Top 10 Reasons For Going On Veggie Based Diet

Veggie is a general term for anyone who eats only vegetable. They eat basically vegetables and its product. They rarely eat meat, or any food that is prepared from livestock. There has been whole lot of discussions on why to go veggie which we are going to look critically in this article. Going veggie is a matter of choice and not to be forced. But there are some benefit that comes along with going veggie. Some of the benefits are helpful to the health and some are helpful to our environment while some are helpful to both. Later on in this article, we would discuss the top 10 reasons to go veggie.

Top 10 Reasons For Going On Veggie Based Diet

Reasons for going veggie

Prolonged Life: Going veggie is probably going to have effect on the number of years to live. Studies have shown that vegetarians are probably going to live more than those that eat meat.

Disease Free Health: There are some diseases that occur frequently to those that eat much of meat than the vegetarians.Cardiovascular disease, heart disease, cancer, etc. are diseases that if not careful, comes along with eating meat. Livestock are living things that are exposed to disease on their own. Right from what they eat, and what they feed on. Humans consuming these livestock could get affected with disease even after they have been processed into finished food. Vegetables on the other hand are naturally pure. There is nothing like disease when it comes to vegetables or leafs. All it takes is to properly rinse them and cook.

Protection of Animal’s Life: Sometimes it is sad to rare animal for months or years and then feed on them. This act is hurtful sometimes. You feed your livestock day and night, they are already used to you and at the later end all you could do is to hurt the same animal you have been with the same hand you have been using to feed them. Going veggie would never hurt your compassion towards your livestock but rather would [protect them. Eating meat on the other hand would hurt the compassion.

Better Economy: Wondering how going veggie could help boost the economy? The amount used in rearing animal is costly compare to vegetables. Some certain health condition like obesity comes with eating meat. People spend too much on trying to reduce their obesity. Going veggie would definitely help solve this problem.

To save Aquatic Life: Oceans are disturbed, many aquatic animals are destroyed in the cause of fishing. Going veggie would reduce this human deadly attitude to aquatic animals’ life with no regard. Going veggie no longer need vast amount of land to rare animals. Rearing animals requires plain ground. To get this, tress are cut down, land surface is exposed to erosion thereby increasing amount of carbon IV oxide in the atmosphere and loss of soil nutrient.

Top 10 Reasons For Going On Veggie Based Diet

Vegetables are yummy. Several delicacies can be made from vegetables. Going veggie gives you the chance to have taste experience of vast diverse of great meal unlike meat eaters.
Going veggie would help make your sex life better. Good circulation and pumping of blood is needed to for good love life life. Vegetables helps in achieving this. Going veggie would give you the excuse of eating any meal, anywhere, or anyhow. Going veggie gives you some level of selectivity. Hence, you preserve your health by not eating anyhow. Lastly, vegetables save cost.