Big Hoss’s Sad Journey To Leaving Stardom

How things came crashing down

Nowadays, Big Hoss is known for his role on the popular reality TV show, Pawn Stars. Before the show aired in 2009, the Harrison family and their pawn shop were just like your normal family-run business. However, as soon as the cameras started to roll, their family and their store were catapulted into fame – and a heck load of money. Big Hoss has also entered into various other business ventures, which has helped out his $5 million net worth. But despite his newfound fame and fortune, Big Hoss has been hiding some skeletons in his closet…

Thanks to the show and other business ventures, Big Hoss is worth $5 million

Where it all began

From an early age, Big Hoss was introduced to the world of pawn shops. When he was just a child, he looked on as his grandfather and father entered into business, attempting to make money from the buying and selling goods. In fact, he started working in the shop when he was just 9-years-old and used to help his family out by polishing the antiques and jewelry. This early start helped mold and shape him into the businessman he is today.

When he was just 9-years-old, Big Hoss started working in the pawn shop with his father

A drastic change

In the early stage of his career, Big Hoss was known for his big personality, as well as his big build. After a while, it seems his unhealthy lifestyle got the better of him, and he soon learned that he was close to a diabetes diagnosis. Wanting to avoid such diagnosis, Big Hoss decided that he needed to make a change, so took himself to the doctor to have lap-band surgery. Thanks to the surgery and healthy diet, he lost 192 pounds.

Big Hoss decided to have lap-band surgery and has since lost 192 pounds

A big leap

For most of his life, tragedy has struck Big Hoss, his family, and his livelihood. In 2014, he landed himself in hospital after taking a leap on the way to his own birthday party. Unfortunately, this was a leap off his own motorcycle. After the bottom fender mount broke off his motorcycle, Big Hoss and his bike soon found themselves in a 40mph tailspin headed towards oncoming traffic. To avoid serious injury, Big Hoss jumped off his bike and broke his arm. And that’s when his life began to spiral downwards.

In 2014, Big Hoss broke his arm after he jumped off his motorcycle at 40mph

A bar brawl

Two years into his fame and fortune, Big Hoss found himself in a spot of trouble, after he was arrested for obstruction and battery. These charges came after he took a trip to a bar in Big Bear, California. After a few too many drinks, Big Hoss became embroiled in a shouting match with a fellow bar-goer. A security guard alerted the police and Big Hoss as apprehended – but not before he assaulted both the policeman and the security guard. And this was only the beginning of his violent patterns…

In 2011, Big Hoss was arrested for obstruction and battery after he had a brawl in a California bar

Another bar incident

Despite his success on Pawn Stars, it seems that Big Hoss just can’t leave drama behind him. In 2014, Corey found himself in the midst of another bar incident that once again tarnished his reputation. Big Hoss was taking part in a sponsored motorcycle ride when he decided to take a break in a bar in Missouri. Before too long, he had relieved himself on a bar stool, and then threw it across the room, before being thrown out himself.

In 2014, Big Hoss was thrown out of a bar for relieving himself on a barstool

Trashing the place

Big Hoss’s run-ins with the law didn’t stop after his bar brawls. Just a year later, Big Hoss and his father Rick were fined a whopping $1,000 for littering. According to reports, the two men and their friends had spent the weekend at a campsite in Glamis, California, when they were accused of leaving open trash bags around the site. Big Hoss has always denied the claims and pinned the blame on his friends who stayed for longer. That’s when his friends started showing their true colors…

In 2012, Big Hoss and Rick Harrison were fined $1,000 for leaving trash and litter at a campsite

Corey and Chumlee

If you’re a fan of Pawn Stars, you’ll know that Big Hoss is best friends with his fellow store clerk, Chumlee. In fact, the pair has been friends since they were kids. Big Hoss has maintained that Chumlee pushed him off his roller skates and even pushed him down the hill because he thought he was somebody else. As Corey brushed himself off, he walked over to Chumlee for a subsequent fist fight. Although this was “friendly” violence, Chumlee would soon show his true violent tendencies, and Big Hoss would be caught up in the middle of it all.

