Real Life Partners Of The Big Bang Theory Stars

While some of the stars of the long-running sitcom, The Big Bang Theory, have maintained long-lasting relationships, others have been through a string of partners seemingly without finding the right one to settle down with. Johnny Galecki, who plays the role of Leonard Hofstadter, seems to be quite the modern-day Romeo if his lengthy list of partners is anything to go by.

Despite his sometimes geeky appearance, Galecki has a knack of attracting some stunners, including his co-star Kaley Cuoco.

John Ross Bowie and Jamie Denbo, Married, 2004 – present

The sometime-friend of Leonard and Sheldon, Dr. Barry Kripke is usually a bit of a thorn in the friends’ side and can be too clever for his own good. Clearly, Bowie’s real-life wife, Jamie Denbo, doesn’t find him irritating. The couple met in New York while Bowie was touring the improv circuit, and it’s said that it was instant chemistry. It seems like Bowie is not that annoying after all.

Meant to be!

Not only have they been married for 14 years, the couple has also appeared together in both the sitcom, Hot in Cleveland and the comedy series, About A Boy, based on the book by Nick Hornby. The couple has shared that as much as they work together a lot, they still manage to maintain their relationship interesting and relevant. It can sometimes be tough to work with your significant other for so many years, but with this one, let’s just say that things were simply meant to be.

Kaley Cuoco and Thad Luckinbill, Dated, 2002

Over the course of The Big Bang Theory’s 11 seasons, Penny dated eight different men but in real life, she’s possibly racked up a few more than that. And guess what, we’re going to cover every single one of them until the one she is dating today! We start with her relationship with Thad Luckinbill, a long, long time ago. Kaley was only 19 when she introduced her boyfriend at the time. It’s hardly surprising she never tied the knot with Thad Luckinbill though– what a surname to be lumbered with!

Nearly a year that did not end well!

Nevertheless, the couple dated for nearly a year back in 2002 until Cuoco discovered what a bad tipper her date was and dumped him. Nothing like having principles, hey? It seems like the couple just wasn’t meant for each other, and well, Luckinbill has found love since then. He seems to be much happier and has grown beautifully career-wise. Keep reading to find out who else Kaley’s dated over the years.

Matt Bennett and Liz Gillies, Rumored to date, 2014 – unknown

Before appearing on The Big Bang Theory, Bennett made a name for himself in the unconventional comedy The Virginity Hit. The actor took on the role of Howard Wolowitz’s half-brother, Josh. Although rumors abounded about his relationship with Victorious co-star Liz Gillies, neither celebrity confirmed or denied whether it was simply friendship or a more romantic connection. In fact, both celebrities played around with all the assumptions around their relationship and started a long and funny ordeal about whether they were really dating or not…


While the pair hasn’t clarified the nature of their relationship, they certainly seem to spend a lot of time together so it’s no wonder the media enjoy speculating. They have been close for the longest time, and Elizabeth shared many posts of the couple on her social media sites, all intended to entertain her fans. The couple remained a popular face in the media across 2012 and simply left us hanging with absolutely no announcement. Once, Elizabeth decided to add even more fuel to the fire by making an Instagram post stating that Matt had proposed to her.

Kunal Nayyar and Neha Kapur, Married, 2011 – Present

As Howards best friend, Rajeesh Koothrappali is about as successful with the opposite sex as a fish is out of the water. Initially literally incapable of speaking to women unless he’s under the influence of alcohol, Penny helps him overcome his problem and he hooks up with the quirky dermatologist, Emily. Yet, let’s just say that he wasn’t the best at convincing women why he was a suitable bachelor out there.

Marrying Miss India!

In his real life, however, Nayyar managed to tie the knot with the former Miss India, of whom the actor says, “Not even poetry could explain how I felt about this woman”. The couple is often seen walking around sharing very affectionate moments with each other, and they just look like one of those couples you would want to be friends with. The couple married in 2011 in a traditional Indian wedding, and have been going strong since then.

