Dazzling Teachers Who Got Into Trouble At School

Ahhhh, the life of a teacher. For many educators, being a teacher has been at the top of their dream list since they were kids (better them than us). Yep, these bossy pants would spend their younger years playing doctors and nurses or kitchen wars with the children next door, they’d tell them what to do, and demonstrate exactly how to make the perfect mud pie or fix a boo boo. Basically, these kids were the best at getting others to do what they wanted and getting others to follow their instructions.

Yuh-huh, but these teachers brought us a whole different perspective on ‘teaching’ and mostly just failed at it. These teachers were very lucky with the looks, and their students simply could not concentrate because of it. In fact, the teachers just took things into a totally different path when they decided to use their authority to do some really not ‘teach-worthy’ things…

Camo Behind

Okay, so obviously this girl was trying to hide her behind away, hence the camouflage. But she’s obviously not doing a very good job of it, as one of her classmates noticed pretty quickly. It’s especially noticeable when she had to reach the very top of the board to erase the whole thing.

Bad, bad teacher…

It seems like this teacher picked up some extra-curricular activities in her downtown, and that was just simply a bad, bad idea… Now, we don’t know about you, but teachers doing funny things with their students were an absolute no-no in my high school. Yet, it seems like for Mrs. Doubtfire, sleeping with students was just as good as teaching.

Singing Sensation

Sometimes, the only way to get an audience (or in this case, a class) to listen to you, is to sing it out. This teacher either has dreams of becoming a famous singer, or she lost a very embarrassing bet. Either way, this class is about to hear her belt out the lesson plan in C minor.

The Sarah Jones

Ah, the Sarah Jones! What can we say? The former Bengals cheerleader became a teacher and seriously, a teenager’s dream come true. Unfortunately for her, her time as an honorable teacher didn’t last very long when she began hooking up with a student. Since the incident, Jones has divorced her husband and is not engaged to the student she was caught dating, Cody York. The teacher has given up teaching since then.

Taking Over The Desk

This teacher has a very unique way of helping her students with their lessons. She wants to make sure that all of her students get the personal attention that they need in class. The funny thing is, the students (particularly the boy students) keep on calling her over to help them. Of course, she’s eager to lend a helping hand, and continues to come over and use whatever desk is available to sit on. Luckily, someone had a camera out at the right time.

Brianne Altice

Brianne Altice was arrested in 2013 for having a sexual relationship with one of her 16-year-old students. She was a teacher at Davis High School in Utah. Things got even worse for this former teacher when another student came forward and admitted that he too had had a ‘teacher with benefits’ relationship with Altice. After this, things just kept going downhill when yet ANOTHER student came forward. But wait, there as an ever better part to this story. When she was out on bail, Altice went back to sleeping with one of these students. What?? She’s now facing 10 felony charges and could face up to life in prison.

Odd Way To Sit

To each their own, but we are pretty sure that this is not the right way to use your desk or to sit in a chair at school. This girl probably thought no one was noticing her odd choice of seating, but she was unaware of the classmate behind her documenting everything. The biggest question we have in all this: where on earth was the teacher to teach these poor students how to use a school desk?

The French Teacher

If you haven’t heard about this French high school teacher then you have no idea what you’re missing. This teacher ironically won the title of “Teacher of the Year” at her school, before tragedy struck her life. Just a couple of weeks after winning the title, her career was forever defamed for her tryst with a student. It seems like the French teacher of the year had a ‘thing’ with her 17-year-old teacher’s assistant.

Oh No You Didn’t

You know that moment when your student just pushes you way too far? Well, this student in the front was making a lot of noise and causing a huge distraction for the rest of the students. It seems that this teacher has hit her absolute limit and is about to explode. She’s got that “if you say one more thing…” face, and even though she is trying to contain her composer, it’ll only be sseconds until she breaks.

The Elementary School Teacher

Pamela Rogers Turner was an elementary school teacher who was arrested in 2005 for having an ongoing sexual relationship with one of her 13-year-old students. Yes, you read right, 13-years-old! She plead guilty to statutory rape and was sentenced to only 9 months in prison as part of her 8-year suspended sentence. But the teacher didn’t stop there! In April 2006, she was arrested yet again for doing it all over again. She was then sentenced to serve the remaining seven years in state prison.

Helping Out But Looking Fab

The most important thing about teachers is that the are caring to the kids that they teach. This teacher truly shows that she cares about her students as she walked around class and made sure everybody understood the class lesson. As you can see her outfit isn’t a regular pants suit that teachers usually wear. This teacher went the full glam look with a mini dress and stilletos. You can see her hair is all done as well & her makeup. Anything to help the students out!