Corey met Chumlee when he was pushed off his roller skates and pushed down a hill

Best friends

Despite their first fight and the case of mistaken identity, the pair soon became best friends and moved on from the incident. After spending more and more time together, they soon realized how much they both had in common with each other, and have been friends ever since. In fact, Corey is the reason Chumlee got the job at the pawn shop, as Big Hoss decided to help his friend out when he was in a tight spot. But when fame got to Chumlee’s head, his violent character came out even more strongly…

After their fist fight, Chumlee and Corey became best friends and later worked together

Chumlee in trouble

In 2016, Chumlee found himself in trouble with the law when he was arrested after a police raid. First off, it was reported that police found numerous weapons and illegal substances all around his home. To make things worse, there was also talk that the pawn shop worker had sexually assaulted one of his co-workers. Despite the allegations, Big Hoss continued to back his friend throughout the case and showed support through social media.

In 2016, Chumlee was arrested after police raided his home and found numerous guns

You’re fired

Thanks to their popularity on Pawn Stars, the Harrison family no longer have to work front-of-house in their pawn shop. Instead, they can live the celebrity lifestyle while checking in on their employees every now and then. Yet, thanks to years of experience working on the front line, Big Hoss knows exactly how a business should be run – which makes him a pretty ruthless boss. In fact, he has no qualms about firing people if they do something wrong.

Big Hoss now lives a celebrity lifestyle, but still knows how a business should be run

You’re hired

Although he no longer does the hard graft, Big Hoss has a new life of fame and fortune to maintain. With personal appearances, books to write and odd jobs to do, Big Hoss has a full-on lifestyle that he can’t control by himself. Because of this, he has hired a personal assistant to do the monotonous tasks he doesn’t want to do himself. In the past, he has asked his assistant to clean out the septic tank in his trailer, and fetch coffees.

Big Hoss has hired a personal assistant to help him with monotonous tasks, such as coffee making

A stepmother’s baggage

As a close-knit family, the Harrison family deal with everything that comes their way – but even Corey ‘Big Hoss’ Harrison wasn’t expecting the baggage that came with his new stepmother. In 2013, Rick Harrison married a woman named Deanna. For both of them, their nuptials marked their third marriage, but Deanna had a darker past. Her ex-husband had been arrested for sexual abuse and dealing materials harmful to a minor, and the Harrisons were keen to keep her safe.

Big Hoss’s stepmother comes with a dangerous ex-husband who was charged with many crimes

Big Hoss the villain

One of the main reasons people love Pawn Stars is because the Harrison family are all so eclectic, and it seems they all have their own roles to play in the show. Big Hoss has previously stated that he is the ‘villain’ of the show, but he’s not upset by that. Although he knows that he’s the tough one, his father is the lovable one, and his grandfather is the smart one, he knows in his heart that he is kind. But what he didn’t know was that being the ‘villain’ would complicate things when he made a life-changing mistake…

Big Hoss knows that he is portrayed as the villain on the show, but knows he is kind at heart

Not as it seems

Unfortunately, most reality TV shows are not as they seem. Although it’s believed that everything filmed is real life, much of the entertainment value comes from staged interactions – and Pawn Stars is no different. With hundreds of people walking through their doors each day, the most interesting visitors are asked to return when the cameras are rolling, and the Harrison family are in the store. But the things is, when the camera is rolling even the smallest mistakes can create huge consequences, and Big Hoss definitely didn’t think that through when it came to his relationships…

He’s been duped

From watching the show through our television screens, it’s fair to say that Corey ‘Big Hoss’ Harrison and his family know just how to spot a fake when they see one. However, that doesn’t mean they never get caught out. In an interview with When In Manila, Big Hoss has confirmed that he has been duped before. He understands that the pawnbroking business is all trial and error and that you just have to move on when you make a mistake.