Wil Wheaton and Anne Wheaton, Married, 1999 – Present

Another actor who plays himself is Wil Wheaton, who becomes something of a mentor for Sheldon. Wheaton married the actress Anne Prince in 1999 after they met at a New Year’s Eve Party at the end of 1995. According to Wil, “I saw Anne and she was cute, and I was a nerd and I was afraid to talk to her”. But good thing he did, because the couple hit it of right away and are just the cutest thingg ever together!

Making time for each otehr

For a while, Wil and Anne were out of the loop amongst media outlets for a while, but in recent years, Wil has become a high-profile celebrity once again. Speaking to that, his wife, Anne shared the following once, “… it’s really important for us that we still make the time for ourselves”. And clearly, the happily married couple has managed to make time for themselves and for their careers, and are simply a power couple that we absolutely love.

Kaley Cuoco and Ryan Sweeting, Divorced, 2013 – 2016

After a whirlwind romance, Sweeting and Cuoco decided to make their love official and got married in 2013. Rumors surrounded the couple’s relationship for many months before the couple decided to finally make it official. The former professional tennis player swept Cuoco off her feet. Everyone loved to see how happy the couple looked in the beginning of their relationship. Even though some found it a bit too fast that they committed themselves a bit too fast to marriage, they were determined to make it work.

3 complicated years…

But, unfortunately, his dependency on prescription painkillers soon had their marriage on the rocks. After just three years of marriage, the couple split, with Cuoco saying, “The person I ended up with was not the person I originally met”. According to The Big Bang Theory star, Sweeting refused to sober up and Cuoco decided to call it a day. Pretty sad… But don’t worry, Cuoco definitely found love again, a couple of times…

Johnny Galecki and Katie Waissel Rumored to Date, 2014

Despite messing up her audition, singer Katie Waissel managed to finish seventh in the UK reality TV series, X Factor. Despite that, she wasn’t one of the fans’ favorites for the longest time. She is also well-known for being a housemate in Celebrity Big Brother 18, where she finished in eighth place. Her participation in the show just worsened things for her on the likability side. Because of that, rumors have abounded about her ever since.

Never confirmed the rumors…

A few years ago, it was hinted that Waissel was having a fling with Johnny Galecki, as the two were seen enjoying dinner together at the Chateau Marmont in Los Angeles. It seems the relationship didn’t last very long and Waissel is now expecting her first child with partner Andy Sheers. Keep reading!

Simon Helberg and Jocelyn Towne, Married, 2007 – Present

It came as quite a surprise when the childish, and sometimes rather creepy, Howard Wolowitz finally found himself in a long-term romantic relationship. At the end of season five, Wolowitz marries the brainy blonde, Bernadette, before heading off into outer space. But in real life, he had someone completely different in the works. 

A happy ever after story…

Back on planet Earth, actor Simon Helberg, the man behind the geek with the bowl haircut, married Jocelyn Towne some 10 years ago. The couple recently purchased a $5.15m equestrian estate outside LA so maybe they’re planning on adding some four-legged members to their family.

Michael Trucco and Sandra Hess, Married, 2009 – Present

With his sexy leather jacket, Dr. David Underhill couldn’t look less like a physicist if he tried. It’s his lack of geekiness that attracts Penny in The Big Bang Theory, at least, until she finds out that he’s married. Like his character, actor Michael Trucco, who played the role, is also married.

Still a happy marriage

He tied the knot with Sandra Hess in 2009. Hess was an integral part of his rehabilitation after a car accident left him with a broken neck and said, ” Michael was unbelievable… He was never angry or resentful…”.

Margo Harshman and Chris Marquette, Dated, 2003 – 2005

As Sheldon’s assistant, Alex Jensen endures a lot, especially from the patronizing theoretical physicist himself. Jensen has an obvious attraction to Leonard, much to Penny’s irritation, and later files a sexual harassment suit against Sheldon.

Another one not meant to be

During the course of her career, Margo has been linked to actor Josh Keaton and Alpha Dog star, Chris Marquette whom she dated for two years. The couple split up for unknown reasons. Margo went on to play the paraplegic wife of Timothy McGee in NCIS. You’ll never guess who our next celebrity dated.