Hope Jacoby

Hope was a young athletic trainer at Tustin High school. She was arrested on the last day of school after it was suspected that she had a sexual relationship with a student who she trained on one of the sports programs. The relationship was set to be going on for over a year. Not alot of details were public but the boy was aged between 14 to 17 years old. Hope was only 23 at the time of her arrest.

Even Teachers Deserve Flowers

Her very nice students decided to get her some flowers for her last day at school. How sweet of them! They are beautiful flowers for sure. This teacher was so moved by their gifts that she decided to take a picture and show everyone how much her students love her. After a whole year of hard work and dedication she felt very good about what she did that year. It’s important to let our teachers know that we appreciate them and this gesture is just way to nice. Good for them!

Lisa Glide

Lisa Glide from New Jersey like many other criminal teachers had sexual intercourse with her student who was 17 years old at the time. Of course this is not allowed and Lisa got punished for doing so. Lisa pleaded guilty for her crimes that she committed in 2007. Lisa was a beloved drama teacher that seemed to get too close to her students. The student victim denied that there was ever an attack and said he agree to the sexual acts. He did not believe Glide should have been charged. But hey a law is a law!

Behind Her Back

It seems this student who took this photo wasn’t really paying attention to what she was writing on the board. This teacher’s tight outfit caught some attention from the class and learning about nouns and pronouns wasn’t really the focus of their day. When she turned around and they were all giggling she didn’t really understand why this was happening and kept teaching her lesson. Were happy to see a teacher who dresses nicely to the class room but is also kind of serving a distraction to the kids.

Ruining The Youth

Carrie McCandless was the cheerleading coach at Brighton Charter High School in Colorado. On a school camping trip she lost her authoritative figure and it seemed she became one the cheerleaders. Things went a little too far…On the trip it was said she broke the strict rules and provided the kids with alcohol and also got accused of having sex with a 17 year old male student after another student reportedly saw this. These accusations were enough to get the attention of law enforcement who sent her to jail for 45 days.

Too Many Curves

This teacher fell into a sticky situation when she decided to wear a solid colored, tight dress to school. While she has a gorgeously curvy body, some of the parents and faculty became concerned about her outfit being too revealing and inappropriate. This actually turned into a huge media scandal, with people arguing on both sides. One thing’s for sure, the boys in the classroom probably weren’t arguing about anything.

The Not So Best Teacher

Not too different from the French teacher, this 32-year-old teacher was named “the Best of the Best Teacher for Chattanooga, Northwest Georgia and surrounding areas” in 2010. This famous teacher’s name is Elizabeth Scroggs, and she was charged with felony sexual assault for having a sexual relationship with an 18-year-old student. The school found out through an anonymous tip that was received by Whitfield County Sheriffs. When the event took place, many Twitter users went online to say that the teacher was a ‘hot commodity’ since middle school, and a lot of students were trying to get her since then.

Assistant teacher

This assistant teacher was dressed to impress. The main teacher called in sick, and so the school decided to call in a young assistant teacher to carry on with the class. For the students’ surprise, their new teacher had just finished college and was very excited to have the authority she was suddenly given. Instead of teaching, she took pictures and selfies with the students and made sure she looked very good in them.

Pick a boo

What about those times that you were so tired that you fought against it, but you couldn’t help but fall asleep in class? In this class, the student who took that picture couldn’t help it and did exactly that. He fell asleep and even snored. But to his luck, his teacher decided to have fun by making fun of him instead of scolding him. He woke up and she was making funny faces whilst the rest of the classroom laughed like crazy.

Your teacher, the hulk[/post_page_title]

If you’re a student or a teacher, you’ll know that they’ll be AT LEAST one student each lesson who will ask a stupid question. Sometimes there might even be two questions. However, there’s only so much a teacher can take before he turns into the hulk, rips off his shirt and answers their stupid question without saying a word. Instead, he’s letting his T-Shirt do the talking. Because it’s in the syllabus, y’all. Read a book for once.

All tied up

If you’re a teacher, you’ll know there is nothing worse than seeing one of your students fall asleep in your classroom. Of course, there are some teachers who will take this as a personal insult, but there are others who will see the slumber as an opportunity to wreak their revenge on his class. This teacher decided to help out the snoozing student by re-tying his shoes… together… so he couldn’t walk. We hope someone filmed him waking up.

