Vegan VS Vegetarian Diets

Veganism and Vegetarianism are two classes of people who do not eat meat. However, as much as it looks like they possess the same similarities, there are some slight differences between these two. People who don’t do vegetables will find it hard to identify the difference in diet between these two but would however take them to be under the same umbrella of no meat or even take them as the same thing. This article shall focus on identifying the difference between vegan and vegetarian in terms of their diet.

Vegan VS Vegetarian Diets


A vegetarian is someone who does not eat meat. They don’t eat animals but they do eat animal product. Animal product, product from poultry, seafood, are eaten by a typical vegetarian. They include milk from cow, egg from hen, or fishes from the sea. Vegetarians could eat all these but they do not eat the animal itself. Being a vegetarian sometimes is much of health related. What this imply is that people choose to be a vegetarian mainly to improve the state of their health. Vegetarians are of different class or type. Recall we said vegetarians eat animal product like meat, poultry product like egg, etc. Well, not all vegetarians eat all these. The difference in the type of product they eat has brought about different type of vegetarian. Below are list of the type that we have

Lacto-Ovo Vegetarian: these are the type whose diet include animal product like milk and egg. They neither eat meat nor any seafood

Lacto Vegetarian: their diet include just diary product. They don’t eat egg, meat or sea food.

Ovo Vegetarian: their diet is mainly egg. They don’t take milk, meat, or sea food

Pesco Vegetarians: vegetarians in this class only eat fish. They don’t eat poultry product or diary product.


Vegans are those that do not eat both meat and its product. Be it diary product, seafood, or poultry product, they don’t take anything that originate from animals. People that fall in this class don’t just fall here because of their health status. Most of them belong into this class because of personal believe, ethical believe, religion believe, etc. Far beyond not eating any product, they sometimes don’t use any animal product related material. Leather shoes, chair, belt, etc. are things they don’t use because they believe an animal must have been hurt to get the leather. Veganism is much about compassion for animals rather than personal health benefit. They are so passionate that they don’t eat chocolate that contains milk as they believe the milk has been extracted from an animal.

Vegan VS Vegetarian Diets


Far beyond the already established fact that vegans and vegetarians don’t eat meat, there is a thin line between these two that makes them different. A vegetarians would feed on animal product like milk, eggs, seafood but a vegan would never eat anything that is animal related. Vegetarians are vegetarians because of health but vegans most times are vegans because they care and have compassion for animals.