Dean Norris and Bridget Norris, Married, 2001 – Present

Impressed with Howard and Raj’s guidance system, United Airforce Officer Colonel Richard Williams appears in several episodes, eventually destroying all evidence of their work. The actor who portrayed the Colonel was none other than Breaking Bad star, Dean Norris, who’s been married to expert attorney Bridget Norris since 2001. The couple live together in Temecula, California with their five children, the youngest of who is nine years old and the eldest is in their 20s. This year, Norris has a small part in the political thriller series, Scandal.

Brian Posehn and Melanie Truhett, Married, 2004 – Present

Geology department employee, Bert Kibbler, develops a crush on Amy during the series’ seventh season. He expresses his love the only way he knows how – by giving her eye-catching rocks from unusual sources. In real life, actor Brian Posehn is a little more successful in the love department and married Melanie Truhett some 14 years ago. Despite admitting that he’s something of a “yeti”, Posehn says his wife has got used to him, saying “She doesn’t mind me talking about how gross I am, the leaky penis stuff”. Yuck!

Christopher Lloyd and Jane Walker Wood, Divorced, 1992 – 2005

The star of the Eighties science-fiction comedy franchise, Back To The Future, appeared on The Big Bang Theory, playing Leonard’s new flatmate. As the character Theodore, Lloyd is far from the perfect roommate but eventually helps Leonard and Sheldon to work out their differences. Lloyd is the epitome of a serial monogamist, having been married five times. The actor’s most recent marriage, to realtor Lisa Loiacono, has been going for a couple of years but if his past is anything to go by, it might not last much longer.

LeVar Burton and Stephanie Cozart Burton, Married, 1992 – Present

Better known for his performance in Star Trek: The Next Generation, in which he played Commander Geordi La Forge, Burton later appeared on The Big Bang Theory as a fictionalized version of himself. It took Burton a long time to figure out that his future wife, make-up artist Stephani Cozart Burton, was actually interested in him, saying, “It took me weeks to realize that she was interested in me because I thought she was unavailable”. The couple have been married for over 25 years and have a daughter called Michaela.

Kaley Cuoco and Karl Cook, Dating, 2016 – Present

It seems Cuoco has a thing for professional sportsman as her latest romance is with the equestrian Karl Cook. The couple met at a horse show in 2016 and dated for around 18 months before Cook plucked up the courage to pop the question. After her last failed marriage, Cuoco didn’t think she’d walk down the aisle again but now, the actress says, she’s “finally found my horse guy”. The couple own a substantial herd of horses and, by the sounds of it, some will be attending the wedding!

Johnny Galecki and Sara Gilbert, Dated, 1992

One would expect that being the man who made Sara Gilbert realize she was gay might be more of an insult than a compliment. However, according to the Roseanne star, Galecki was sweet and supportive. Sara says she often felt uncomfortable and depressed after the couple made out and eventually told Johnny she thought she might be gay. Johnny was unperturbed, however, saying, “I love you and I think it’s really important. I’m so proud of you”. If you think that’s sweet, wait until you read the next love story.

Sara Gilbert and Linda Perry, Married, 2014 – Present

Linda Perry made her name as the lead singer with the group, Four Non Blondes, but has since become a successful music producer, working with artists such as Miley Cyrus, Pink, and Adele. While gossipmongers say Gilbert and Perry hooked up before the Rosanne star’s split from her former partner Allison Adler in 2011, we’re not judging. According to Perry, “We met, and we just instantly connected. Love at first sight! Three years ago, the couple welcomed a little boy, Rhodes, into the world.

Kaley Cuoco And Kevin Zegers, Dated, 2003

Prior to meeting her new fiancé, Karl Cook, Cuoco played the field a little and, for a while, it looked like she and The Hollow co-star, Kevin Zegers might make a go of it. Neither Cuoco nor the Canadian actor have really spoken about their relationship which was, admittedly, fairly short-lived. Both have since gone on to find happiness elsewhere, with Zegers marrying agent Jaime Feld in 2013. While Cuoco is on the brink of another marriage, Zegers and his wife have a pair of three-year-old twin daughters.