Long conversations

Remember her? I bet her students do because this teacher was very very serious about her work. She preferred having long conversations with her students instead of scolding them or giving them a time-out. This moment was caught after one of her best students took a can of mosquito repellent and sprayed it all of over the classroom so that the class would be canceled. Instead of doing exactly that, this teacher sat down on her desk, closed the door with the students inside and continued with the lesson.

Repeat and Repeat

Remember those times you made a writing mistake and your teacher made you repeat every single word 100 times until you got it right? Well, this teacher did exactly that, except… Every time one student got something wrong, she would make the whole class repeat it 200 times until every single person knew exactly the right way to write it, spell it and read it. Tough times everyone, tough times…

Learning The Body[/post_page_title]

Okay so this is a very…unique method of teaching human anatomy. This teacher made a very bold choice in her anatomically correct internal organ workout suit. We’re willing to bet that at least half the class (the boy half) has never paid such good attention to their lessons in their entire lives. You can see the boys in the front row looking slightly uncomfortable, and slightly in disbelief of what their teacher is actually doing for their lesson.

No Student Bodies

These students decided that they didn’t want to show up for school one day, but they still wanted to be counted as present. So what did they do? Well, they sent their uniforms to sit at their desks and hold their places for them. Of course, the teacher realized immediately that something important was missing from all of his students…which of course was the students themselves. But they certainly did a good job of positioning all of their jackets in their chairs.

Midday Math Nap

Math is hard. We all know it, though some of us are better at it than others. This girl must have either been out partying all night and didn’t sleep, or she’s just thoroughly bored by mathematics (which would be understandable). At least we’ve got this hero who took a picture of her perfect use of the entire desk’s surface, so we can admire her genius…or at least her extreme tiredness. Maybe we’ll try this next time, we’re sure no one will notice.

Hidden Away

Ah yes. Maybe if I bury myself underneath all of my school supplies, the teacher will think I’m  just buried in my work. This is what we’re assuming her thought process was when she piled all of her notebooks, her calculator, and her pencil on top of her head before drifting off to sleep.


This class of high school senior had to do a filming project for their final. The students would film each other being interviewed around various parts of the school. The teachers, however, thought they’d spice up this project by making ridiculous faces and dance moves anytime they found a student with a camera.

Looking For Love

These are two teachers who work at the school together. But one of the teachers (hint hint, it’s the guy) is trying desperately hard to get the attention of his female colleague. Of course, she is very obviously not having any of his advances, and quite frankly, looks kind of bored. Luckily this student caught on to what was happening, and documented it on Snapchat for the whole world to see and either laugh or sympathize with this guy.

I will set your paper on fire

It’s fair to say that we tried to get away with everything when we were kids. Yep, we’d try and fall asleep in class without the teacher noticing and we’d try and increase our font size when we had to write a 10-page essay. Genius, right? Well, it seems teachers aren’t as stupid as we think (funny, that). In fact, some are so in tune with our little tricks that they’re getting pretty fed up. Including this teacher.

A teacher has warned his students against their tricks, and promises to ‘set their paper on fire’

A Funny School

For their Senior Prank, two students planned an epic joke for their whole school. They decided to slightly alter and move the letters around on their high school sign to ended up removing letters to create ‘LOL High School’. We hope the teachers and faculty found this as amusing as the students did, but they probably didn’t…

Late assignments

There are some teachers who will do anything to help their students reach their full potential – but there’s only so much you can do. After all, you can only hope those who help themselves (look at us, we should become a teacher!) This teacher became so fed up with marking assignments that had been handed in after the deadline, that he made a tough decision (okay, it wasn’t really that tough). Any late assignments would be thrown straight in the trash.

A teacher has written a sign above the trash can, saying ‘late assignments’

Teaching fuel

Unfortunately, it’s frowned upon for teachers to down a whole bottle of alcohol while they’re teaching. Apparently, you can’t drown yourself in coffee either – so trying to find fuel to keep a teacher going is pretty darn difficult. Luckily, one teacher has managed to find the perfect drink to get them through the day and allow them to deal with their students in a calm and collected manner. Nope, it’s students’ tears. We don’t know whether this is downright weird or genius.

A teacher has placed a label over his water bottle which reads ‘students’ tears’

Introduction to Psychology

You’d think that college teachers would have a bit more motivation than those in high school, right? Well, not quite. In fact, Dr. Lopez was done with his new class before they had even started. Yep, as he prepared his presentation for his new class of Psychology students, he gave them a (very, very) brief outline of what to expect from the course and took a roll call, before getting them all to GTFO. You wouldn’t need to tell us twice.