Big Hoss has been tricked into buying fake goods before but knows it is trial and error

Telling them apart

Nevertheless, Big Hoss has become more aware of fake items and how to spot any inaccuracies. In fact, he has developed numerous ways to spot a fake product in front of him. During an interview with the Philstar Global, Big Hoss notes how he would spot a fake Prada bag from a real one. Thanks to his detailed eye, he is able to count every stitch on the bag to determine whether it has been properly made, or whether it has been botched.

Big Hoss has managed to find a way to distinguish fake items from real items

A diamond in the rough

Although he cannot guarantee that he’ll spot a fake, Big Hoss takes even more to inspect incoming goods if they contain diamonds. With higher price tags, it’s important to note spot a fake diamond from a real one – and Big Hoss knows the perfect way to do so. To check its authenticity, he uses a loupe to inspect the diamond and look for imperfections. Diamonds rarely have scratches or imperfections, so you should be able to tell.

Big Hoss ensures that he checks every diamond that comes through the shop

Craving normalcy

Although Big Hoss is happy with his lifestyle, as well as his impressive new fame and fortune, there is a part of him that craves his old life. In 2012, Corey ‘Big Hoss’ Harrison wrote an article for the Las Vegas Sun and wrote of his new life and his transition into a celebrity. In this letter, he wrote that he often craves ‘normalcy’ and wishes he could just disappear from the public eye every once in a while.

Big Hoss wrote a letter for the Las Vegas Sun in 2012, writing how he craves normalcy sometimes


An odd business venture

As well as working on the show, Corey ‘Big Hoss’ Harrison has attempted to make his own way in the business world. However, you might not expect his business of choice. Although he is often regarded as tough and burly, Big Hoss actually owns a beauty bar in Las Vegas. Called Salon of Beauty, this bar doubles up as a beauty parlor. During the day, the establishment offers beauty treatments, while offering music and drinks in the evening.

Big Hoss owns a beauty bar in Las Vegas, which doubles up as a beauty parlor and bar


A huge success

Now he is a major star in his own right; Big Hoss has been able to take a step from Pawn Stars and look back on why it proved so popular. As one of the highest rated reality TV shows on American television, Corey believes the numbers have grown because the show is relatable. Although the visitors often bring in odd and valuable items, most of us have at least one of those items somewhere in our house.

Big Hoss believes Pawn Stars is so popular because it is so relatable to the modern day person


A favorite expert

One of the most endearing aspects of Pawn Stars is that they make no secret of the fact that there are things they don’t know. When certain items come into the shop, they need to ensure that they are making the right decision – and will bring in experts to help them with that decision, and fill them with information about the item. Over the course of the show, Big Hoss has grown fond of Jesse and loves to hang out with him.

Big Hoss’s favorite expert to come on the show is Jesse, and he loves to hang out with him

Looking for something new

Although he has always been satisfied with his life and business in the pawn shop, Corey ‘Big Hoss’ Harrison has always been looking for something new to stick his teeth into – just like his father. Before the show aired, Rick Harrison decided to buy and run a Quizno franchise, but soon found himself overwhelmed with customers at the Gold & Silver Pawn Shop. To help him out, Big Hoss and Chumlee decided to run the store themselves.

Rick Harrison bought a Quiznos franchise and let Big Hoss and Chumlee run it for a while

A few arguments

Although it’s fair to say they’re probably sick of lunch subs, thanks to their family business venture, that doesn’t mean they know what they want for lunch. In fact, Big Hoss has noted that he and his father argue a lot – and most of the time it’s about what they’re going to eat. Throughout his life, Big Hoss has looked up to his grandfather and his father, but he often disagrees with their business decisions, as well as their life decisions.