David Barrera and Maria Canals-Barrera, Married, 1999 – Present

Even the most ardent fans of The Big Bang Theory would be forgiven for forgetting that The West Wing actor also appeared on the sitcom. Featuring in just one episode, Barrera played the police officer in charge of Sheldon’s case after the apartment he shares with Leonard is burgled. Unlike many Hollywood marriages which are over before they even begin, Barrera has been married to actress Maria Canals since 1999 and the couple are still making a go of it after nearly 20 years. There’s more so don’t go anywhere.

Christine Baranksi and Matthew Cowles, Married 1984-2014

As Leonard’s mother, Christine Baranski portrays the extremely talented Dr. Beverly Hofstadter whose parenting style leaves much to be desired. In real life, Baranksi is mother to two daughters mother on the show. Both her girls, Isabel and Lily, are now grown up and, although Baranksi lost her husband a few years ago, she remains positive, saying, “I lost extraordinary people in my life, but I have a beautiful grandson”. According to her daughter Isabel, her mum’s story is primarily about a “parent making big sacrifices for her kids”.

Johnny Galecki and Laura Harris, Dated, 1996-1998

Laura Harris, the Canadian actress only 19 years old when she and Johnny Galecki got together. The two met while filming the mystery crime thriller, Suicide Kings, and stayed together for a couple of years. Sadly, the actress was diagnosed with cancer in January last year and given just three months to live. After some grueling rounds of chemotherapy, Harris has been raising money for a new drug that she hopes could save her life. She and Johnny remain close friends so we’re sure he’s offering her plenty of support.

Stephen Root and Romy Rosemont, Married, 2008 to Present

Actor and comedian, Stephen Root, appeared in the series as the director of the pharmaceutical company, Zangen. His first appearance occurs when he interviews Penny for a potential position at the firm. Root married fellow actress Romy Rosemont 10 years ago, known for her role in the musical comedy-drama series, Glee. Although Romy’s been acting for years, she hasn’t yet fulfilled all her dreams, saying, “the idea of playing any superhero would be a dream come true”. Don’t go anywhere, the best is still to come.

Joshua Malina and Melissa Merwin, Married, 1996 – Present

As president of the California Institute of Technology, Dr. Siebert plays an important role in distributing funding and, like many others finds Sheldon extremely irritating. Malina is also known for his roles in the political drama series Scandal and The West Wing. The actor married costume designer, Melissa Merwin, in 1996 and the couple live together with their two children in what Malina describes as, “a mid-’70s ranch house, [that] alas, wears many of the details of that era on its sleeve”. Click on for more juicy gossip.

Johnny Galecki and Kelli Garner, Dated, 2012 – 2014

The Big Bang Theory star dated actress Kelli Garner for a couple of years and the two made quite an impression together on the red carpet. The blonde beauty is known for portraying the Hollywood icon, Marilyn Monroe in the drama, The Secret Life of Marilyn Monroe. According to sources, the two have remained the best of friends, which seems to be quite a trend for ladies’ man Galecki. More recently, Kelli has been seen on the arm of Night Things singer, Zach Shield. Maybe she’s finally found her man.

Alessandra Torresani and Rob Kardashian, Rumored to Date, 2011

In the ninth season of the series, Alessandra played the outspoken love interest of Raj, Claire. Although the actress prefers to keep her love life private, earlier this year, she hinted that she and musician Sturgis Adams are something of an item. Certainly, her current romance hasn’t caused the same wild rumors as when she was spotted hanging out with Rob Kardashian. While neither one ever confirmed their relationship, the gossipmongers went into overdrive after they were spotted together at Coachella in 2011. If you find that surprising, keep reading.

Kaley Cuoco and Josh Resnik, Dated, 2011-2012

Before saying, “I do” to Sweeting, Cuoco toyed with the idea of settling down with the video game producer, Josh Resnik. Given the amount of abuse Resnik’s new wife, Danyelle Freeman is getting from his ex, Cuoco’s probably quite relieved that they called off their engagement. Although it’s been some years since Josh and socialite Nirit Varenbut divorced, it seems she’s still harboring a fair amount of anger, having posted on Facebook that she wants “to be the one who skins her [Danyelle Freeman] alive”. Ouch. That’s nasty!

