Who Are The Richest Canadians? (And How Did They Make Their Fortunes?)

Fred And Ron Mannix – $3.17 billion

It’s fun to share billionaire status with your siblings, even more so if you helped each other build the empire in the first place! The Mannix brothers are responsible for the Mancal Group, which hasinterests in energy, mining and real-estate. They come from wealthy family, their grandfather being Frederic S Mannix and their father, Frederic C Mannix. The brothers are known for their philanthropy, donating $10,000,000 to the National Music Center in Calgary and $1,000,000 to Canada’s National Gallery.

fred and ron mannix

Frank Stronach – $3.04 billion

Breaching the $3 billion mark, Frank Stronach owes his fortune to Magna International, the auto-parts manufacturer. He is also known for projects such as his grass-fed cattle sideline in Florida. Magna International was famous for paying some of their pre-tax profits to their own staff yearly, in an endeavor to be more productive. Leading global automotive supplier Magna bought his company for $870 million, but Stronach still consults for them in some capacity.

Frank Stronach

Jean Coutu – $2.7 billion

You don’t need to be a genius to work out where Coutu made his fortune, in the drugstore chain which was named for him. He started out managing the company Parmacie Leduc, but was not allowed to progress the way he wanted, to be an associate of the company. After this, he launched Farmaterias, which was a discount pharmacy. It’s a good job that the Jean Coutu discount pharmacies became such a sensational success, as Jean used every bit of his money to start it in 1969.

jean coutu

Peter Gilgan – $2.71 billion

Mattamy homes is the Gilgan business, and it seems to be going from strength to strength. They recently announced an increase of 1,650 lots in Orlando Florida, which will make over 70,000 homes throughout the US and Canada since they began 40 years ago. Recently, they are moving away from rural developments and more into the urban, establishing new offices in the center of Toronto’s financial district, on the 55th floor of the TD Center towers, as well as by buying Monarch Corp.

peter gilgan

Gerry Schwartz & Heather Reisman – $2.93 billion

The first married couple on our list of Canada’s richest, Gerry Schwarts is the CEO and founder of Onex Corporation, while his wife Heather Reisman is Chief Executive of Indigo Books and Music. The couple got married in 1982, and now live in what’s widely known to be the most expensive house in Toronto, worth $28 million. Some of Schwartz’s most savvy business decisions include buying the IP division of Thomson Reuters for $3.5 billion, as well as Save-a lot, for $1.37 billion.

Gerry Schwartz & Heather Reisman

David Cheriton – $3.33 billion

You might be able to describe Cheriton as a dot com billionaire, as much of his money has been made from investing wisely in technology startups, most notably Google.com! He also has a large holding in Arista Networks. No doubt using some of this money, he has helped found Apsta, where he is currently Head Scientist, working on a system which manages network devices coming from multiple vendors. He was born in Canada and known for being a computer science professor at Stanford.

David Cheriton

Aquilini Family – $3.34 billion

The Aquilini Investment Group is managed by Francesco Aquilini. The company is best known for owning the Vancouver Canucks as well as Rogers Arena. Patriarch of the family, Luigi Aquilini is still alive and involved in decision making for the company, too. Francesco’s brothers Roberto and Paolo also sit as Managing Directors. It’s not all business for the Aquilini family however, as they are known for their philanthropy, supporting land conservation, children’s hospitals, and general social and recreational initiatives.


Michael Lee-Chin – $3.26 billion

Here’s another self-made man to add to our list, as Michael Lee-Chin started out bottom of the ladder on a cruise ship, cleaning the engine room. It’s hard to believe that he now has his own yacht, as well as whatever money can buy. His company is Portland Holdings, which has the largest IPO of regular shares throughout the Jamaica Stock Exchange. One of his largest investments is into the Jamaican National Bank, for $560 million dollars.

Michael Lee-Chin


Bob Gaglardi – $3.55 billion

You may not have heard of Northland properties, but you’ve probably heard of Moxie’s! There are more than sixty Moxie locations around Canada,and the Gaglardi’s have recently begun expanding into America, too. The popular restaurant can now be found in Dallas, Texas, and another one is being planned in Houston. Bob runs the company with his son, Tom, and they also own the hockey team the Dallas Stars. Sounds like they love themselves a bit of Texan charm!

bob gaglardi

Alain Bouchard – $4.34 billion

Bouchard had a tough childhood, as his father’s business went bankrupt while he was a boy. After this, the family needed to move into a motor home, which likely fuelled Alain’s drive to make something of himself in the business world. He started as a stock boy at the age of 19, eventually moving on to found Alimentation Couche Tard in 1980. He turned this business from one convenience store to more than 12,500 around the globe.

alain bouchard

Harrison McCain Family – $3.71 billion

The McCain family has come a long long way since it began in 1956. The family needed financial assistance from the New Brunswick government, and only had enough money to employ 3 employees. Nowadays, the McCain Foods business has 55 factories around the globe, and their name is synonymous with delicious French fries and other frozen foods. With their business growth, the entire area of Florenceville even became more wealthy, right along with them.