A psychology teacher introduced his new class with a presentation that says ‘GTFO’

Remember the Alamo

For many aspiring teachers, it’s the thought of inspiring the next generation of teachers, writers, scientists and historians that gets them through the (pretty rubbish) day. In their eyes, if they can inspire just one child – they have done their job and fulfilled their duties. So, teachers will often give their students main points to remember in life. Things like ‘treat others how you would want to be treated’ or ‘remember the Alamo.’ Why? We’re not sure, but it’s history, bro.

A teacher has written a sign that says, ‘Things to remember...The Alamo’

The substitute treecher

It’s no secret that all rules and regulations go out of the window as soon as a substitute teacher walks into the room. Students take it upon themselves to make the substitute’s life as difficult as possible – that’s just the way it is. When the teacher of this classroom became so fed up with his students, he invited a new kind of substitute into their room. The substitute treecher. We bet these students couldn’t be-leaf this when they saw it…

A teacher replaces himself with a giant tree and calls it the ‘Substitute Treecher’

When you wish upon a star…

One of the most important aspects of being a teacher is imparting wisdom onto the young minds of today’s generation, and filling them with hope about the future – but it seems this teacher didn’t get that memo. Instead of telling his students to wish upon a star and wait for it to come true (like any normal, hopefully, adult), this teacher decided to teach a little bit of physics and crush everyone’s dreams at the same time.

A teacher has put up a physics poster that shows them that wishing on a star is pointless

Teacher’s Pets

These students got together to decide what to be for halloween, and they decided on an absolutely epic costume choice. All of them dressed like their teacher, each with a mask of his face which they held up to their own for the whole day. Eventually, when the teacher came in, he entered into a room full of himself. That’s enough to scare the pants off of anyone, teacher or not.

Thanks For The Support

Most senior classes decide to do a prank at the end of their last year in high school. These students wanted to thank their teachers for the four years of education and support they provided for them, but they did in a pretty metaphorical way. The students bought a load of bras and hung them around the school. They then made a huge sign saying “Thank for the support.” At least they learned about metaphors in English class.


A class of seniors thought it would be hilarious to hire a Mariachi band to follow their Headmistress around school the WHOLE day. This is hilarious and although it seems it would be annoying, this teacher didn’t mind at all- she actually thought it was pretty funny and tweeted the picture to her own twitter account.

The open house menu

It’s fair to say that there is one day in the school calendar that is hated by both students and teachers alike. Yep, we’re talking about parent-teacher meetings. During this time of year, the students realize that they really haven’t made an impression AT ALL at school, and the teacher realizes that they still don’t know certain kids in their classes because they just don’t make an effort. So, this teacher has resorted to bribery, to help them both out. Genius.

A teacher has offered compliments in exchange for money for parent-teacher meetings

A heck load of paperwork

One of the main reasons we steered clear of a career in teaching is because we could NOT deal with the paperwork. Grading papers until 11 each night? Nah, you’re good. Nevertheless, those who wish to become teachers have to simply accept their fate and get on with it – but that doesn’t mean they do it willingly. In fact, this teacher has found an ingenious way to grade all of his papers in one fell swoop. They’re probably rubbish anyway.

A teacher has clipped their paperwork together with blue and pink clips ‘crap’ clips

Quiz Shaming

This smart idea came about from a teacher who claims her students were willing to be shamed! It was mainly for silly mistakes, such as forgetting to write their name on the top of their paper or forgetting to put a negative sign in front of their answer but this definitely made mistakes happen less often in this class, even though the class found it funny.

Walkens not accepted

Although teachers may seem pretty boring, some of them do still have a sense of humor – and considering how much they get paid (hint: not a lot) we have to give them credit for that. These guys work all hours of the day and spend numerous office hours pretending to give a shiznit about your life (it’s a tough job, y’know). However, they draw the line when people just saunter into their office without making an appointment. Because Walkens are not accepted.

There is a picture of Christopher Walken that says ‘Walkens are not accepted’

April Fools

April Fools Day is no joke in South Korea. It’s known that the students pull the best pranks on their teachers. This prank was taken very far as not only did the students re-arrange the classroom, they also lay down on the floor and waited in this very position until their teacher walked into the room.