Kaley Cuoco and Bret Bollinger, Dated, 2012-2013

After actress Josh Resnick and Kaley called off their engagement in 2012, it was only a matter of weeks before Kaley was out and about with a new man, and she made no effort to restrict the public displays of affection. Although Kaley and bass player, Bret Bollinger were only together for a few weeks, it was plenty of time for the paparazzi to snap a few good shots of them cuddling together. Apparently, Bollinger ended the relationship for unknown reasons, which Kaley has been unwilling to divulge.

Brian Thomas Smith and Maggie Gonzales, Married 2017 – Present

Despite not being very bright, Penny’s’ on-off boyfriend, Zach Johnson, shows a real interest in science. In addition to playing the part of Zach, Smith also appeared in the sitcom Two and a Half Men, and the reality TV series, The Amazing Race. Smith married his girlfriend, dance teacher Maggie Gonzales, in October last year and, although she’s not a celebrity in her own right, she certainly looks like one when she accompanies her hubby to one of his many premieres. More juicy photos and intriguing romances coming up.

Stephen Merchant and Mircea Monroe, Dating, 2017

Co-creator of British comedy series, The Office, Merchant has previously admitted he hasn’t had that much success in the romance department. On the show, however, Merchant played the part of Amy’s nerdy boyfriend, Dave Gibbs, who’s strangely obsessed with Sheldon. The comedian’s stand-up show focused on his lack of success with the opposite sex but, since then, it seems Merchant’s come a long way. Last year, it seems Merchant finally found love in the form of the sexy blonde Episodes star, Mircea Monroe. Keep reading for more unlikely couples.

Summer Glau and Val Morrison, Married, 2014 – Present

Better known for her role of River Tam in the science fiction series, Firefly, Glau appeared on the sitcom playing a version of her real self. Sheldon, Raj, and Howard bump into the actress while traveling by train to a conference in San Francisco. Few people knew Glau was even dating and even fewer were privy to her wedding plans with fellow actor Val Morrison. The couple secretly tied the knot four years ago and had a daughter together the following year. Keep reading for even bigger bombshells.

Elizabeth Bogush and Lukas Reiter, Married, 2005 – Present

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology professor, Dr. Catherine Millstone, was really interested in Raj’s theories on Kuiper belt until he propositioned her, leading to her filing a complaint. Before marrying her current husband, writer Lukas Reiter, Bogush was married to cinematographer Neil Shapiro. The couple split in 2002, and Elizabeth met the television executive shortly after and the couple got married in 2005. The two now live together with their daughter, Spencer, in Los Angeles. Click next to see another relationship that ended in marriage… for a while at least.

Regina King and Ian Alexander, Married 1997-2007

As the head of resources at CalTech, Janine Davis has her hands full dealing with Howard and Raj’s inappropriate behavior. It seems the actress, Regina King, has had her own experiences of bad behavior in real life, with rumors suggesting her marriage to Ian Alexander, the former vice-president of Warner Bros., ended because of an affair. The actress has since said the divorce was the hardest thing she’s been through. Despite the initial bitterness between the couple, they have managed to repair their friendship for the sake of their son.

Johnny Galecki and Kelsey Harper, Dated, 2007

In 2007, Galecki and Harper were seen together when the actress was still new on the acting scene. Things didn’t work out for her in that department, and she set herself up as a florist instead. Now married with two children, Kelsey is clearly quite the domestic goddess, as well as juggling her busy career, and recently tweeted, “I hope my husband loves homemade chocolate chip cookies as much as me!” If that sounds tasty, wait until you see what other treats we have in store for you.

Keith Carradine and Hayley DuMond, Married, 2006

As Penny’s loving father, Wyatt, Carradine portrayed his character as a kind and loving man. Off-screen, Carradine has been involved in some complicated relationships, including his marriage to Sandra Will which ended when she found out, via a telephone tap, that he was having an affair with DuMond. Carradine married his actress girlfriend in 2006 and the couple have been together ever since, disproving Carradine’s reputation as a cad, which he blames on his role in the movie, Nashville, the 1975 musical comedy-drama.