Big Hoss often argues with his father, but most of the time it’s about their lunch decisions

Another Harrison

If you’ve watched Pawn Stars, you’ll know the Harrison family as three-generations of Harrisons – but it seems there is another brother waiting in the wings. Although many believe him to be an only child, Corey ‘Big Hoss’ Harrison actually has a brother called Adam. Adam Harrison has appeared only a few times on Pawn Stars, as he prides himself on staying out of the limelight. Nevertheless, Big Hoss believes that his plumber brother is jealous of his fame. Ouch!

Big Hoss is not an only child but has a brother who does not star on the show

International fame

Although we know that Pawn Stars is one of the most popular reality TV shows in America, it’s hard to believe that the show would prove successful in other countries. However, this is the case. In fact, Pawn Stars is hugely popular in numerous countries across the world, making Big Hoss an international star. As well as his inter-state popularity, Big Hoss has often traveled to countries such as Argentina, along with other parts of South America to meet his fans.

Pawn Stars and Big Hoss is popular across the world, making him an international star

A few other jobs

Nowadays, Big Hoss is known for his role on Pawn Stars, but it seems that he has tried out a few other jobs during his lifetime. After graduating from high school, Corey ‘Big Hoss’ Harrison tried his hand at being an electrician. He later worked as a construction worker and in a sawmill. However, he never really enjoyed these jobs, as he always thought of the pawn shop as his true home. So, he quit and returned to his family.

Big Hoss has worked in various other jobs, before returning back to the pawn shop with his family

Running in the family

It’s no surprise that Big Hoss wanted to return to his family in the pawn shop, as they had proved hugely successful in such a short amount of time. Yet, as you delve deeper into their past, it’s unbelievable that they have achieved so much. In fact, Big Hoss’s father did not even graduate from high school and dropped out when he reached the 10th grade. Amazingly, this was because he was selling fake Gucci bags, making $2,000 a day.

Rick Hoss dropped out of high school in the 10th grade and sold fake Gucci bags to his friends

Bad for business

You’d think that the show’s exposure of the Gold & Silver Pawn Shop would be amazing for business, but it actually has the opposite effect. Because it is first and foremost a television set, the store has to close every time the cameras start to roll – which means they could miss out on some vital sales. The production crew normally shoot five times a week, and it’s also a tourist attraction, which means only around 1 in 100 people buy or sell something.

Because the store has to close while they are filming Pawn Stars, it is bad for business

Knew his calling

Nowadays, the Gold & Silver Pawn Shop is a Las Vegas institution but was just a small shop when Big Hoss’s grandfather opened its doors in 1989. After working in the shop for a few years, the pawn shop was passed down to Rick Harrison – Corey’s father. Because of this, Big Hoss always assumed that his path was set in stone, and he was happy to work in the family business. However, Rick Harrison originally didn’t want his son to work there.

The pawn shop was passed down from Big Hoss’s grandfather to his father

A gang connection

Although ‘The Old Man’ Richard Harrison is a legend in the pawn shop business, he found himself in hot water in 2014 when he was linked to a criminal gang. Big Hoss’s grandfather was asked to host a party for the Vagos biker gang and agreed to do so, as Corey Harrison’s uncle is a member of the gang. Before too long, Richard had discovered that the money was going towards lawyer fees, for those in the gang who had committed crimes.

In 2014, ‘The Old Man’ Richard Harrison found himself caught up in a biker gang

High school sweetheart

Although he is largely in the public eye, Big Hoss has managed to keep his private life largely out of the limelight – especially his love life. Nevertheless, it became public knowledge in 2009 that Corey had married a woman by the name of Charlene, who had been his high school sweetheart. The couple were married for six years and enjoyed a life of fame and fortune before filing for divorce. Soon after, Big Hoss entered into a short relationship with Roxy Gonzales.

