The Health Benefits of Belly Dancing

If you have watched Bollywood movies and seen Middle Eastern dances, you will see some type of dancing where the hands are clasped over the head with just the hips and the belly making movements. It is sensual, it is cool to watch and it sure is cool to do too. Did you know that this type of dance is healthy and great for your overall physical condition?
It was originally old Middle Eastern, then it spread further east, and now it has fans all over the world. The number of performers has increased every year. The dance gets its name from the fact that you have to emphasize the movements of the hips and the stomach. The definitive movements have a formula and structure that lives to obey the beat. .
All this is done while keeping the head level to give a beautiful performance that is engrossing and rich in skill.
Here are the benefits you can get from belly dancing.

The Health Benefits of Belly Dancing

1. The Posture and Muscle Tone

The muscles that carry the load of the dancing that you will be doing are the stomach and hip muscles. You will also exercise your hands because they factor into the movement and the legs because they are supposed to be firm to give you the posture that you need to pull off the moves. You will find that it tones all the muscles you use and this will give you a firm body and a strong torso. The hips also get flexible as your posture improves.

2. Weight Loss

Losing weight is a big deal. If you want to have a fun way to do it without straining too much and still get some results, you should try belly dancing. You can burn more than 300 calories with 60 minutes of serious belly dancing. If you can combine this with a healthy diet, you will find yourself getting healthier all the time.

3. Childbirth Preparation

Preparing for childbirth can be hard. You will need to strengthen all the muscles that you will use for childbirth. For that reason, you will need to make sure that you do some belly dancing. It will make you flexible and the childbirth process will become easier. For prenatal exercise, this one ranks high. It makes the pelvis open up. When you have given birth, you can use this exercise to lose the baby fat.

4. Relief From Stress

Stress relief is not easy in a world that does not let you breathe. That is why you will need belly dancing. Get some cool music that rhymes with the moves and do this at home or work, if you have the space for it. It is calming and tranquil.
Other benefits include
• Building back muscles evenly
• Exercising arms
• Toning the legs
• Digestion is aided
The cultural celebration and the health benefits are worth trying this dance out. You will find it easy to get a better body when you are having fun doing it.

The Health Benefits of Belly Dancing