Johnny Galecki and Ari Graynor, Dated, 2006

Another in Galecki’s long list of conquests is The Sopranos star, Ari Graynor. The couple dated for a while in 2006 but never seemed particularly serious about making a commitment. Like many people, Graynor eventually found love on a dating site, falling in love with his profile before she met him in the flesh. The actress was also involved with actor Eddie Kaye Thomas for a year or so but, as far as we know, is currently single, unlike Galecki for whom it seems that concept just doesn’t exist.

DJ Qualls and Nikki Reed, Dated, 2006-2007

As a theater graduate as well as research assistant, Toby Loobenfeld is the perfect person to play the role of Sheldon’s imaginary cousin. The rather geeky actor, Donald Joseph Qualls is better known for his role in the Road Trip franchise and met up with Twilight actress Rosalie Hale in 2006 and the couple appeared together at several red-carpet over the course of a year. Their relationship ended for unknown reasons and, since then, the skinny actor has been concentrating on his career, rather than his love life.

Regina Davis and Malcolm-Jamal Warner, Dated 2011-2013

Some years after her split from Ian Alexander, Davis got together with The Cosby Show star, Malcolm-Jamal Warner. After dating for a few years, Davis has since hinted that the actor broke up with her on Valentine’s Day. The actress said, “… someone broke up with me on Valentine’s. …Yeah. I’m serious. Then he actually sent me flowers that said, ‘I still love you’ and I threw the flowers in the trash…”. If you think that’s shocking behavior, see what else we have in store for you.

Nathan Fillion and Krista Allen, Dating, 2015 – Present

Another Firefly star who made an appearance on the sitcom is Nathan Fillion, who played Captain Malcolm Reynolds in the sci-fi series. Fillion hooked up with George Clooney’s ex, Krista Allen, who’s been married twice before which is perhaps why the couple haven’t decided to exchange vows just yet. Krista married production manager Justin Moritt in 1996 but the couple divorced three years later. Her second marriage was even shorter and she and British singer, Mams Taylor, were together for just two years before calling it quits.

Mark Harelik and Spencer Kayden, Married, 2004 – Present

The Big Bang Theory was by no means Mark Harelik’s first foray into the world of sitcoms and fans may remember him from Will and Grace and Seinfeld. His wife, Spencer, as also an actress, although she spends more time on Broadway than on television. Harelik played Sheldon’s boss, Dr. Eric Gablehauser, whom Sheldon has little respect for. Kayden followed Harelik to Los Angeles and now says, “Soon I was married and pregnant. I realized that I had moved to L.A. when I hadn’t really meant to”.

Judd Hirsch and Bonni Sue Chalkin, Married 1992-2005

In the show, Leonard’s father, Dr. Alfred Hofstadter, has been through a difficult divorce and it shows – his favorite description of his ex-wife, Beverley is “hateful shrew”. Hirsch himself has been through two divorces, the first at the end of his relationship with Elisa Saudaune in 1967. Hirsch went on to marry Chalkin at a surprise wedding with just 35 guests. Sadly, that relationship didn’t work out either and the couple divorced in 2005. Don’t go away, there are plenty more treats in store!

Kevin Sussman and Alessandra Young, Married 2006-2017

As the owner of the comic shop frequented by the scientist friends, Kevin Sussman really brings out the sense of loneliness in his character, who is often ignored by the gang. Perhaps that’s because he’s had first-hand experience of feeling lonesome. Sussman got married 12 years ago to Alessandra Young but the couple separated after six years together and it looks like they’re going to make the separation permanent, having filed for divorce at the end of last year. Don’t worry, there are some happy endings coming up!

James Earl Jones and Cecilia Hart, Married 1982-2016

James Earl Jones has few good things to say about his Star Wars experience. The actor gave the legendary voice to the character, Darth Vader, but received little credit for it – or so he says. Playing himself in the series, Jones guesses that Sheldon’s a Star Wars fan and takes him out for dinner, sharing amusing anecdotes with him. Jones married actress Cecilia Hart in 1982 and the two enjoyed a happy marriage until Hart passed away at the age of 68, after a year-long battle with ovarian cancer.