Big Hoss married his high school sweetheart in 2009 before they divorced in 2015

A new wife

Despite his divorce, Big Hoss was not lonely for long. Although he had kept his private life under wraps, fans of Pawn Stars and Big Hoss himself were happy to discover that he had remarried in July 2017 to Kiki Nego. Their engagement and wedding was kept private until after the unspecified date when Big Hoss announced the news on his social media accounts. Nowadays, his Instagram feed is full of loved-up and affectionate posts about his wife.

In 2017, Big Hoss surprised his social media followers when he announced his marriage

Showing off the Ring

It’s not the most usual way to tell your fans about your new bride, but Big Hoss tweeted ““I gotta a pretty good wife #kikiharrison.” And that was it! The world was in uproar, and so excited to find out more about this gorgeous woman that he shared photos of. She seems pretty shy, as you can see as Hoss tries to show off their ring while they’re out at Joe Vicari’s Steakhouse at The D in Las Vegas, and she looks coyly next to him.

Showing off the Ring

Chilling with the Execs

It’s no wonder they chose this place to celebrate in style, showing off their new love and the nice sized diamond on Kiki’s finger, as it belongs to Cory’s long time friend, Richard Wilk. Here they are together, Wilk the executive of the D, as they share the great news and couldn’t look happier. Kiki already looks like she has got to know Corey’s friends well, which is a great sign for a long and happy relationship between the two.

Meeting the Execs

Celebrating his Birthday

But it turns out, that the engagement wasn’t the only thing they were celebrating! It was also Corey’s birthday! This adorable photo of the two of them shows how ready they are to be man and wife, already feeding one another like an old married couple! His weight loss has definitely made him much healthier and more attractive, and hopefully given him a new lease of life to enjoy food again in a way which isn’t dangerous.

Celebrating his Birthday

Happy Valentines Day

Despite being seemingly shy with the details, he isn’t shy at all to let the world know how he feels about his new bride. In fact, the couple both use Instagram regularly to tell their fans how they feel, and send messages to one another. Here is what he put out there on Valentines Day, sharing their love with their followers and no doubt making his other half smile. “Happy Valentine’s Day to the most Beautiful lady in the world @kikinejo.”

Happy Valentines

Haters gotta Hate

Just one more Instagram share, cause it’s so lovely! Looks like the couple got a bit of backlash, maybe people being mean about Kiki, or about their relationship or marriage. But how did Corey respond? Not by freezing up and stopping the sharing, but by sharing even more of his lovely other half! Here’s the pic he shared, with the caption “Cause the haters can’t seem to get enough of her! #keeptalking #wifeyboss #hatersgonhate @kikinejo”

haters gotta hate

Deanna Burditt

But Corey isn’t the only one who has found love again, as we mentioned earlier, Rick is also feeling pretty loved up at the moment, with his wife Deanna Burditt who he married in 2013. They might not have exactly the romantic story that every woman dreams of for her proposal though, as apparently rather than get down on one knee, Rick told Deanna, “Girl, I’m marrying you!” and then gave her the ring.

Rick and Deanna

Low Maintenance

And Deanna is not running into the world of fame or celebrity either! Even right from when they first tied the knot, Deanna said that she isn’t interested in being on the show, or becoming famous. She is a chilled kind of woman. Rick even offered her a romantic getaway for their vacation, suggesting Fiji or somewhere exotic, but she wanted a simple camping trip locally instead. Sounds like they are a great match!

Low Maintenance

Three Kids Each

Perhaps it’s a case of been there done that for Deanna. As well as a complex past, this is her third marriage, and it’s third times the charm for Rick as well. Both of them have three children, with Rick having his three boys and Deanna having three girls. They probably both feel that it’s enough of the limelight and making a huge fuss, and time for them both to settle down quietly. Despite the almost 10 years age gap, they clearly have much in common.

