NBA More Popular than Ever, Why?

“The 90s was huge for the NBA. It became one of the more watchable leagues in American sports, and maybe the entire world. In fact, they had such huge stars that it even reached Hollywood level. However, the interest in the sport was not there. The interest was in the individual stars. Although, it has changed in recent years.

NBA More Popular than Ever, Why?


What pulled the viewers into their seats is the rivalry between the Golden State Warriors and the Cleveland Cavaliers. A rivalry this close always have drama and twists along the way. Maybe it is the fans wanting to see Lebron beat a super team such as strong as the Warriors or having to see the Warriors beat down on the self-proclaimed “King”. Regardless, it has given us four years’ worth of epic battles that has given the Warriors 3 championships, with the Cavaliers winning one of them in the epic meltdown of the Warriors when they gave up a 3-1 lead.


Contrary to what you may know, NBA franchises are earning more than ever, especially this year. In fact, Forbes has estimated that the value of an NBA franchise is roughly around $1.65 billion. That is a 20% increase in over a year. This is mainly because of the league earning billions in revenue every year, and also due to an increasing number of fans drawn to the seats of arena.

Of course, this revenue is being spent well by diverting them to sports facilities that are hoping to help improve the product that is produced on the court.


It is known that America is the land of football. It has always been the more popular sport in the country. However, what puts people off is how each game is over three hours long. Basketball games on the other hand, is just a little bit over two. With the short attention span that the population is developing where everything needs to be paced quicker, this becomes the NBA’s advantage.

Reports have shown that the sport is more popular within the age brackets of 18 to 49. Tickets are selling at an all-time high with 741 stadium sellouts in the past year, and selling 95% of their allocated tickets, and that does not account the people who watch the games on their TVs.


This has also helped make the brand more popular. In fact, the NBA has more followers than the NFL. This is due to the interaction that their players do online. They are encouraged to have social media by the league and reaching out to the fans is something that they are allowed to do. This is the kind of engagement that fans like. It keeps them engaged, to the stars, and ultimately to the NBA.

NBA More Popular than Ever, Why?


The rivalry that the Warriors and Cavaliers generated with stars like Stephen Curry, Lebron James, and Kevin Durant has made NBA more interesting to watch. People even compared them to the like when Jordan was going against the Pistons of old and Charles Barkley.

Basketball is gaining traction, and fast, by embracing social media, big rivalries, and by continuously playing fast-paced ball. These adds up to people realizing that basketball is just like football, only quicker, and that is to the benefit of the sport.