harrison mccain

Daryl Katz – $4.05 billion

Katz is the founder and the chairman of the Katz Group, which has operations in wide ranging business fields, such as sports, entertainment and medicine. The group owns the Edmonton Oilers, as well as taking the lead on the development of Rogers Place. Katz is also known for his philanthropy, giving the largest recorded donation in history to the University of Alberta Pharmaceutical department, $7,000,000 which was matched by the province.

daryl katz


Azrieli family – $4.74 billion

The family fortune was made by David Azrieli, but since he died in 2014, his wealth has spread throughout his family, notably his daughters, Naomi and Danna Azrieli. Naomi is the chair of CanPro investments, which manages real-estate development locally in Montreal, and Danna is the chair of the Tel Aviv Azrieli group, which anyone who has visited Israel will know has 15 shopping malls throughout the country.

david and naomi azrieli

Carlo Fidani – $4.86 billion

Fidani’s financial security is well entrenched in his family, as he is the third generation construction owner, and now one of Canada’s most successful landlords. He owns and rents industrial and commercial properties alike. One of his most famous endeavors is the sale of Toronto’s Bayview Village. The shopping complex gave him a cash influx of $500 million. Also known as a philanthropist, he has given millions of dollars to cancer research, as well as hospitals in the Toronto area. Fun fact? Fidani is a huge NASCAR fan!

carlo fidani

Jeff Skoll – $5.51 billion

Leaping over the 5 billion dollar mark, the next entry on our list is Jeff Skoll. He owns Participant Media, which is known for the Best Picture award winning movie, Spotlight. They also have their fair share of nominations and awards for other Academy Awards. Skoll has worked with award winning directors such as Stephen Spielberg. The pair founded their production company Amblin Partners, which has worked on successful movies like the BFG and The Girl on the Train.

jeff skoll

Jimmy Pattison – $5.74 billion

Jim Pattison is a real business magnate in the truest sense of the word, as the sole owner of the Jim Pattison Group. This group is the second largest privately owned company in all of Canada. A salesman at heart, Jim managed to open his first business, a Pontiac dealership by convincing the bank to lend him eight times the branch limit. His business reach now is extremely far, encompassing grocery stores, radio and TV stations, as well as the Vancouver Blazers hockey team.

jimmy pattison

Richardson family – $5.95 billion

Far be it from us to question the business process of a company which has been going strong for 159 years, but it does seem a little strange that the Richardson family are going from strength to strength. They went into financial services during the great depression, bought into grain handling during a drought, and bought a $1 billion pipeline system in response to weak oil prices! Richardson International is one of the oldest and largest businesses in the whole of Canada, with over 2,500 employees.

richardson family

Demarais Family – $6.71 billion

Jumping in the rankings only one spot, but almost a billion dollars, the Demarais family lost their Patriarch in 2013, Paul Demarais. While we’re sure they grieved heavily, the family hasn’t stopped business by any means. In fact, they opened a new unit in Montreal’s pediatric hospital named for Paul’s wife Jacqueline. The family are known for their philanthropy, donating $12 million to the same hospital, as well as millions to the University of Montreal and the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts.

paul demerais

Irving Family – $7.65 billion

You’ve probably heard of Irving oil, which is where this family made their fortune. They had a large role in the Energy East pipeline, which was worth $15.7 billion. The idea is for this pipeline to carry more than a million barrels of oil to Saint John from Alberta every single day. The oil will be processed at their own refinery, in part. The Irving’s are also known for their philanthropy, donating $80 million to build the Arthur L Irving Institute which trains students in energy and industry for the future of the planet and sustainability.

irving family

Rogers Family – $9.13 billion

Rogers Communications Inc is famous and wealthy for their communications and media holdings. They are headquartered in Toronto, and were founded in 1960 as Rogers Radio Broadcasting Ltd. Ted Rogers died in 2008, and control of the company went to a trust. The trust is served by Ted’s daughter Melinda and his son Edward, as Vice Chair and Chair. Rogers is known for Rogers Cable, Canada’s largest cable TV service provider, as well as Rogers Publishing Ltd, Canada’s largest publishing company, with more than 70 publications.

rogers family

Saputo Family – $10.61 billion

Not content with making their mark in Canada, the Saputo family are one of the top 10 producers of dairy products the world over. The company was founded by Lion Saputo, and is now worth $16 billion. They sell all kinds of dairy products under a number of names in different countries, and are constantly growing, breaking records and taking risks to increase their holdings. They are currently the largest producer of cheese in Canada, and the third-largest in the US and Argentina.

saputo family

Mitchell Goldhar – $2.38 billion

Ever heard of Smart REIT? We doubt it, but this real-estate company was recently sold to Colloway REIT investment trust for a sizeable $1.16 billion. The smartest part about it? Mitchell Goldhar made a fortune in the sale, but already had a 21% share in the investment trust he sold it to. Not content to make his billions through real-estate, Goldhar owns Maccabi Tel Aviv Football Club and also helped bring retail giants Walmart to Canada.

