Getting Six Pack Abs- How Often Do You Really Need To Train?

It is known that working hard on your core is the only way to achieve your six pack, but people generally ask how often should they really train. The fundamentals of a basic Ab workout is knowing exactly what you’re working on to achieve your six pack goals. Training your abs should be seen as difficult or complicated.  Core training can be very confusing to a newbie. Here is what you need to know to understand the different muscles that make up the core.

  • Rectus Abdominal

This muscle sheet is where the six pack happens. This covers the pelvis and sternum. Abs are a think band of a connective tissue that helps with the surfer board appearance. Genetics can play in the way your abs are lined. They can be straightforward or slightly crooked. This also contributes to trunk rotation in the core.

  • External Obliques

This muscle is broad and thin and lies on the front and side of the abdomen. The basic function of this muscle is to rotate and bend to the side. This also helps to flex the spine and compress the abdominal wall.

  • Internal Obliques

This muscles lies beneath the external oblique. It runs diagonally upward towards the rectus abdominal. When this muscle is contracted, it rotates and bends the torso sideways by pulling the ribcage and he midline towards the hip and lower back.

  • Transverse Abdominis

This muscle runs beneath the obliques and it is the deepest of the abdominal muscles. Wrapping around the entire core, this muscle protects and helps to keep it stable. When trying to achieve the v-cut abs, working on this section of muscles help. Once the muscles have developed it helps to push out the rectus abdominal.

How Often Should You Train?

The levels of training can help when it comes to training your core. The number  of time you decided to work out your core during the week will have a huge impact on your final results. Frequency is the key with training.

If you’re new to working out then you should slowly move into training. Starting with core training once a week helps your body with the transition into hard core training. Training your core for 30- minutes one day and then doing a full body work out for the other workout days help with the results.

Introducing more days will increase growth, drop fat and reveal results faster. I believe that individuals should train at least three times out of the week for core training. By doing this your body has enough time to rest and work equally. On the day when you aren’t working on your core, you can work on another body part such as your legs or arms. Doing this still helps in the achievement of abs but there isn’t much pressure as doing a full blown abs workout.