are less. Always take care of the depth that you are opting for.


You will find many dance organization offering dance classes. It will help you in maintaining overall health. If you do it properly and regularly, you will be able to control your weight. But, at an older age, one should consult their doctor before getting indulge in this.

Tennis or Badminton

Court games like badminton, tennis or squash increase the hand-eye coordination. It also helps in improving the balance. It also helps in relieving stress and anxiety. These are indoor as well as outdoor sports. There are many clubs in the country which offers this facility for the old aged person.


This game is generally played by people of all age group. Senior Citizen can also play it with full comfort. It is also beneficial from the health aspect as swinging helps to keep your joints in motion. Moving from hole to hole will benefit you in cardiovascular activity.

Walking Football

Football is quite popular among all the games but it becomes difficult to play as you grow older. So, the is a great alternative for this is walking football. There is numerous club which are promising these sports for the senior people. It helps them in staying healthy and social.


It is one of the best ways to keep yourself active while enjoying the outdoor ambiance. If done in the group then it’s going to give you a lot of fun and adventures. It is easy in knees, provides stress release, promotes balance and raises the heart rate. Cycling also helps in maintaining mental balance.