mitchell goldhar


Galen Weston Jr – $13.22 billion

This Galen Weston is the son of Willard Gordon Galen Weston, and is often known as Galen Weston Jr. He is the executive CEO, and chairman of Loblaw Companies Ltd, which belonged to his father. Although he moved to Canada when he was a child, Galen was actually born in Dublin, Ireland. He went to Harvard, and Columbia universities. Loblaw Companies Ltd is a retailer, founded in 1956, which has more than 1,000 corporate and franchise supermarkets, and has 136,000 employees.

galen weston jr

Lalji Family – $3.07 billion

This is one family who have fingers in a whole lot of pies. Amin and Mansoor Lalji have ownership positions in the J.W Marriot Las Vegas resort, as well as the Rampart Casino. Theur brother Shiraz Lalji is connected to Oakdene Dinance Ltd, which is based in the Virgin Islands. Over in Canada, the family own the Park Royal Shopping Centre in West Vancouver, as well as Maple-Lee self-storage network and the famous Fairmont Hotel, too.

lalji family

N. Murray Edwards – $2.96 billion

Norman Murray Edwards, is simply known as Murray, and he holds most of his fortune in Canadian oil sands. As well as this, he co-owns the Calgary Flames, a Canadian hockey team. His most famous holdings are Ensign Energy Services Inc as well as Canadian Natural Resources Ltd. Edwards has had some controversy over his business dealings, with his move to the UK sparking rumors that he was trying to avoid paying taxes. He has always denied these rumors vehemently, citing personal reasons for his move.

murray edwards

Alexander Schnaider – $2.85 billion

Schnaider was born in Russia, and owns Talon International, a successful property development company. His business is mainly centered around real-estate, building a famous Toronto hotel, known as Trump Tower. His own Toronto home was sold for $22,000,000. Another entry on our list with a connection to Maccabi Tel Aviv, he also owned the team for a time. True to his roots, he has some interests in steel in post-soviet Russia, using the money he made there to increase his real-estate holdings around the US, Canada, and Russia itself.

Alexander Schnaider

Dennis ‘Chip’ Wilson – $2.92 billion

Wilson has made his fortune through Lululemon, the famous yoga company. Although he stepped down as CEO in 2012, and left the board in 2015, the company certainly wouldn’t have risen to such great heights without him. He was responsible for building their manifesto, including within it taglines such as “do one thing every day which scares you.” Dennis and his wife Shannon are very involved in charity, including Imagine1day, dedicated to improving education in Ethiopia.

dennis wilson

Jack Cowin – $2.48 billion

The real Colonel Sanders, Jack Cowin is the face behind Kentucky Fried Chicken, better known as KFC, as well as other restaurant giants such as Hungry Jack’s. Not content with making his fortune on this side of the world, the tycoon is looking to make his mark in Asia in the next few years. A savvy investment into pizza chain Domino’s down under made him a lot of his fortune, as the brands franchise rights ended up doubling the value of the company.

jack cowin

Charles Bronfman – $2.52 billion

Some people make their millions through luck, and others through sheer hard work. Family Bronfman is definitely in the latter category. The Bronfman money comes partly from Charles’ father, who owned Seagram Spirits, the largest alcohol distillery in the world. The other part comes from the merger with Vivendi SA, worth $50-billion. Charles has a private equity business with his son Stephen, and a recent collaboration with Ivanhoe Cambridge was worth $100 million alone, and led to new developments in the Montreal area.

charles bronfman

Richard Li – $4.44 billion

Richard Li comes from a family of businessmen, as his father was Li Ka Shing, and his brother is Victor Li. He was born in Hong Kong, but moved to America at the age of 13, working part time in McDonalds and as a golf course caddy to earn money. He attended Stanford University, and is now chairman of PCCW, as well as many other holdings. His main business interests are in telecommunications. He is known for setting up video conferencing for SARS victims during the 2002/2003 outbreak.

richard li


Joseph Tsai – $8.27 billion

Jack Ma is the founder of Alibaba, and Joseph Tsai is his business partner, as well as the co-founder and executive vice chairman of the group. He was born in Taiwan, and then moved abroad to study in Yale, where he achieved his undergraduate and legal degrees. He is married to Clara Ming-Hau Wu who is the granddaughter of the former mayor of Taipei City. She also studied abroad, and is a graduate of Stanford University, as well as holding an MBA from Harvard Business School. What a power couple!

joseph tsai

Rudy Bratty – $1.36 Billion

Rudy Bratty is 85 years old, and shows no sign of slowing down. He’s made his money out of Real Estate, starting out in Toronto while he was still a teenager. He now works with his three sons, Chris, Michael and Matthew to run the Remington Group. Recently, he is working on a development project of 8,000 residential units, nearly 3.5 million square feet of office space, plus 2 million square feet of residential space as well.

Rudy Bratty

John Risley – $1.21 Billion

Best known for Clearwater Seafoods, John Risley is also rich because of his recent success with Columbus Communications. He is famous for his philanthropy, including donating $25 million to the Ocean Frontier Institute. He is strongly involved in helping out the next generation of entrepreneurs, including being chairman of Futurpreneur Canada, which helps out aspiring business owners with money, support, and mentoring too.

