5 Fitness Apps That Can Replace Or Supplement Your Gym Activities

While the gym is a great way to be losing weight and achieving what you want, sometimes our lifestyles don’t always allow us to do gym workouts effectively. If you are someone who travels extensively or perhaps you think that a gym membership is too much, there are plenty of things to help you replace those. Namely in the form of fitness apps. Below we share some apps to consider that you can use to either replace gym activities or you can use it as further training for yourself.


Only accessible to iOS and Android users, this is a free app (with premium upgrade) that is ideal for the runners out there. The app is geared towards helping you get out of the gym and running out and enjoying the great outdoors. Runkeeper keeps track of your workouts but it also motivates you in tackling your runs through a variety of ways. Premium services of the app provide suggestions for workouts but also provide training schedules. It’s a good pick if you want to run a lot more.


Another app for iOS and Android users, this app is another free app that has some in-app purchases. This is for the individual who wants to get a workout but also want them from a personal trainer. This app provides that, in fact, you get to pick from amongst 20 different trainers. The beauty of this app is that you can tailor your workout based on music or intensity and it’s even supported for outdoor, treadmill running and strength training programs.

Freeletics Bodyweight

Much like Aaptiv, this is for Android and iOS users and has in-app purchases but is free to use. This app specifically offers a range of workouts for you that range from as little as five minutes up to a half hour. These exercises focus mainly on weightlifting exercises through the use of yourself which means you can build muscle by following the instructions of this app. There are even tutorial videos that are played along with the exercises so you can see if you are doing the exercises properly.


For both iOS and Android users, this free app is meant to help individuals exercise when their schedules are tight and can’t go to the gym. This app provides complete and guided workouts that you can anywhere and can allow you to pick a routine that ranges from five minutes to a single hour. Because of this flexibility, you’re going to have an easier time hitting your goals while still having time to do everything else.

Map My Fitness App

The last app in our list is available for iOS and Android users and is another free app with in-app purchases. Map My Fitness is an app that is one of the most popular apps around and we can see why. It focuses on not only getting you out of the gym but also enjoying time outside. This app allows you to map a route that you’d like to take and will proceed to track specific stats like time and calories burned. Because of this feature you can see the progress that you are making. On top of that you can even set your own goals and sharing running routes within the app allowing people to use them.

There are many apps out there that can get you out of the gym. We suggest though to only pick a few of these apps. While apps are helpful, too many can easily overwhelm you and hamper your overall growth as well.