Top Health Food Trends To Look Out For In 2019

Healthy food is very essential to healthy living. It is no news that the food world is constantly changing with time. People are now going from artificial to natural, from eating meat to going meatless, from taking baked food to eating fruit. Recent research has shown that humans would be doing themselves a great favor by focusing on eating more of natural food. We would be listing some of the trends in healthy food to go viral in 2019.

List of healthy food to look out for in 2019

The first trend is found in a plant called cannabis. There is an extract gotten from this plant. This extract is cannabinoid. This extract has been used in the making of herbal creams and also in oil. The function of cannabinoid is to prevent swelling and to avoid pain. Lately this extract is now use in drinks like, coffee, cocktail, etc. Cannabinoid is to be watch out for in 2019 in yoghurt and possibly in food dressing.

Another set of food to look out are food rich in both prebiotics and probiotics. Examples of this food are banana, yoghurt, garlic, beans, etc. this food help clear our gut by providing the necessary beneficial bacteria that our intestine needs. This in turn reduces disease risk to our health.

Another top trend in healthy food to watch for in substituting meat with plant. To live a longer and healthier life, there is need to eat more of plant. Foods like leaf green, broccoli, almonds, walnut, etc. are food to watch out for when it comes to going meatless in 2019. If you care about the protein nutrient gotten from eating animals, there is already a way of extracting those nutrient from their (animal) cell. Hence, it is possible to go meatless and still have the access to the protein nutrient gotten from eating meat without actually eating meat

Another food to look out for id the smooching out of liquid possessing fruit and blending them with vegetables. There are lot of expectations concerning this water like infused vegetables. Cucumber, coconut water, orange, etc. are to be on the lookout for when it comes to healthy trending food.

Coriander, cumin seed, berbere, aharat, etc. are list of some north side of Africa to be watch out for. Delicacies from Africa has been frequently getting notified from most food blog lately. We believe there are so many things to be expected from the Africa Kitchen this 2019.

In 2019, there would be a lot of demand in food that cannot contribute to body fat. People want to lose fat and so it is important to take not of what they take in. The food in this category include nut, whole grain, yoghurt, etc.
Moringa is the next to watch food. Locally found in Africa and some Asian countries. If you have been taking coffee every morning because you have no choice, then we will recommend moringa. It is rich in potassium and some other nutrients. It also energizes. It is a nice food that you need to look out for.


Irrespective of the food to look out for in 2019, there is a similarity in the type of food people are on the lookout for. Foods that helps keep a good shape and a perfect state of health is best searched for.