John Risley

Tobias Lutke- $1.17 Billion

A newcomer to the Canadian Rich List, Tobias Lutke is what you might call a dot com billionaire, after his success with the company Shopify. It all started when he felt compelled to build his own ecommerce software for selling his snowboards online, because all the existing software was simply not good enough. They founded Shopify in 2006 after realizing what they had created, and it now has built more than half a million online stores.

Tobias Lutke

Vic De Zen – $1.3 Billion

The Zzen Group owns and works in Real Estate, which is how Vic De Zen made his money, but the group also owns plastic plants which make window frames, doors and other building needs. The plant employs 2,500 people, making it an economic hub. Vic De Zen is known for immense philanthropy, for example contributing $10 million to help a new hospital in Ontario, as well as $125 million for a centre for adults with disabilities.

Vic de Zen

Mike Lazardis – $700 Million

The founder of Blackberry is obviously on the rich list, but you might be surprised to see that he hasn’t broken that billion dollar mark when it comes to his net worth. He is heavily invested in quantum computing technology. He used to be a billionaire, and at the height of the Blackberry fame was worth around $3.6 billion according to Forbes, but in the era of the iPhone, you can see why he is no longer flying quite so high.

Mike Lazardis

Jim Basillie – $800 Million

Here is another guy who fell off the Forbes richest list, after once upon a time being a Billionaire. He is also one of the founders of Blackberry, so his net worth has followed a similar track to his co-founder, Mike Lazardis. When you think about having all this money, it can be tough to know what to spend it all on. Not for Jim, who has tried three separate times to buy a National Hockey Team and move it to Ontario, all of which have been unsuccessful.

Jim Balsillie

Lino Saputo – $5.2 Billion

As the founder and the chairman of Saputo, one of Canada’s most successful cheese manufacturers, Lino Saputo is the sixth richest man in the whole of Canada. His father, also called Lino Saputo is the majority shareholder of the company, but stepped aside to give his son the role of Chairman in 2017. The family are Italian originally, but Saputo Snr has been living in Canada since the early 1950’s, and his son was born here.

Lino Saputo

Ron Joyce – $1.4 Billion

You might recognize the man known as the Doughnut King of the country, who co-founded the Tim Hortons doughnut chain, and then used his co-founders name after his death as a way to tribute him by establishing the Tim Horton Children’s Foundation and Camps. While he is retired officially, he still works tirelessly in his philanthropy and also is active with his holding company. He has received dozens of commendations and awards for his work with underprivileged youth.

Ron Joyce

Apostolopoulos Family – $2.87 billion

The Apostolopoulos family are led by billionaire businessman Andreas, who is known for buying the Silverdrome in Michigan, as well as many other real-estate holdings. The family made their fortune in redevelopment and real-estate, buying industrial properties and transforming them into income-producing assets. This is a story of a real ‘self-made man’, as Apostolopoulos came to Canada from Greece in 1969, and began as a labourer and a janitor, working his way up through small service and manufacturing, before entering commercial real-estate.

Apostolopoulos Family


Desmarais Family – $6.71 billion

There’s nothing better than a family working together to make a few billion – $6.75 billion in fact! The Desmarais’ fortune stems from the work of the late Paul Desmarais, who put his faith into a failing transportation company. The failing company soon took off and was renamed Power Corp of Canada (ring a bell?) Now, the business is one of the largest diversified international management and Canadian holding companies in the world – which means they’re a pretty big deal.

The Desmarais Family fortune was founded by Paul Desmarais and is now worth $6.71 billion

Sobey Family $2.33 billion

The Sobey family are a legacy in Canada. In fact, four generations of the Sobey family have run their impressive business, which has since racked up a whopping $2.33 billion net worth. Their main source of income comes from Empire Co. Ltd – but that’s just the start. Empire is simply a parent company to the Sobeys grocery chain (the lightbulb has just clicked, hasn’t it?) and numerous other ventures that all of the Sobey’s get involved in.

The Sobey family own Empire Co. Ltd which means they are worth $2.33 billion

Reichmann Family – $2.33 billion

The Reichmann family have the ultimate rags to riches story. The five poverty-ridden brothers moved from Morocco to Canada in the ‘50s, and have since built them up a $2.33 billion empire. So how did they do it? Well, they first made their millions from the Olympia + York Development Ltd. company that became one of the most respected international real estate agencies in the world. Since then, they have expanded into construction and now own Olympia Tile International.


Slaight Family – $2.19 billion

Although you might not know what they look like, you’ll definitely have heard of the Slaight family name. These guys are some of the biggest and key players in the realm of broadcasting – and it all started with Allan Slaight in 1948, when he founded a new radio station in Moose Jaw, Sask. As the radio station took off, Slaight decided to buy the Standard Broadcasting company and is now worth a whopping $2.19 billion.

The Slaight Family fortune started in 1948 and is now worth $2.19 billion

Guy Laliberte – $2.18 billion

Let’s be honest; Guy Laliberte is one of the coolest billionaires to come out of Canada. The 64-year-old rose from humble beginnings as a busker on the streets of Quebec, where he would juggle, eat fire and play the accordion. After joining forces with Daniel Gauthier, the pair formed Cirque du Soleil (AKA the most epic show on the earth). He is now using his $2.18 billion net worth to fund community projects in and around Canada.

