The Skin Care Tips You Pay For Hearing


If you’re looking to get your skin looking great, you’ve come to the right place. Here are 16 of the best skin care tips that the pros use themselves.

1. De-stress With a Facial Mask

Facial mask

Stress can cause aging, so why not take care of two problems at once by relaxing while taking ten minutes to apply a face mask and just zone out?

2. Eat Plenty of Almonds

Bowl of almonds

Some of the most helpful skin care tips involve your diet. By eating almonds, for instance, you can cut down on inflammation that causes aging.

3. Know What Ingredients to Pair

Skin care cream

Some treatments work well with others, such as retinoids and peptides at night. Pair them up for even better results.

4. Always Use Sunscreen

Woman applies sunscreen

If you want to keep your skin looking young, sunscreen is a must. Use SPF 30 or higher on not just your face, but also your neck and ears.

5. Reapply With Powder Sunscreen

Woman puts on sunscreen

If you hate reapplying sunscreen to your face, try using powder-based sunscreen for quick and easy touchups!

6. Make Use of Those Frozen Peas

Frozen peas

Frozen vegetables aren’t just for healthy eating! You can also use them to reduce swelling around your eyes and in other problem areas.

7. Spritz With Spring Water

Spring water

Water isn’t just ideal for drinking; it can also keep your skin supple. Spritz a little spring water on your face from time to time, say top dermatologists.

8. Make It Easy On Yourself

Woman using skin care products

Find ways to make it easier to remember your skin regimen. For instance, use nightstand storage for your evening skin care products, so you don’t forget to use them before bed.

9. Use Tint For An Even Tone

An even skin tone looks more youthful, so try to use a little tint with sunless tanner before blending it in correctly.

10. Choose Your Cardio Wisely

Women on elliptical machines

One of the least-known skin care tips has to do with how you exercise. Jarring impacts from running can weaken your collagen, so get at least some of your cardio in through low-impact means.

11. Use a Mild Cleanser Each Day

Woman using skin cleanser

Avoid harsh cleaning agents and choose a mild cleanser, instead. Make sure to use it each day.

12. Avoid Extra Sodium In Your Diet

Woman drinking soda

Most women don’t know that sodium found in fast foods, processed foods, or even diet sodas can make your eyes or jawline puffier.

13. Sugar Intake Hurts Your Skin

Woman with a donut

Another nutrition-related skin care guideline involves sugar. Eating excess sugar can damage collagen, making it harder for your skin to stay smooth and firm.

14. Use Yoga For Better Circulation

Women doing yoga

Specialists say that yoga is a great way to not only get fit and relax but also to increase circulation and promote better skin health.

15. Add Tea Time to Your Daily Ritual

Woman drinking tea

Taking time for tea is one of the best skin care tips to follow. Tea contains compounds that can help fight skin cancer and prevent wrinkles.

16. Try Lifting Weights

Woman with dumbbells

You can firm up your body’s skin by working out with weights, especially as you get older. Doing so avoids sagging skin throughout your body.