Steven Yeun and Joana Pak, Married, 2016 – Present

Steven Yeun only made a brief appearance in The Big Bang Theory, playing the part of Sheldon’s previous flatmate, Sebastian. Clearly, the pair didn’t have the best relationship and Leonard finds the words, “Die, Sheldon, Die” painted on his bedroom wall in red paint. Steven married his wife, Joana Pak, in Los Angeles last year with a celebration that Yuen described as, “very relaxed and focused on a greater message of love”. Pak gave birth to a baby boy on St. Patrick’s Day 2017. Keep clicking for more surprises.

Brian Patrick Wade and Jill Wade, Married, 2007 – Present

Wade made quite an impression as Penny’s hunky ex-boyfriend who stole Sheldon and Leonard’s underwear. The actor has since appeared in the American television series, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Wade married the fitness fanatic and bodybuilder, Jill, in 2007 and the couple maintain a healthy lifestyle and sport a couple of very honed bodies. The couple have two children together and Jill continues to compete actively, winning the World Beauty Fitness and Fashion World Championship in 2012. Read on for our next big disclosure.

Johnny Galecki and Ariella Nicole, Dating, 2015 – Present

It can hardly have escaped anyone’s notice that Galecki seems really loved up with his most recent girlfriend, the stunning Ariella Nicole. When he first posted a shot of the couple kissing at a New Year’s Eve party, it provoked rumors that he was back together with co-star Kaley Cuoco. While fans were disappointed to find out Kaley wasn’t the blonde in the photo, Galecki seems unphased and was recently spotting frolicking in the waves with his latest love interest while they holidayed together in Hawaii. Stay tuned for more.

Kaley Cuoco and Jaron Lowenstein, Dated, 2005 – 2006

Taking a brief respite from her relationships with sportsmen, in 2005, Cuoco dated the country singer Jaron Lowenstein. Their affair took place before Kaley shot to fame as one of the stars of The Big Bang Theory, although the actress was already known for her role in the romantic comedy, Lucky 13. The couple’s relationship only lasted a few months. Despite his success as one half of the musical duo Evan and Jaron, Lowenstein’s solo career failed to take off. The singer has since married Charlie Sheen’s ex, Brooke Mueller.

Courtney Henggeler and Ross Kohn, Married 2015 – Present

Very different from her brother, Sheldon, Missy Cooper is amicable and charming.  Actress Courtney Henggeler played the role and recently starred in the comedy, Fixed, about a married man who has something of a crisis when faced with having a vasectomy. In her own life, Courtney is married to actor and produce Ross Kohn and the couple have a three-year-old boy together. Kohn starred in the crime drama, American Exit, about a father who takes his dying son on a road trip. The film’s due for release sometime this year.

Katie Leclerc and Brian Habecost, Married 2014 – 2016

As the deaf girl, Emily Sweeney, Raj dated in the fifth season, Katie Leclerc managed to get the perfect balance between sweet and scary. Sadly, her relationship with the astrophysicist didn’t last long and nor did her real-life marriage to Brian Habecost. The couple had been together for some years before they tied the knot in 2014. Sadly, two years later, it was all over, and Leclerc filed for divorce, requesting the courts not grant “any requests from Brian for spousal support”. Wonder what he did to rock the boat.

Sara Rue and Kevin Price, Married, 2011 – Present

Despite Howard’s interest in Dr. Stephanie Barnett, she reveals a much stronger attraction to Leonard and kisses him passionately behind Howard’s back. The character couldn’t be less like actress Sara Rue if she tried. Rue dated Kevin Price for many years before the couple tied the knot in a Jewish ceremony in California in 2011. The couple have a biological daughter, Talulah, and an adopted daughter Adelaide. The couple had an open adoption arrangement with Adelaide’s birth mother and said, “It’s just something that felt right to both of us”.