Guy Laliberte worked as a busker before founding Cirque du Soleil

Joseph & Ted Burnett – $2.18 billion

The Burnett brothers owe much of their wealth to their father, who spent their last $300 on a truck to transport produce. The Super-Carnaval grocery chain was born just a few years later, which he then sold for a mammoth price. Joseph and Ted then used much of this fortune to build on the family name. Now the proud owners of Burnac Corp. real estate and produce distribution, these guys are worth a cool $2.18 billion. That’ll do!

Joseph & Ted Burnett built on their father's’ fortune and are now worth $2.18 billion

Robert Miller – $2.14 billion

Robert Miller is the kind of billionaire who went about his business quietly and quickly and rose through the ranks to become one of the most successful businessmen in the business (excuse the pun). In 1968, when computers were great big boxes of wires, the business mogul decided to invest his money and found Future Electronics. As technology has improved, so has his business. In fact, Future Electronics is one of the world’s leading electronics companies.

Robert Miller invested his money to found Future Electronics, which is now worth $2.14 billion

Jacques D’Amours – $2.13 billion

If you live in Canada or have a fond fancy for the Canadian way of life, you’ve probably heard of Alimentation Couche-Tard. In fact, this company and their convenience stores have made an impact across the world, as they have a whopping 12,000 stores. So who’s the man behind the business? Well, Jacques D’Amours holds the title of the second largest shareholder of the business – so it’s no surprise he’s worth an incredible $2.13 billion.

Jacques D’Amours is the second largest shareholder in Alimentation Couche-Tard

Zekelman Family – $2.12 billion

If you own a house in North America, it’s highly likely your construction materials have gone through the Zekelman family. These guys make more than 2.5 million tons of steel pipes, rods, electrical units, and structural elements – anything with steel, they’ll make. Although they were originally called the JMC Steel Group, the company has now changed their name to Zekelman Industries Inc. because they want everyone to know how rich they are. Hint: It’s a cool $2.12 billion.

The Zekelman family own Zekelman Industries Inc. and are worth $2.12 billion

Stephen Jarislowsky – $2.11 billion

Stephen Jarislowsky is definitely one of the oldest billionaires on this list – but with the way he’s donating his money, he probably won’t be a billionaire for very long (go on, Stephen!) With his humble beginnings, it’s no surprise he’s generous with his money. Stephen started his career in the military before creating his own investment-counseling firm, Jarislowsky Fraser. After decades of hard work and determination, the 91-year-old is now worth an impressive $2.11 billion.

Stephen Jarislowsky is 91-years-old and worth an impressive $2.11 billion

Brandt Louie – $2.1 billion

Brandt Louie is just one man in a family business that seems to be taking over the world (not literally, of course). His grandfather founded the hugely successful H.Y Louie Co, which is now one of the biggest food wholesalers and retail operatives in Canada and the world. In recent years, Brandt has steered the company in a more profitable direction – which seems to have paid off, because he is now worth a whopping $2.1 billion.

Brandt Louie has steered his grandfather's company to more profit and is now worth $2.1 billion

Aldo Bensadoun – $2.07 billion

If you’ve found yourself in Canada wanting a new pair of shoes (which is always) you’ve probably set foot (excuse the pun) in one of Aldo Bensadoun’s shops. This shoe mogul has taken over the affordable footwear race in Canada and is now the proud owner of various shops, including Call It Spring, Globo, and of course, Aldo. At 77-year-old, Aldo is not even contemplating retirement – and we wouldn’t either if we were sitting on a cool $2.07 billion.

Aldo Bensadoun owns a successful shoe business and is worth $2.07 billion

Estate of Ronald Southern – $2.05 billion

The late Ronald Southern was somewhat of a genius in the world of business. He started his business with his father in 1947, when they both invested their life savings in a company called Alberta Trailer Hire Co. (which is now called ATCO). Since then, the company has become one of the largest in North America. Sadly, Ronald Southern passed away in 2016 and left his estate and the company in the hands of his daughter.

Ronald Southern was the co-founder of ATCO and has left his $2.05 billion estate to his daughter

Marcel Adams – $2.04 billion

Marcel Adams is another one of the oldest businessmen on this list – in fact, he’s 96-years-old! Adams was born in Romania and grew up in times of trouble. He survived devastating concentration camps, before fleeing to Canada in 1951. While he was working full-time at a tannery, Adams started to plan his fortune on the side, and before too long, Iberville Development was formed. Now one of the most prestigious real estate agencies in Canada, he’s worth $2.04 billion.

Marcel Adams is 96-years-old and the owner of Iberville Development

K. ‘Rai’ Sahi – $2.01 billion

Although K ‘Rai’ Sahi calls himself a ‘small businessman’ it’s fair to say his paycheck isn’t. After moving to Canada from India in 1971 with numerous degrees in his pocket, Sahi was at first only able to acquire a job on the railroads. Before too long he decided to put his knowledge to good use and became a major shareholder in Morguard Corp. Through his real estate prowess and his business acumen, he’s now worth $2.01 billion.

