Best Chest Exercises For Men at Home to Train Chest Muscles

Men love to show off what they worked for. Many individuals seem to wonder about achieving these same goals, but don’t have time to hit the gym. Exercising at home can be very beneficial. You can get the same results on your chest by doing these simple workouts at hone when you’re not busy.

11 Best Chest Exercises For Men

1. Rotational Press-Ups

By starting a press-up position, lower your body to one side while twisting as you move your weight from one should to the next. Press up then do the same on the other side, repeat three times.

2. Shuffle Press-ups

Placing your body into the press position with one hand over your shoulder and the other hand behind it. Lowering your body to the floor and press up.

3. Gorilla Press-ups

Starting in the normal press up position, lower your body to the floor and press up quickly, while launching yourself off the floor. Slapping your chest quickly and returning to the starting position.


By using two chairs as your base or dip. Position your body firmly between the space. Keep elbows straight, head in line and your wrists in line with your forearms. Placing one leg over the other, lowering your body up and down in a 90 degree angle.

5. Pushups

Tighten your abdominal, keeping your back flat, neck aligned with your spine and your elbows close to your sides. Press up and down.

6. Chest press

By adjusting the chest press bench or table. Lie down and bend your knees slightly and keep your feet planted on the floors

Grasping your dumbbells, inhaling and exhaling as your push them in your chest and out of your chest.

7. Dive-bomber press-ups

In the standard press up position raise your hips and bend your elbows. By lowering your head and chest down and towards, this helps your torso with a smooth transition.

8. Dynamic box press-ups

By using a box, Place both hands in a diamond shape in the press up position. Lowering the body and pressing on the box, your hands are able to land on the floor with the box places between them. Lower your body and press explosively up and your hands will land straight on the box.

9. Cross-over press-ups

By doing two exercises in one a one arm press up with your right or left hand on a box and the other is raised over the platform. Lift your hand and touch the other hand then move the raised hand to the floor by keeping both hands shoulder width apart.

10. Wide press

Doing the standard push up but with your arms spread wider than your shoulders.

11. Close grip weighted push up

In the push up position with hands 6 feet apart. Add a resistance by adding a weight onto your back. Lower your chest into the ground and press back up until your elbows are extended.