Giving up

While we were at school, it’s fair to say that we gave up with our studies. Yep, who needs grades, ey? (Just kidding, go to school, kids) But it’s not just the students who give up. Although teachers try their best to educate the youngsters and push them in the direction of success, it doesn’t always happen. Sometimes, you just need to tell them the answer, rather than waiting for them to answer it wrong. That way, everyone wins.

A teacher gave their students the right answer on a pop quiz, as they knew they would fail

An application form

Although we don’t know what they teach at teacher school, we can imagine they have numerous lessons on how to encouragement to failing students. However, there is only so much positive encouragement you can give to someone who constantly fails their tests and doesn’t study. What more can you do? Well, this teacher thought they could at least help this student out by giving them an F and helping them get a job by giving them a McDonald’s application form.

A teacher gave a student a McDonald’s application form along with their test score

Sticky Notes

Definitely not the most original idea but these sticky notes definitely grab our attention with the vast amount of notes in so many bright colors. This class of seniors pranked their computer class teacher by ‘decorating’ the room with rainbows and hearts. We might be right to believe Mario from Nintendo is here, made of notes.

Always question the man

Okay, we’re not sure who we’re more impressed with. On the one hand, we have to give this student for Kudos for questioning their test. Why should they impress the teacher? What good will that achieve? On the other hand, this is the coolest teacher ever. Instead of reprimanding this student, they gave them four bonus points for questioning the man. We wish we had this teacher when we were younger; our grades would have been VERY different.

A teacher has praised a student for questioning a test question and given them bonus points

Taking a nap

Let’s be honest, being a teacher isn’t like working a normal job. Instead of working 9-5 it’s more like 7-late and then you have marking and preparations to add on top of that. It’s not easy, y’know – and it’s pretty darn tiring. It seems this teacher was way too overtired to deal with his class on this day, and we don’t really blame him. He gets a nap, and the students get a chance to play on their phones. It’s a win-win.

A teacher has fallen asleep in the middle of the classroom and put his feet up on the desk


When you’re grading papers, you can almost guarantee that there will be at least one student who will try and be a comedy genius with their answer – like this cool dude, who answered his math quiz with a #YOLO. Obviously, this teacher wasn’t impressed with their use of this niche abbreviation or their apparent lack of interest in their education, so replied to their answer with their own inspiring hashtags. We hope this student is looking to their minimum wage future…

A student answered their test with #YOLO, so the teacher responded with their own hashtags


No matter how annoyed some teachers are, they will always try and keep it in. However, we all know what happens when you bottle up your emotions – and it normally involves an eruption of mega-rage at the most inappropriate moments. This teacher seemed to have reached the end of his tether that day, and we feel pretty sorry for the poor wasp who just happened to get in his way because the poor guy got burnt to a crisp.

A teacher kills a wasp with fire when it wanders into his path

Please ask to play the piano

We bet it’s pretty tedious for a music teacher to constantly hear the same awful tune on the piano every time someone walks into the classroom. After all, there’s only so much of ‘Chopsticks’ you can listen to before you go mad. So, this teacher decided to put up a sign for his students, to make them aware that they need to ask before they can play the piano – unless they’re Mozart, of course. But he knows they’re not Mozart.

A teacher has made a poster that says, ‘Ask to play the piano unless you’re Mozart’

Getting emotional

When your job is to inspire the generation, and all they care about is the latest Animal Crossing app on their iPad, it can get pretty darn depressing. Some teachers are able to keep in their frustration and their sadness until they get home, but this teacher just couldn’t keep it in. Instead, he decided to lay on the table, with his head in his hands, and let it all out. It’s good to cry every once in a while, y’know.

A teacher gives up with his students and cries on a table instead

Spoiler alert

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past few years, it’s fair to say that you’ve watched at least one episode of Game of Thrones. However, it’s more likely that you’re utterly obsessed. Because of this, you’re pretty protective of your favorite characters and like to keep up with the show as it comes out. So, the objective is to avoid spoilers – but this teacher is threatening his students with spoilers and deaths if they don’t listen. Harsh.

A teacher threatens his students with the next Game of Thrones death if they don’t listen

Dear students

Back in the day, teachers didn’t have to worry so much about distractions. Sure, kids may have thrown the odd paper airplane every now and then, but teachers in today’s day and age have a heck load of technology to contend with. Obviously, kids are pretty attached to their cell phones, especially in class. Some teachers are getting so fed up with kids staring at their crotches and smiling they’ve decided to do something about it, with a strongly worded presentation.