Laurie Metcalf and Matt Roth, Divorced, 1993 – 2014

When Laurie Metcalf took on the role of Sheldon’s mother Mary Cooper, it wasn’t the first time she’d appeared on screen with Johnny Galecki. Both performers had major roles in the sitcom, Rosanne, with Metcalf playing the part of Roseanne’s sister and Galecki taking on the role of Darlene’s boyfriend. Metcalf married her abusive onscreen boyfriend from the series, played by Matt Roth, in 1993 and the couple enjoyed nearly 20 years of marriage together before calling it quits in 2014. They have three children together.

Kaley Cuoco and Henry Cavill, Dated, 2013

Prior to marrying Ryan Sweeting, Kaley had a brief fling with Superman star, Henry Cavill. Although the couple were together for little over a week, it was enough to get the paparazzi out in force and the pair were followed pretty much everything. According to Kaley, it was her first experience of being tailed so relentlessly, saying, “I had no one following me until I met Superman”.  If Cavill was Superman, then Sweeting must have been Batman and her fiancé, Karl Cook, none other than her knight in shining armor.

Michael J Massimino and Carola Pardo, Married, 1989 to Present

Massimino is one of the few people in the world to know what it’s really like in outer space. During his career as an astronaut, Massimino navigated two Space Shuttle missions for NASA. In the series, Massimino plays none other than himself and gets in touch with Howard to discuss his latest expedition. The real-life astronaut married Carola Pardo in 1989 and the couple have been together ever since. During his voyages into the great unknown, Pardo would stay at home looking after their two children. We’re not finished yet!

Bob Newhart and Virginia Quinn, Married, 1963- present

As Professor Proton, also known as Arthur Jefferies, Bob Newhart, comes across as a rather grumpy, embittered old man, but in real life, that couldn’t be further from the truth. The daughter of actor Bill Quinn, Ginnie and Bob got together over 50 years ago when they were introduced by fellow comedian Buddy Hackett. The couple have four children together and a grand total of 10 grandchildren. Aside from his successful career as a comedian, Newhart says his greatest accomplishment is, “…wife, my kids and my 10 grandchildren”.

Mayim Bialik and Michael Stone, Divorced, 2003 – 2012

Actress and neurobiologist, Mayim Bialik, is one of the few stars of the show to also be a qualified scientist in real life. After playing the lead role in the series, Blossom, Bialik went on to secure a doctorate in neurobiology, before returning to television as Sheldon’s brainy girlfriend, Amy. She married Michael Stone in 2003 and the couple have two sons together who remain the focus of their relationship. According to Bialik, “Our sons deserve parents committed to their growth and health and that’s what we are focusing on”.

Jim Parsons And Todd Spiewak, Married, 2017 – Present

Jim Parsons doesn’t have much in common with his physicist character, Sheldon Cooper. Rather more romantic than coldly logical, Parsons has made no secret of his love for his long-time partner, the graphic designer Todd Spiewak. The couple met on a blind date back in 2002 and were together for 14 years before finally tying the knot. After being given the GLSEN inspiration award in 2013, Parsons said, “I have never considered my relationship with Todd to be an act of activism, rather it is simply an act of love…”.

Melissa Rauch and Winston Beigel, Married, 2007 – Present

Melissa Rauch is well-known as the hilarious Bernadette. According to the actress, she modeled the “sweet, high-pitched purr” on her own mother and actually sounds nothing like that in real life. Her husband of 11 years is Winston Biegel who, at 6’3″ towers over his diminutive wife. After a previous miscarriage, Rauch gave birth to a beautiful baby girl at the end of last year. When announcing the arrival of her daughter, Rauch said, “I will never take for granted the difficult road it took to get here”.

Kate Micucci and Mysterious Husband, Married, 2018 – Present

Kate Micucci is known for not having her personal life all over the eyes of the public. She has always been very private in the past but surprised everyone when she posted this picture on her Instagram account. She got married to a mysterious man on 17 February 2018 but has not revealed the identity of her husband. No one really knows when the couple started dating, but we are certainly happy for her.

Mmelissa Rauch and Winston Beigel, Married – Present

We feel compelled these two cutie pies. In fact, we know we shouldn’t, but we will just put out there: they are our favorite couple. The happily married couple likes to lay low and keep their love and private life as exactly that, private. But they’re often seen out on dates, especially when it comes to watching sports, which is one of their favorite hobbies together.