Three Kids Each

Chumlee and Tanya

And it looks like love is in the air, or perhaps contagious! Here is Chumlee and his incredibly gorgeous girlfriend Tanya Hyjazi. She is a chef at the Stack restaurant and bar, and she helped CHumlee lose a serious amount of weight, without the surgery that Corey ended up having to shift his own. The pair have been together since 2013, and according to their friends and the media, Tanya has some expensive tastes!

Chumlee and Tanya

Tanya’s ‘present!’

But it isn’t just gifts that Chumlee buys his girlfriend, as he bought her some new boobs when she wanted them! “She wanted a boob job,” Chumlee told the press back in 2013. “She was going to pay it herself but she works so hard. She’s a chef for a major casino. I thought to myself, it literally takes me a couple hours of work to buy a boob job so why would I make her pay for them?” We suppose that’s romantic!

Tanya boobs

The positives

Although Big Hoss has often mentioned that he would like to disappear out of the public eye, he has realized that there are some positives of fame. With his newfound fame, fortune, and popularity, Big Hoss has been able to work on new and important ventures in his life. From this, he has discovered a love for charity work. In recent years, Big Hoss has maintained a supportive outlook on life and has donated both his time and money to those in need.

Through his fame and fortune, Big Hoss has discovered a love for charity work

A Fancy New Home

Alongside his newfound love for giving back to the world, Big Hoss has also realized that fame can buy him incredible luxuries, such as cars and houses. In 2016, Big Hoss hit the headlines when he put his Las Vegas home up for sale. The $2.39 million house came complete with seven bedrooms, six bathrooms, custom swimming pool with a slide and swimming pool, a private bar and an acre of land. Needless to say, the house was snapped up.

Big Hoss put his $2.39 million Las Vegas home on the market in 2016

Famous People Want His Autograph!

Now you might think it’s only people like you and every other average American watches the show, but you might be surprised to know that celebrities like to divulge in an episode of Pawn Stars here and there too. In fact, they have been known to drop into the store as often as once or twice a WEEK! We’re talking Jon Bon Jovi, Dave Chappelle, Ron White and Steve Carell wanting an autograph for themselves!

Silver That Struck Gold?

There is never a dull moment in this pawn shop and this was the case when a guy came in to sell 200 pounds of silver. The guys, with their well-trained noses for money paid him a whopping $111,000, knowing it was a fantastic deal and that it would get them far. The silver has since then been melted down into coins featuring the Old Man’s face, each selling for $70. Needless to say, they made a few bucks on that deal.

An Odd Handshake

So even though Corey lost a whole lot of weight due to a health scare some years ago one thing has stuck with his as a reminder. When he was big he had to keep his elbow quite high when shaking people’s hands in order to avoid his stomach, and that motion is something that has stuck with him since. Fans would often ask as to why he had such a strange handshake, but thankfully Chumlee let us all in on that little secret via Twitter.

Take Corey Home For $20

Since they are in the business of making big money it is not much of a surprise that these guys have managed to capitalize on the fame of their television show. Other than their usual business of purchasing and selling vintage and rare goods, they also sell branded items in the store. This means that you can have a 7 – inch Corey bobblehead sitting in your home for just $20, or any of the other characters depending on who you prefer. We’ll take Chumlee.

Release the Firework$

We all know that when people get their hands on a lot of money, sometimes they spend it on things they do not necessarily need in their lives. The following is one of those times. What would a July 4th celebration be without a few fireworks we hear you asking? This is the exact thought Corey and Chumlee had when they decided to take their fireworks display competition to the desert spending $10,000 on them. That is an expensive way to find out who can shoot the shop’s cannon the farthest.

The Biggest Purchase Yet!

One night a few years back, Corey was working the pawn shop window when a customer approached. It was Brock Williams, a former Patriots player wanting to pawn his Super Bowl Ring. Corey offered him $10,000, but Williams only asked for $2,500. He was sure that the ex-footballer would be back, but the story goes that a few months went past, and he never returned making the ring a valuable piece of property from the shop!