A teacher has made a presentation stating that he knows when they’re texting in class

Messing with the kids

The life of a teacher is pretty darn boring. They go to work each day, they teach kids who don’t give a fudge about their education, they go home, they mark papers, and they repeat. Most of the time, they need a bit of fun in their lives, but fun is pretty hard to come by – unless you make it yourself. This teacher decided to do that in the most messed up way possible. We’re glad we’ve never been taught by him.

A teacher gave his students two different versions of a test, with different answers

Y’all stink

Alongside texting in class, teachers also have to deal with the fact that these battery powered cell phones will also run low on juice. Because these students need to keep up to date with their Instagram feed and their Snapchat streak, many students plug their phones on to charge – much to their teacher’s dismay. This teacher became incredibly fed up when his air freshener was unplugged, because he doesn’t want to smell y’all stink because your phone is dying.

A teacher has made a poster telling students to stop unplugging his air freshener

Y’all test scores had me dead

Let’s be honest, being a teacher isn’t easy. You’re tired all the time, you’re stressed, and then you have to deal with failing students and struggling test scores. In fact, this teacher was so done with his failing class that he had to prove a point – that y’all test scores had me dead. Can we just admire his commitment for a second?

A teacher has brought a coffin into school to show the failing test scores at the school

A teacher’s office hours

As well as their full schedule and teaching hours, many teachers also have to offer their student’s office hours (eugh). This means the kids can go and offload their worries and their stresses, or ask questions about a recent exam or essay. Although this benefits the students, the teachers don’t get much out of it – so why do they have to do it? Well, this teacher decided enough was enough and got somebody else to stand in for him.

A teacher has dressed his dressed up his chair to resemble a person to skip office hours

Time Will Pass

Everyone knows that during class, most of it is spent looking at the clock, hoping the time could go a fraction quicker than it is in real time. This teacher pulled an artistic prank on his students, making sure their eyes catch the clock and reminding them to listen and concentrate in hope they will pass the class.

The end of the semester

Let’s be honest, the end of the semester is hard for everyone. Both the teachers and the students have battled through all-nighters, intense workloads, and a heck load of brain activity – so you need something a bit light-hearted. This teacher had thought he’d made the perfect test for his students until he heard them counting up to ten out loud. Read the list properly, and you’ll get what we mean. Did you fall for it, too?

A teacher had tested his pupils on their reading ability and whether they pay attention

Picture Day

Picture day is a big day for everyone. Our parents, grandparents and distant family own a school picture of us somewhere in the house. Girls do their hair and so do guys. It’s a big deal. Especially at this school, where this teacher got on board with the picture day hype- he even brought a bird as a prop, making his picture stand-out worthy.

What grade do you want?

Most of us dream of a world where we can grade our own papers and give ourselves and A++++++ for all of our hard work (okay, we just copied it from Wikipedia, but still). However, that’s not really the way the world of education works – or is it? The teacher of this school is just about to retire, and so done with her student’s inability to write like a normal human being. So, she’s just given up. Fair enough.

A teacher has not been able to read a student’s paper, so asked them what grade they want

Bye, class

Wannabe teachers often dream about their movie moment in the classroom – like when Coach Carter magically transformed a bunch of failing basketball players, or when John Keating won over the students and parents with his unorthodox teaching methods. In reality, this doesn’t happen. Students fail their tests, they don’t care, and some don’t even try. This teacher couldn’t deal with the lack of potential in his class that he just upped and left. But he didn’t use the door – he used the window.

A teacher climbed out of the window after realizing that his class wasn’t even trying

Medieval Teacher

This teacher wanted to make the right impression on the first day of school, to show all of his students what he was about. Apparently, this teacher feels more at home in the Middle Ages as a knight, and so he decided to dress up in a full knight’s costume, sword and all.

Answer That

It’s a pretty known rule in school that cellphones are not allowed, so when a phone rings in class, it usually ends with it being taken away, and a trip to the principal’s office. However, this teacher has his students actually answer the call on speaker, so the whole class can be warned about leaving their phones on loud.

Getting comfortable

If it were socially acceptable, we’d definitely rock up to class in our giraffe onesie or our favorite pajamas. Unfortunately, school regulations are pretty strict in terms of what we can and can’t wear. However, it seems this teacher is so done with the semester he doesn’t care what the school board will say. If he wants to teach in his stripy pajamas and his slippers, he’s going to darn well do it. Comfort over style, after all.

A teacher stands at the front of the classroom in his pajamas and slippers