One Man’s Junk Is Another Man’s Crazy Thrift Store Treasure

Thrift stores are a treasure trove of the weird, bizarre and the downright wacky. Whilst they are definitely a place where designer steals and good quality second hand furniture can be bought at bargain basement prices, they do also house some of the world’s most random items. From T shirts to toys and everything in between, your local Goodwill store will have something on sale that has to be seen to be believed.

Lionel Ritchie vs Where’s Waldo

Every wardrobe needs a t shirt with Lionel Ritchie dressed up as Where’s Waldo on it. Especially if it has an amusing reference to one of his much loved songs. Found in a clothes rail amongst 1980s shell suits and polyester shirts, this t shirt would make a great addition to anyone’s closet who loves making people laugh simply by what they are wearing. It’s a pretty good likeness for a cartoon too. Amused? Keep reading for more hilarious finds.

Cat and Mouse

This framed picture of a cat with a mouse between its jaws is a very clever interpretation of the usual images of cats who have caught mice. It’s also already a little out of date given that the Apple mouse is now cordless and does not have a separate button like this one does. Either way, generation X and older would still find this picture funny and understand its nuances. Pretty cat too with its green eyes and well groomed coat.

Cat Lady Dress

A fantastic purchase for any cat loving woman or the stereotypical crazy cat lady, this purple dress with many a cat head is actually quite cute, albeit  not for the fashion faint hearted. The cosmic inspired background give the dress a heavenly feel whilst the cats’ faces are incredibly sweet. This would look great dressed up with black pantyhose and black boots in Winter when its cold, and just some classic ballet flats in the Summer to really let the dress do the talking.

Yoda Portrait

Even people who don’t know the difference between Star Wars and Star Trek will like this picture of the cute green skinned alien. Everyone has a soft spot for Yoda and his petite little body with enormous Jedi powers. It’s a pretty good likeness too with an elegant frame, so it’s a strong flea market find. The face in particular is well painted, though perhaps his feet and hands could have had a little more time spent on them to make this a little better.

Lord Of The Flies – Annotated Copy

This book is one that most kids will study at school and the shelf stacker at the flea market where this copy was found, obviously knew their stuff. With the storyline detailing what happens to a group of boys when they are left on their own, deserted on a island for a few weeks, it’s Golding’s way of casting aspersions upon society. It’s a must read, but the price tag is right. You really won’t trust a kid again. Click next to see other funny flea market items.

The It Dress

Do you remember the internet sensation that was the trick of the light dress? The one that made you question whether the dress was black and blue, or white and gold? Well this dress covers all bases by being both. In reality, it’s a pretty ugly piece of clothing, but it’s funny when you know the context behind it. Without that context, it’s a bit of random addition to any wardrobe. It would be a great conversation starter at a fancy dress party, however.

Cat Chair

Another amazing purchase for a crazy cat lady would be this chair dedicated to all things feline. They say that when you love a cat, they change your life by giving you enough love and attention that you love it back, but not so much that you don’t stop working for it. Either way, they can make great house pets and companions for those that like company without the hard work that a dog or other animal may need and want.

Parking Mug

For anyone that cannot park, this is a very funny mug or cup for their morning hot drinks. Again, this flea market find is probably starting to date nowadays with cars often immediately installed with park assists or automatic parking in some. However, for the time being there will still be some of us out there who get the fear when we go to a friend’s house who lives in a crowded neighbourhood with limited car spaces. Find out what the next funny find is by clicking next…

The Topical Christmas Jumper

Christmas jumpers started having a bit of a revival a few years ago and then developed into something even funnier than the irony with which they were worn anyway. This one is a perfect example of an amusing piece of knitwear that would be a good talking point at a festive party. Even without the picture of Jesus on the front, the royal green colour screams Christmas from a mile off. The only problem with the flea market find is that it can’t be worn all year round…

Bugsy Malone – The Cat

This well dressed cat, with his trilby and a high neck collared trench coat, is the cutest little feline friend. It’s a funny picture that looks like it could be in the running for the most amusing album cover back when music was recorded on vinyl. Even if that wasn’t its original purpose, this picture is definitely sweet, albeit incredibly random in how well thought out it was. It’s all very well dressing up your pet but doing it with scenery in the background requires some real dedication.