K. ‘Rai’ Sahi is a shareholder in Morguard Corp and is worth $2.01 billion

Lawrence Stroll – $2.01 billion

Lawrence Stroll has A LOT of money – and he likes people to know it. However, behind the flash cars and the expensive luxuries is a man who knows his business. In 1989, this billionaire co-founded the popular Sportswear Holdings Ltd. before expanding his bank account with company partnerships, including Michael Kors. Nowadays, Stroll is constantly looking for more business opportunities to increase his $2.01 net worth (because apparently, that’s just not enough for him. Wish we had that problem).

Lawrence Stroll co-founded Sportswear Holdings Ltd and is now worth $2.01 billion

Rossy Family – $1.99 billion

If you’re fond of dollar stores, you have the Rossy family to thank for that. Decades ago, Salim Rosse traveled from Lebanon to Canada to build one of the first five-and-dime stores, which has since built up into the multi-million dollar company it is today, Dollarama. Nowadays, the company is run by Salim’s grandson and is thriving more than ever (because we just love cheap stuff). In fact, the Rossy family are now worth $1.99 billion.


Terry Matthews – $1.99 billion

If you’ve heard of Terry Matthews before, you’ve probably heard that he is the ultimate godfather of startup businesses. In fact, he has worked on 120 during the course of his career! To start his fortune, Matthews first founded Mitel Networks. Within years, the company was thriving and was even bought for a record-sum by British Telecom. Since then, he has had his fingers in numerous business pies and racked up a $1.99 billion net worth.

Terry Matthews is known as the godfather of startups and is worth $1.99 billion

Garrett Camp – $8.93 billion

Unlike many of the billionaires on this list, Garrett Camp made all of his money from scratch, through his own personal hard work and motivation (which puts the rest of us to shame). Yep, this billionaire first made his millions through the sale of his social media platform, StumbleUpon. But that wasn’t enough for Camp. He then moved on to bigger and better things and co-founded Uber with Travis Kalanick. And, as they say, the rest is history!

Garrett Camp co-founded Uber and is now worth $8.93 billion

Stewart Butterfield – $1.97 billion

Although you might not know his name, you might use his app in your company and business. Yep, Stewart Butterfield’s is the brains behind the business messaging platform, Slack. Since its inception, Slack has become on the of the most-used communication platforms in the world and has built impressive partnerships with companies such as eBay, Nordstrom, and PayPal. With this in mind, it’s no surprise that he’s now worth an incredible $1.97 billion. That’ll do.

Stewart Butterfield is the brains behind Slack and is now worth $1.97 billion

Hasenfratz Family – $1.71 billion

You don’t have to live in Canada to have heard of the Hasenfratz Family – because these guys have gone global. As the owner of the Linamar company, this family have taken their company to the next level and have become the second-largest auto-parts manufacturer in the world. In fact, Linamar has 59 manufacturing factories across Europe, North America and Asia – so you could say they are kind of a big deal, with a BIG net worth of $1.71 billion.

The Hasenfratz Family are worth $1.71 billion and own the Linamar auto-parts company

Samuel Family – $1.68 billion

There’s a lot of money in the metal manufacturing business in Canada – and the Samuel Family is a prime example. This family are the owners of Samuel, Son & Co. which was first founded in 1855. Since then, the company has expanded into a billion-dollar company and provide numerous countries with metals, industrial products and more. In fact, the company has recently taken its business over the pond to Australia and China, which is bound to increase their $1.68 billion net worth.

The Samuel Family own Samuel, Son & Co, and are worth $1.68 billion

Eric Sprott – $1.67 billion

They say diamonds are a girl’s best friend, but it seems gold is Eric Sprott’s best friend. This self-made billionaire began his impressive career as a research analyst with the major company, Merrill Lynch, before becoming his own boss and starting his own company. He later sold Sprott Securities for a record price and is now a major investor in the gold and silver business. In fact, it’s reported that 90% of his net worth comes from gold and silver.

Eric Sprott started his career as a research analyst and is now worth $1.67 billion

Michael G. DeGroote – $1.66 billion

Michael G. DeGroote was born in Belgium but moved to Ontario when he was a youngster. As he got older, Michael was an ordinary farm boy with a big dream and a head for business. After an unsuccessful first trip into business, Michael later bought Laidlaw Transport when he was just 26-years-old. This trucking business was soon sold for a whopping $499 million and helped build up his $1.66 billion retirement fund. Not bad, ey?

Michael G. DeGroote bought Laidlaw Transport and is now worth $1.66 billion

DeGasperis Family – $1.66 billion

The DeGasperis Family fortune was built by the three brothers: Alfredo, Angelo, and Antonio in 1954 when they founded the Condrain Group. This sewer and water main contractor started off with general water main upkeep but has since grown into a major company that has previously redeveloped marinas and even deepened the shoreline in Lake Simcoe. The DeGasperis Family have now expanded their business into real estate and property and are now worth $1.66 billion.

