Simple Pool Exercises

Exercising while splashing water is a great fun activity in the pool. Exercising in water or aquatic exercise are a great way to burn fat along with enjoyment. Water provides resistance which strengthens our muscles and boosts cardio intensity. It also makes our work out easies as water supports our body. People with joint injuries are advised to do aquatic exercise. Aquatic exercises can be done alone in the pool. If you wish to exercise alone in the pool then try out the listed things below in the article:


You can do push-ups in the pool too. Stand at the edges of the pool and place your hands at the edges. Now try to pull your body outside water. Pull your body out until your hands get fully extended. Don’t jump while doing this workout, if you do so you will not get any result.


You just need to climb the pool wall like Spiderman. Stand at the edges of the pool. Keep your head above water. Stabilize your upper body by moving your hands back and forth while running your legs up the side of the pool and then down to the pool floor.

Squat jumps

The squat can be done as an aquatic exercise too. Start with making you’re wider than the width of your hip and squat down. Then squat up with a jump out of the water. The deeper you sink the harder is to jump out. Thus, a deeper squat has more intensity.

Speed bag

In this exercise, you just need to tread water with legs while doing a boxer speed bag with your arms. In this exercise both your hand and legs muscle get a tough load. However, it a tough task so first tread water for a minute and then do speed bag for another minute.

Underwater sit up

You can do underwater sit up by locking your leg over the pool and lowering the rest of the body part as low as you can. After lowering then pull your abs tightly to return to the initial upright position. You can increase the intensity of the exercise by placing your arms behind your head as it will offer more resistance. For making it easier you can place your arms near your chest or hold your nose.

Pool Planks

Planks work on the core muscles of your body. Stand on the pool floor and hold a water log vertically with both hands. Try to press down the log and lean forward till your body gets even incline. Try to keep your body stable for 2 to 3 minutes.

One leg balance

This exercise strengthens your leg and core muscles. Standing in water lift your left knee up and place the water log under your left foot. With your hands by your side try to balance with your foot. Switch your legs and repeat the exercise again. To make the exercise intense place your arms above your head.