The Cartoon Hoody

Every so often, something said or made in jest, would actually be a really good idea. Like this one. A cartoon of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, but a prequel. Surely a show that details what Donatello, Raphael, Michelangelo and Leonardo all got up to before they became crime fighting superheroes would be a must see series? Amazed at how bizarre this hoody is? Keep clicking to be continually amazed at what you can dig up at your local flea market…

A Snowboard For Everyone

This snowboard has so many random parts to it that it keeps you thinking for a while. Firstly, you need to appreciate how bizarre having a snowboard dedicated to the films and computer games really is. Secondly, the picture of Michael Jackson with E.T. – the two make quite an odd pairing. Thirdly, its clever play on how young E.T. is meant to be and Michael Jackson’s supposed inappropriate to illegal behaviour with young boys. It’s probably not a snowboard for everyone!

First Pump Jesus

Every Christian house, who likes to chuckle, would love a figure of Jesus in the first pump position. It’s a funny update on the standard figurine that usually dons the top of a mantlepiece or ornament display case in people’s homes. Whilst it would not be for the straightlaced Christians who would find this a little disrespectful, those that are able to poke fun at themselves and their religion would appreciate this flea market find. Keep reading for more hilarious finds.

Miss Piggy Piggy Bank

This figurine, whilst perhaps a little ugly, is funny in how it uses the coin hole as a way to detail the Sesame Street characters cleavage. It is also clever in the character vs what the object is. She is called Miss Piggy whilst it is a piggy bank first and foremost. Such things are perhaps on their way out of people’s homes given the slow move to a cashless society, but everyone loves a little bit of Sesame Street, so this would be a great find.

Phallic Cake Tins

This would be a fantastic purchase for anyone organizing a bachelorette party – where everything comes in the shape of a penis. Plus this is quite a collection of them and given that they are metal, they will last too. They can also be used as jello molds if anyone is making a boozey jello, laden with tequila or vodka to help get the party started. For cakes, some amusing food coloring could be added to make the finished result even funnier.

Trump Badge

Hipsters and college kids love a pin, especially ones that are funny and make a political statement. This one is highly ironic, and a clever flea market find. Trump is not known for his sympathies to the gay community and the picture of him in front of the LGBT flag with an overly honed body, whilst keeping his yellow hair, makes a point whilst doing everything in jest by poking fun at his campaign pledge. It’s probably not a pin for everyone, but those that voted Hillary may like it.

Skeleton T Shirt

A picture sometimes paints a thousand words. This joke shirt does just that – as a joke said out loud on its own, it may not make sense nor be funny. This t shirt is also a glow in the dark number, so it would be a great way to get kids involved in their anatomy through a means that appeals to them – jokes with luminous paint is a winner all round. A multi purpose flea market find at flea market prices is a winner all round.

Mona Lisa Loves Dogs

Not everyone who shops in flea markets are cat lovers. Some are dog lovers too and this one would appeal to those that love art or the works painted by Leonardo Da Vinci. The image itself is printed on a t shirt so it’s another piece of apparel that perhaps a college student who likes to amuse with his or her clothing would appreciate. Either way, the dogs are a pretty random addition to the centuries old masterpiece. Keep clicking for yet more bizarre finds.

Batman Booties

People either don’t like comic books or they love comic books. There is nothing in between so pieces of footwear like this are a fantastic find in a flea market for those that love all things Marvel comic related. These Batman boots have a bit of a beatnik look to them and would be fashionable right now with those that like to look quirky and trendy all at the same time. Not everyone likes buying second hand shoes, but when they’re in good condition like these, they can be excellent.