The DeGasperis Family built their fortune from Condrain Group and are now worth $1.66 billion

Ronnen Harary – $1.64 billion

Although you might not have heard of Ronnen Harary, you’ve probably seen some of his products in the past. In 1994, Ronnen and his friend Anton Rabie (more on him in a bit) created the Spin Master brand. Since then, they have blessed the world with some of the most iconic children’s toys in history – including the Earth Buddy, Air Hogs and the Bukagan line of action figures. Nowadays, Ronnen has a net worth of $1.64 billion.

Ronnen Harary founded the Spin Master brand and is worth $1.64 billion

Anton Rabie – $1.64 billion

Considering he is Ronnen Harary’s business partner, it’s no surprise that Anton Rabie also has a net worth of $1.64 billion. As the co-founder of Spin Master, Anton has helped bring the band into the 21st-Century and a world leader in terms of kids toys. The brand had a major win in 2016 when they created the hugely popular toy, Hatchimals. Anton is in charge of HR, marketing, sales, and acquisitions – as well as being the co-CEO.

Anton Rabie is the co-founder of Spin Master and is worth $1.64 billion

Clay Riddell – $1.62 billion

It’s a well-known fact that those in the oil business make a pretty penny, so with 10 oil and gas companies to his name, Clay Riddell’s billionaire status comes as no surprise. In fact, this businessman is worth a whopping $1.62 billion. Clay is the president, CEO and founder of major energy companies, including Paramount Resources, Perpetual Energy Inc, Trilogy Energy Trust and MGM Energy – which are hugely successful companies in Canada and North America.

Clay Riddell is an oil and gas mogul who is now worth $1.62 billion

J.R Shaw – $1.61 billion

With a degree in Business Administration, J.R Shaw knew that he wanted to be successful in the world of business – but he probably had no idea he would be quite so successful as he is. Shaw founded Shaw Communications way back when in 1966 and has since built it up to become a hugely successful company. But his talents don’t end there. Shaw and the rest of his family also own huge shares in Corus Entertainment and Suncor Energy.

J.R Shaw founded Shaw Communications in 1966 and is now worth $1.61 billion

Greenberg Family – $1.57 billion

We all know there is money in real estate – and the Greenberg Family have taken full advantage of this fact. In 1955, Gilbert, Lorry, Louis and Irving Greenberg decided to set up their own company in an empty barn in Ottawa, and that business has since progressed and expanded to become the hugely successful Minto Group. As experts in building, construction, managing, and investments, the Greenberg family are now worth a whopping $1.57 billion.

The Greenberg Family founded the Minto Group in 1955 and are now worth $1.57 billion

Mark Scheinberg – $3.31 billion

Have you heard of PokerStars? Anyone who knows anything about the online gambling industry knows that the Scheinbergs were pioneers in the industry, creating the PokerStars website, expanding it into one of the premier online gaming websites online, and then selling it on to Amaya Gaming for a neat $4.9 billion. While the company was originally Isai Scheinbergs, his son Mark was responsible for the expansion, helping him climb our list of richest Canadians.

Mark Scheinberg

Thomson Family – $39.13 billion

The Thomson family own Thomson Reuters, the business which makes them top of Canada’s wealthiest list by more than $25 billion. Their media and publishing empire is run by David Thompson, who has been Chairman since 2008, when the Thomson Corporation merged with Reuters. The holding company the family own is called Woodbridge, and David and his brother Peter are at the very top of the hierarchy. As well as Thomson Reuters, the company has shares of HIS, and Strategic Hotels and Resorts.

david thomson richest canadian

Bombardier Family – $2.87 billion

If you think that the Bombardier name rings a bell, that’s probably because they’re one of the biggest aerospace companies in the world. Founded by Joseph-Armand Bombardier in 1942, this Canadian company started by building snowmobiles in Quebec. They have since gone on to expand into the aerospace industry, buying up aircraft companies and building their own jets. The family is now worth a whopping $2.87 billion, which has risen nearly 50% since 2017.

The Bombardier Family in Canada are believed to be worth around $2.87 billion in 2018

Alex Shnaider – $2.85 billion

Alexander Shnaider was born in Russia, moved to Israel when he was 4, and then set up home in Canada when he was 13. After graduating from York University in Toronto, he co-founded a steel company named Midland Group in Ukraine. This was his first foray into the world of business, and it didn’t take him long to learn the ropes and expand his portfolio. He also partnered with Donald Trump to build Trump International Hotel and Tower in Toronto.

Alex Shnaider co-founded the Midland Group and is now worth $2.85 billion

Lukas Lundin – $2.42 billion

Lundin was given a bit of a headstart in life, as he was the son of Adolf H. Lundin; the founder of Lundin Mining and Lundin Petroleum. This Swedish-Canadian became the chairman of Lundin Mining, along with various other mining and gas companies. His brother, Ian Lundin, became the chair of Lundin Petroleum and the pair run their father’s businesses together. While he now lives in Geneva, Lukas Lundin was based in Vancouver for 25 years.

