Routines for a Healthy Skin 

A healthy skin is usually not just an inherited one; it needs attention, care and a healthy diet and routine. Incredible as it may seem, eating healthy foods that help the skin to glow also is a part of the skin regime. The routines that one must adopt for the sake of a healthy skin are usually dependent on the skin type. The skin is usually classified into dry, oily, a mix of both, normal or sensitive. In general, it is important to keep yourself hydrated for a healthy skin.

Understanding skin types

Dry skin is usually seen as itchy, dry and scaly skin. You can make out when you see the skin. Same is the case with oily skin. You may find that the skin is oily, especially the face. At times, certain parts of the body may be dry while certain other parts may show up as oily. It is common for people to have an oily face. Your skin is said to be sensitive if it reacts to things like sunlight, makeup, or itches when in contact with certain substances. Those blessed with a normal skin will find that the skin looks healthy and clear at most of the times.


Skin needs proper cleansing, preferably, at least twice a day, especially the face. Depending on your skin type, choose a cleansing product that is suitable. You may go with a trial and error method, to find the right one or take the help of a dermatologist. The cleanser needs to be gently worked into the skin and then gently washed out and not scrubbed out. It is better to use warm water for cleansing, as this suits all skin types like normal, dry or oily. If you have sensitive skin, you may choose to go with a product that has aloe vera, chamomile etc. For In general, the skin always needs to be washed and pat dried, rather than wiped.


It is important to provide moisture to your skin, especially if you have dry skin. Even oily skin needs moisturizer; it’s just that you should choose the right one. Apply the moisturizer, twice a day, when the skin is still damp after the cleansing. Gently rub it in and allow the skin to take it in. You may have to change the moisturizer depending on the seasonal changes.


If you have plans to step out in the sun, or your job involves outdoor movement, then you should also apply some good sunscreen. The UV rays of the sun can be harmful for the skin, especially for the sensitive skin. Hence, it is better to find a suitable product that can protect your skin.

Remove makeup

Especially for facial skin, if are wearing makeup, make sure to remove it and wash it off properly, before going to bed. In fact, it is a good idea to cleanse and moisturize the face twice a day. Don’t scrub the makeup out, use cotton swabs to gently clean it out.