Princess Leia The Cat

Another mixing of genres for those that love both cats and Star Wars in equal measure, this triptych of images of a kitten dressed up as Princess Leia in her iconic white uniform and buns, are a hilarious flea market find. The late Carrie Fisher would be suitably impressed with the cat owner’s dedication to getting all the small details of the fancy dress correct – all down to the crocheted center parting. Think that is funny? Wait till you see what’s next.

The Seat Belt Chair

Just what every house needs, a chair that can tie someone up in case you need to. This must be one of the more worrying finds that people have found at a flea market in the past, but it must be a good thing that someone who bought it in the first place didn’t actually end up using it, hence why they gave it to their local Goodwill store. It looks pretty old too, so solace can be found in that chairs like these obviously were not popular…

Will The Real Slim Shady Please Stand Up

These Russian style stacking dolls have been given a twenty first century update with the painting of Eminem or Slim Shady on the front of all five dolls. It would be a great present for one of his super fans, especially now that he does not make music or tour as regularly as he once did. The images chosen are funny in themselves too in how much they vary, but they do show the many faces of the once popular rap and pop star.

Rock Star

This has to be someone’s idea of a joke – taking a pebble or stone to their local Goodwill to see if the store puts it on their shelves to sell. This shop obviously fell hook, line and sinker for this donator’s joke and did just that – valuing it at just $1. That being said, hardware stores sell bags of these things, so it perhaps was only a matter of time before people thought that the second hand market should get a look in on the DIY market too.

Cats Lives

The old adage ‘cats have nine lives’ is put to good use here in a purchase that would be perfect yet again for that crazy cat lady in your life. Only she would understand how cats can take over your life, as well as heart, and would definitely appreciate this amusing saying on a placard. The use of text as art has risen in popularity recently and people seem to like the idea of putting funny or inspirational quotes around their homes. Click next for another amusing find…

Dancing Boots

These disco themed boots – one pair with a normal length toe and one with a stretched toe – are certainly bizarre and eyebrow raising. So many questions arise when you lay your eyes on them – why are they decorated like a disco ball? Why did someone make two pairs of them? Why did they make one pair with the toe being as long as the boots are high? Perhaps they would make a perfect addition to someone’s fancy dress box for a Halloween costume.

Corn on The Cob Seahorse

This is perhaps one of the ugliest of things found in a Goodwill store, ever. It is perhaps as ugly as it is random. The designer took two things that would never otherwise be linked in one’s head, a corn on the cob and a sea horse, and managed to amalgamate the two to make one of the most unattractive ornaments that a person could buy. That though, could be part of its charm and there is certainly a market for little trinkets like this.

The Last Simpson Supper

This picture is a perfect find at your flea market for those that are obsessed with the Simpsons and their antics. The creator has taken its time making a funny link between all the characters and where they should sit in this update of Da Vinci’s “The Last Supper”. The masterpiece was never actually finished, but this one has been completed with aplomb to hilarious results. Homer makes a particularly fetching Jesus.

Mullets R Us

Whilst these sweatshirts may not be the best find on their own, were two friends to wear them side by side they would be hilarious. Worn with just jeans and sneakers, it would be a very low key look until closer inspection by your wider circle of friends. Plus matched with an actual mullet, you would have sides splitting. Like what you see here? Keep clicking to find some more totally bizarre and ridiculous things that have been seen on sale at your local flea market.

Clown Heads and Axes

Have you ever thought of heading to a Goodwill or second hand store for a house warming present? People often want to buy new for such items, but when you can get a large bag of plastic clown heads with loads of small plastic axes then it makes you think twice about heading to your local Bed, Bath and Beyond to purchase something more generic. Your friends would be nothing but surprised…it may be best to match this with a nice bottle of wine too.

Bachelor and Bachelorette Party Accessories

Sometimes it is the puerile jokes that go down the best on bachelor and bachelorette parties, and this hot dog with a hole will entertain guys and gals for hours on end – hopefully all in the name of some good clean fun. Even if not, you won’t have wasted much money picking this up from your local flea market. These parties, on top of all the wedding expenses, can be very very expensive, so it’s great to save money where you can.