Lukas Lundin is the chair of Lundin Mining and lived in Vancouver for 25 years

Serge Godin – $2.06 billion

When Serge Godin was just 17-years-old, he witnessed his father’s uninsured sawmill burn to the ground. Serge was thrown into working life, having to help his family pay the bills. He would work at a supermarket in the evenings and a dry cleaner’s at the weekend, which helped create a steely determination in the young entrepreneur. In his 20s, Serge Godin used his savings to set up his own company – the CGI Group now sees annual revenues of around $10 billion CAD.

Serge Godin set up his own company called the CGI Group in his 20s and is now worth $2.06 billion

Lawrence Ho – $2.03 billion

While Lawrence Ho may now live in Hong Kong, he has the Canadian education system to partly thank for his success. As a child, Ho moved to Canada and attended the University of Toronto where he earned his degree in commerce in 1999. Just two years later he took over the failing company, Melco International Development Limited, and turned it into one of the biggest leisure, entertainment and gaming companies on the planet. He’s now worth an estimated $2.03 billion!

Lawrence Ho attended the University of Toronto and now owns Melco International Development Limited

Bruce Flatt – $1.93 billion

According to Forbes, Bruce Flatt is “one of the biggest and best investors you’ve likely never heard of.” This savvy businessman started working for Brascan, a Canadian investment company, and helped revive the business with real estate deals. He took over Brascan in 2002, rebranding it as Brookfield Asset Management, and turned it into one of the biggest real estate management companies in the world. His net worth is an impressive $1.93 billion currently.

Bruce Flatt runs Brookfield Asset Management, a Canadian investment and asset management company

Bernard ‘Barry’ Sherman – $4.62 billion

Sherman is the Chairman and CEO of Apotex Inc. The company is the largest producer of generic drugs in the whole of Canada. Barry had a degree in astrophysics as well as a doctorate from MIT, and is known to be extremely intelligent. His first business decision was buying the Empire Group of Companies after his aunt and uncle died in 1967, which led to a lawsuit from the estate of their children which was still ongoing in 2012. He has famously donated $50 million to the United Jewish Appeal.

bernard sherman

John Bragg – $1.29 billion

When it comes to the Canadian fruit business, there is no bigger name than John Bragg. Dubbed as the ‘blueberry baron’ this billionaire made his $1.29 billion net worth after he created his first ever blueberry-processing factory in 1968. Since then, the business has grown every single year and now has the ability to harvest and process an incredible 1.5 million pounds of blueberries every single day. We can only imagine this net worth will continue to increase…

John Bragg created his blueberry empire in 1968, and it has since earned him $1.29 billion

Hal Jackman – $1.43 billion

With an impressive $1.43 billion to his name, Hal Jackman is a major name within the world of financial services. After obtaining a rather large sum of money from his father, Hal Jackman was able to start his first financial services company – which has since grown into the famous E-L Financial and Empire Life groups. Although he has recently got in trouble due to his own funds, Hal Jackman still isn’t short of a few pennies.

Hal Jackman used his father’s fortune to build his own financial empire

Lawrence Tanenbaum – $1.5 billion

If you’re up to date on Canadian business ventures, you’ll know that the Maple Leaf empire is of huge importance in the country and the world. So, it’s no surprise that as the chairman of the Maple Leaf Sports & Entertainment divisions, Lawrence Tanenbaum is worth a few billion. $1.5 billion, to be exact! In recent years, Lawrence has been able to increase his net worth by investing in football and is even a shareholder in the Toronto Argonauts.

Lawrence Tanenbaum is the chairman of Maple Leaf Sports & Entertainment

Hassan Khosrowshahi – $1.16 billion

At 76 years old, Hassan Khosrowshahi is worth an incredible $1.16 billion – and we’re totally jealous. Hassan moved to Canada in 1980 after fleeing his home country of Iran and took his family business from successful to hugely successful. In June 2017, this businessman was awarded the prestigious Order of Canada, which showcased his impressive turnaround from pauper to Prince. Well, we definitely wouldn’t say no to a $1.16 billion fortune, that’s for sure!

Hassan Khosrowshahi is worth $1.16 billion and was awarded the Order of Canada

Latner Family – $1.12 billion

As a leading name within the world of underwriting, real estate, and insurance, the Latner Family have been able to mount up a whopping $1.12 billion in net worth – which isn’t too shabby at all. Until 2015, the L Group and Dynacare Groups were headed up by Albert Latner, until he sadly passed away and handed the company over. Unfortunately, his children have since entered into numerous lawsuits against each other to claim ownership of the business.

The Latner Family business was headed up by Albert Latner until he sadly passed away

Leon Family – $1.1 billion

If you’ve ever bought a piece of furniture from Leon’s Furniture, you’ve added to the Leon Family’ whopping $1.1 billion net worth. The brand was first founded by Lena and Ablan Leon in 1909 after the pair emigrated from Lebanon. Since then, the company has gone from strength to strength thanks to the input of the founders’ 11 children and 63 grandchildren – many of which work for the family company. The business is now headed by the president, Edward Leon.

The Leon Family are the founders of Leon Furnitures, that was founded in 1909