Shoes With Rock

Every so often you come across something at a flea market that has you scratching your head wondering what its true purpose was. These shoes are such a thing. Are they actually meant to be shoes that gently massage your feet whilst walking so you get a dose of reflexology whilst pacing the streets? Or are they a joke pair of shoes and a play on the fact that it’s annoying when you get a stone stuck in the bottom of your shoe? Either way, it’s a flea market classic.

Psychedelic Onesie

This onesie is not for the faint hearted. Perhaps designed back in the 80s when lycra, bright patterns and aerobics were seriously in vogue, this leaves a woman’s figure with nowhere to hide. The dreaded camel toe is a definite eventuality with this outfit. Its crazy pattern make it the perfect outfit though for some fancy dress parties, including bad taste, bright and tight or 80s themes. Like what you see here? Keep clicking next to see some more hilarious finds…

Embroidered Cat Head

This framed, embroidered cat head is a strange find at even a flea market for so many reasons. Not only is it an inherently odd item in itself – there’s a good reason why you don’t often see embroidered heads of cats on people’s walls, but it quite clearly is home made. It begs the question, if someone put all that effort into making this picture? Why has it ended up at second hand store? Hopefully, it would make its way into a crazy cat lady’s home.

Ornately Framed Dog

Flea markets are not only the place to head if you are searching for a present for a cat lover. They’re great shopping destinations for dog lovers too, as evidenced by this picture of someone’s beloved boxer in a very ornate frame. Like the embroidered picture of a cat, hopefully it made its way to someone’s home who is mad keen on the breed and would love it as much as the original owner must have. Read on to hear more weird and wonderful stories…

Kiss My Mug

No kitchen is complete without a Kiss themed mug. It makes every single cup of coffee or early morning tea taste that much sweeter – especially for people who list Kiss as one of their favorite bands. The detail on this mug – however ugly it maybe to some – is actually pretty clever in terms of how it fits into a mug’s design whilst being true to the makeup of Kiss. The black eye make up was very gothic along with the studs that can be seen on the base.

Two Faced Bra

The person who designed this bra went all out. And they went all out on it being as weird as possible. It’s odd enough in itself to have two heads on a bra, but when coupled with blue fluff all around the plastic doll faces, seems to add an extra level of bizarre. It would be perfect for someone with body confidence to wear to a fancy dress party where all eyes would be on their chest. Keep clicking for some more weirdness…

Toilet Mug

Another mug to make it on to the weirdest things found in a Goodwill list, this toilet based receptacle is the ideal gift for someone with quite literal toilet humor. It would, perhaps, be off putting to some people to drink their morning hit of caffeine from. But to others, it would brighten up their day and make them smile. Maybe one to only buy for someone you know very well then and that can take a toilet based joke or two.

Inflatable Bra

For wine loving females, who are flat chested, this will be an absolute savior and fantastic find – especially when at the cheap prices set at flea markets and Goodwill stores. What’s brilliant about “The Wine Rack” is also the straw that comes out from it so that wearers can drink directly, or share with friends if they are feeling charitable. Pretty innovative invention, right? But shocked it didn’t catch on? Keep reading for more shocking items…

The World’s Ugliest Croc

Croc shoes may be eternally practical, but they are most definitely the ugliest shoes that are available on the market at the moment…until this one was adapted by its first owner. The addition of bug eyes and brightly colored fur balls make this white pair completely useless as it means they are no longer able to deal with water, but make it look oddly scary at times too. Now click to see the oddest thing ever found at any flea market…

Danny DeVito Pop Art

This picture just raises so many questions. Mainly, of all the subjects in the world, why has the painter chosen Danny DeVito, the actor not known for his looks, as its sitter. And why did they choose to paint him half naked, yet with glasses on? And why, after all that obvious effort to paint this piece, did it end up being sold for pennies at a flea market? But that’s the beauty of a flea market find – you have so many questions, but they can never, ever be answered.